Raw Kohlrabi Salad

Best kohlrabi recipes

You can find kohlrabi all year round, but it's at its best in winter. Leave it raw and slice or shred it to make crisp and fresh salads and slaws

Looking for the best kohlrabi recipes? Want some tips for making a kohlrabi salad or slaw? Try our ideas below, then check out more great salad recipes. Look out for kohlrabi in veg boxes and greengrocers – it looks like a pale green turnip and is a member of the cabbage family.


When is kohlrabi in season?

UK kohlrabi season starts in August and ends in November.

Kohlrabi recipes

Kohlrabi salad with apple

Crisp and fresh raw kohlrabi is joined by slices of apple in this fresh and vibrant salad. A quick and easy starter or side for vegetarian entertaining.

Raw Kohlrabi Salad