Whether you're looking to save time or energy, no-cook recipes are the way to go. The dishes below are healthy and nourishing, but they're made without turning on the oven or hob. Instead, all the cooking is done by flicking on the kettle popping some bread in the toaster or combining a few fresh ingredients.


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Falafel, beetroot and hummus grain bowl

This colourful vegan bowl takes minutes to make. Put fragrant falafel, crunchy beets and warm grains in a bowl and enjoy for lunch or dinner.

Looking for more bowl food ideas? Try our salmon poke bowl, vegan buddha bowl and aubergine teriyaki bowl.

Falafel, Beetroot, Hummus and Grains in a Bowl

Hot-smoked salmon salad with chive buttermilk dressing

This fresh, crunchy salad is topped with flakes of smoked salmon and finished with a tangy buttermilk and chive dressing.

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Love smoked salmon? Try our hot-smoked salmon vol-au-vents and smoked salmon breakfast flatbread.

Hot smoked salmon salad in a bowl

Vegan burrito bowl

This vegan bowl delivers all the big flavours you'd want from a classic burrito, but now it comes without the calories.

Vegan Burrito Bowl

Sweet and sour chicken and pineapple salad

Give your midweek meal a healthy lift with our 15-minute shredded chicken salad with juicy pineapple and crunchy cucumber. Use leftover roast chicken or pre-cooked chicken breasts to save on time.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Salad Recipe with Pineapple

Superfood salad

Blanch broccoli in the microwave for a few minutes until its cooked al dente, then combine with avocado, a microwave pouch of quinoa and edamame beans. A scattering of seeds and herbs will add more goodness.

Superfood salad

Quick Japanese-style rice salad

Use a pack of ready-cooked or leftover rice to put a super fast (and low calorie) king prawn salad together. Make it green with edamame beans, cucumber and avocado.

Japanese-Style Rice Salad with Prawns and Chopsticks

Tomato salad with burrata and 'nduja sauce

With the spice of the 'nduja, the freshness of tomatoes and the creamy indulgent burrata, this tomato salad is a great summer lunch when. Make sure you serve with bread for mopping up all the juices.

Tomato Salad Recipe with Burrata

Homemade muesli

Make your own muesli for an energising breakfast, complete with oats and your choice of seeds, nuts and dried fruit. Serve with fresh fruit for some natural sweetness.

Try this recipe for homemade muesli, then check out our bircher muesli and healthy granola.

A bowl of homemade muesli, topped with fresh fruit

Feta and cucumber salad with dill dressing

Ridged cucumbers have a stronger flavour than the regular variety. In this quick dish, they stand up perfectly to the olives and feta – a combo inspired by the flavours of Greek salad and tzatziki.

A white platter filled with ribboned cucumber, chopped black olives and crumbled feta on a stone background with a silver serving spoon

Summer sashimi salad

Buy the freshest salmon you can find for this simple salad, as you eat it raw. Combined with creamy avocado and earthy beetroot, it makes a lovely light meal.

Sashimi salad

Miso chickpeas and avocado on toast

Use up the can of chickpeas in your cupboard and make this nutritious brunch dish. Top with sesame seeds and spring onions for extra flavour and texture.

We have nine avocado on toast recipes, including a crumpet with spicy 'nduja, crab on toast and avocado Marmite dippers.

Avocado on Toast with Chickpeas and Miso

Overnight oats

This healthy, no-fuss breakfast can be prepped just five minutes the night before, ready for you in the morning. Customise with your choice of fruit, nuts, seeds and other toppings.

a bowl of oats next to plates of berries, yogurt and chopped nuts on a red napkin

Chia pudding

This creamy, lightly sweetened pud is surprisingly filling due to the soluble fibre in chia seeds. This recipes uses quickly cooked apples but you can swap it for raw grated ones for a quick, healthy brekkie.

Chia pudding in three pots, topped with apples

Salmon and avocado rice bowls

These salmon bowls are great for lunch or dinner, and they help you make use of whatever you have to use up in the fridge. Radishes, peas, broccoli blanched in the microwave, carrot ribbons or pepper make great alternative toppings.

A bowl filled with salmon, edamame beans, avocado and rice, with red chopsticks and a glass of water

Prawn and watermelon salad

This vibrant, refreshing salad can easily be made vegetarian by using soy sauce instead of fish sauce and omitting the prawns.

Try this recipe, then check out our courgette and chimichurri salad and baked feta salad.

Oval platter filled with watermelon, prawns and noodles

Smoked mackerel caesar salad

Try our take on a classic, this time with smoked mackerel and crispy onions. The caesar dressing also works well with chicken salads, new potatoes or salmon.

Try our delicious mackerel caesar salad, then check out our smoky bacon caesar salad with parmesan croutons and Thai chicken salad.

A white plate of lettuce, mackerel and croutons slicked in a creamy dressing

Avocado on toast with smoked salmon

Creamy avocado and smoked salmon feels like an indulgence, but this dish comes in at under 300 calories meaning you can have a little bit of luxury any day of the week.

Smoked Salmon Toast Recipe with Avocado

Fennel salad

A seriously simple fennel salad with a pomegranate molasses and sumac dressing. Use a mandoline to slice the fennel as thinly as possible. To make it a meal, serve with leftover roast chicken or crumbled feta and a pouch of microwave grains.

Try this fennel salad recipe then check out our Greek salad and wedge salad, as well as more fennel recipes.

Fennel salad

Greek salad

Master this classic and you'll never be short of a delicious lunch. The key to an authentic Greek flavour is plenty of oregano and red wine vinegar. For a heartier meal, enjoy with a dollop of hummus and a toasted pitta.

Greek salad

Thai ginger salad

Finely shred cabbage, carrot, cucumber and toss with edamame beans to make this zingy salad. Top with a deliciously nutty peanut butter and lime juice dressing and a good scattering of peanuts.

A bowl of shredded Thai ginger salad

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