Chia seeds

What are chia seeds and where can you buy them?

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Discover what chia seeds are, where to shop for them, and how to use them in our ingredient glossary

What are chia seeds?

Chia seeds are small black seeds from the salvia plant. High in protein, fibre and important omega-3 fats, these seeds are a superfood that have many uses, but are usually added to smoothies, muesli and desserts. Chia seeds swell when hydrated, absorbing lots of liquid and doubling in size. They are equally great for providing extra crunch in dishes.


Where to buy chia seeds

Planet Organic Chia Seeds, £4.50/500g, Planet Organic

Active Foods Chia Seeds Pouch, £4.99/500g, Amazon

Chia seeds recipes

Charred mackerel, chia seeds, dill, wakame and cucumber

This Japanese-inspired mackerel starter of charred mackerel, chia seeds, dill, wakame and cucumber from The Manor in Clapham is packed with fresh, on-trend flavours – perfect for entertaining.

Charred mackerel, chia seeds, dill, wakame and cucumber

Bircher muesli with chia seeds

Bircher muesli is a Swiss invention from the turn of the last century. It consists of rolled oats, apple, milk and other ingredients to shake it up – we’ve used chia seeds, yogurt and some extra fruit. This is best when it’s left to soak overnight, so you’ll have a healthy, fuss-free breakfast ready to go in the morning.

Bircher muesli with chia seeds

Pumpkin seed butter on rye

This makes the perfect vegan toast topper for breakfast. Serve with apple and chia seeds for an energy boosting brekkie. Add date nectar (available from Sainsbury’s and Waitrose) for sweetness, or leave out for savoury toast toppings.

Pumpkin Seed on Rye Bread

Kiwi, kale and chia parfait smoothie

Try this next-level smoothie from bloggers Green Kitchen Stories. Their new book, Green Kitchen Smoothies, is a celebration of this healthy way to pack fruit, veg and nuts into your diet. This showstopping smoothie can double up for dessert or breakfast.

Kale Smoothie Recipe With Kiwi and Chia