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Bowl of spaghetti with vegan mushroom bolognese sauce

Best healthy pasta recipes

Published: June 16, 2021 at 9:56 am
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From harissa spaghetti to baked orzo, try our delicious pasta recipes. They're all nourishing, quick and easy to make

Looking for healthy pasta recipes? Whether you're on the 5:2 diet or want to find nourishing midweek meals, we have plenty of healthy pasta dishes for you to try.


When eaten in moderation, pasta can easily form part of a balanced and healthy diet. Whether a meat eater or a vegan, you can support your health with delicious and nutrient-rich toppings or sauces which add more vitamins and minerals, protein, calcium and good fats. Adding herbs to your pasta dishes, such as basil, thyme or oregano, is also an excellent way to boost the nutritional density of your dish, as they are naturally anti-inflammatory and provide benefits against heart disease and diabetes.

From lighter linguine to super-simple low-fat spaghetti, we have the best pasta ideas to make healthy meals with spaghetti, penne pasta, pasta shells and more.

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Best healthy pasta recipes

Turkey ragu

Like a healthier spaghetti bolognese, this low-fat and high-protein ragu comes packed with celery, courgette and carrots, plus a little Marmite for added flavour.

Turkey ragu

Healthy salmon pasta

Nadine Brown’s healthier spin on creamy salmon pasta proves you can keep dinners healthy while feeling satisfied and fuller for longer.

Two bowls of salmon and pea pasta with lemon zest on the side

Tuna pasta bake

An absolute classic, made even more wonderful with the addition of dried chilli flakes and rosemary. It's a real crowd pleaser!

Tuna melt pasta bake in an oval dish

Vegan mushroom bolognese

Check out this meat-free bolognese. This version of a family favourite uses mushrooms and plenty of veg, making it a low-fat, healthy, vegan meal that everyone will love.

A large silver pot full of vegan bolognese with mushrooms

Penne alla norma

Check out this easy gluten-free tomato pasta with aubergine topped with fresh basil. This simple recipe is veggie friendly and makes for an easy weekday supper.

Penne Alla Norma Recipe

Green linguine

Check out this super-simple linguine, made with peas, broad beans leek and ricotta. This quick pasta dish is packed with veg and makes a great midweek meal for two.

Green Linguine Recipe

Spicy prawn linguine

Our prawn linguine has a rich tomato sauce with a good chilli kick. Serve with rocket for a healthy midweek meal that's full of flavour. Check out our other hot and spicy recipes...

Spicy Prawn Linguine Pasta Recipe

Avocado fusilli pasta

Avocados make salad dressings and ice creams super-creamy, so why not put them in a pasta sauce? It’s a great way of using up overly ripe avocados.

Avocado and Spinach Fusilli in Two Bowls

Chicken pasta salad

Throw together this quick and easy pasta salad using leftover chicken, tomatoes and greens for a protein-packed lunch or dinner.

Chicken Pasta Salad with Tomatoes and Rocket in Two Bowls

Baked orzo with harissa prawns

Flavour prawns with harissa, dill, garlic and lemon, then serve swirled through orzo pasta, baked with tomatoes, for a speedy but sophisticated supper.

A blue plate of baked orzo with harissa prawns, dill, garlic and lemon, and a fork

One-pot puttanesca

This one-pan puttanesca is a really easy meal for one. The pasta soaks up the flavours, and the starch from the pasta makes the sauce rich and creamy. It also makes for less washing up.

One Pot Pasta Puttanesca Recipe

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