soy-glazed, blackened cod loin, pickled kohlrabi, pak choi and shiitake mushrooms

Soy-glazed, blackened cod loin, pickled kohlrabi, pak choi and shiitake mushrooms

  • serves 4
  • A little effort

The best blackened cod recipe. Marinated in miso with pak choi and shiitake mushrooms this dish from London's The City Barge pub will impress your friends.



  • skinless cod fillet 4, about 140g each
  • pak choy 2, halved
  • coriander a handful, to serve
  • dill a small handful, to serve
  • olive oil

den miso

  • sake 25ml
  • mirin 25ml
  • white miso 150ml
  • white caster sugar 75g

pickled kohlrabi

  • rice vinegar 250ml
  • white caster sugar 75g
  • salt 1 tsp
  • mirin 25ml
  • purple kohlrabi ¼, finely sliced
  • white kohlrabi ¼, grated

poached shiitake

  • shiitake mushrooms or dried shiitake 250g, soaked
  • mirin 50ml
  • sake 25ml
  • light soy sauce 100ml
  • oyster sauce 10ml
  • orange 1 strip of peel
  • star anise 1


  • Step 1

    To make the den miso, put all ingredients in a pan and whisk over a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. Cool and store in an airtight container in the fridge (this will last up to 3 months). Spread 1 tbsp of den miso on each cod fillet, cover and marinate in the fridge overnight. Save any you have left.

  • Step 2

    Heat all the pickle ingredients, except the kohlrabi, in a pan until the sugar has dissolved (do not boil). Add the kohlrabi to the hot pickle mix, leave to cool and keep at room temperature for at least 3 hours or overnight.

  • Step 3

    Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. To make the poached shiitake, cut the fresh shiitake (or dry shiitake that’s been soaked) into quarters, put all the ingredients into a pan with 500ml water and bring to the boil. Turn down and simmer for 10 minutes.

  • Step 4

    Meanwhile, put the cod fillet on a piece of baking paper flesh-side down, then put the paper directly into a hot frying pan for 2 minutes until the fish starts to caramelise. Transfer the cod to an ovenproof dish, caramelised-side up, removing the paper and finish for 5-6 minutes in the oven.

  • Step 5

    Add the pak choy to the simmering shiitake pickling liquid for 3 minutes or until wilted. Put the wilted pak choy and poached shiitake into a bowl with some of the poaching liquid. Put the cod on top, garnish with the pickled kohlrabi, coriander and dill. Use some of the leftover den miso marinade to drizzle over the cod, and add a small drizzle of olive oil to give the blackened cod a shine.

Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 235
  • Fat 2g
  • Carbs 20.3g
  • Fibre 5.5g
  • Protein 30.7g
  • Salt 1.7g