Borani Recipe with Halloumi and Beetroot

Best bowl food recipes

Our 30 best ever bowl food recipes are really comforting and perfect for quick midweek meals or to serve to guests at a party. From on-trend breakfast smoothie bowls to noodle soups, try one tonight

Try our easy bowl food recipes for quick and easy comfort food to enjoy in front of the TV or around a campfire.


Our bowl food recipes are also really useful to make for easy-to-eat party food instead of canapés (rumour has it that they will be serving bowl food at the Royal Wedding). 

From breakfast smoothie bowls to hearty chilli, try one of our bowl food ideas.

Aubergine teriyaki bowls

This 30-minute vegan bowl recipe is packed with fresh flavours of crunchy radishes, fiery ginger and zesty lime. More aubergine recipes here.

Teriyaki Aubergine Bowl Recipe

Chicken and ginger congee

Mix up your porridge with our savoury congee topped with crispy fried chicken, ginger and garlic. Traditionally a breakfast dish, but satisfying at any time of the day.

Chicken and ginger congee

Mango and prawn rice noodle salad

Check out our quick and easy noodle salad recipe with fresh king prawns, sweet and juicy mango and crunchy veggies. This super bright salad is low in calories and ready in 25 minutes – an easy midweek meal for the family.

Prawn Rice Noodle Salad Recipe with Mango

Chicken meatball tom kha gai

Check out this quick and easy Thai coconut soup recipe. This tom kha gai is packed with plenty of flavour and ready in just 20 minutes. Create a Thai feast with our ideas here, including Thai fishcakes, massaman curry and refreshing watermelon salad.

Tom Kha Soup Recipe with Chicken Meatballs

Diner-style chilli

This bowl food recipe is based on a simple US chilli served in bars and diners in small bowls or cups. It’s also a great chilli to serve in burgers, hot dogs, or over nachos.

Halloumi breakfast bowls

Check out our vibrant breakfast bowl with salty pan-fried halloumi, creamy beetroot borani topped with crunchy dukkah. This wholesome recipe comes from food writer John Gregory-Smith.


Falafel and hummus grain bowl

Check out this colourful vegan bowl with fragrant falafel, crunchy beets and warm grains. This easy recipe is a simple yet stylish midweek meal for two. Try plenty more vegan dinner ideas here.

Falafel and Hummus Bowl with Beetroot Recipe

Steak bulgogi bowls

Check out these Korean steak bowls. Rump steak is marinated in Korean red pepper paste for extra flavour, and then served in a bowl of fresh veggies and steamed brown rice.

Korean Beef Bulgogi Bowl Recipe

Antipasti rigatoni

Our recipe for antipasti rigatoni is a great Italian-inspired recipe for a speedy, healthy supper. Using the best Italian antipasti ingredients and combining it with pasta is ideal for a mid-week meal. We have plenty of quick pasta recipes to try here…

Vegan buddha bowl salad

Check out this low calorie vegan buddha bowl. This bright and colourful bowl of goodness is a super easy way to get some nutritional balance into your day.

Vegan Buddha Bowl Recipe

Quick and easy grain bowls

We’ve created four quick and easy grain bowls. These super simple recipes are packed with flavour and take no time at all to whip up. Use a shop-bought grain pouch and add your own toppings for a speedy after-work meal.  

Four bowls of grains on a dark background

Vegan chilli tofu ramen

Nothing is more comforting than a warming bowl of ramen. Our chilli tofu version is vegan and low-cal and packs in loads of fresh flavours. Here are some quick vegan dinner ideas to try…

Chilli Tofu Vegan Ramen

Easy chicken mole

A great bowl food recipe. This easy chicken mole uses a clever product to mean it’s ready in less than an hour and is under 300 calories – perfect for a midweek treat.

Easy Chicken Mole Recipe

Potato, chorizo and kale stew

Fluffy potatoes, spicy chorizo and warm, comforting stew – what more could you want from a quick and easy mid-week meal this winter?

Potato, chorizo and kale stew

Fajita bowl with cauliflower rice

Our recipe for vegan fajita bowl with cauli rice is quick and easy to make, vegan, low calorie and 5:2-diet friendly but delivers on flavour.

Vegan fajita bowl with cauli rice

Buddah bowls with shredded sprouts and beets

Buddha bowls are generous portions of good-for-you ingredients piled into a bowl as a healthy but filling salad. They’re balanced in grains, protein, veggies and carbs, so choose what you fancy and get filling. Think of this as a savoury smoothie bowl: it’s all about those toppings.

buddha bowls with shredded sprouts and beets

Gnocchi with squash, amaretti and rocket

Amaretti may seem like a strange addition to a savoury dish, but in this bowl food recipe for gnocchi with squash, amaretti and rocket, the subtle, sweet crunch really works. It’s vegetarian and ready in just 30 minutes – perfect for a midweek meal.

Breakfast smoothie bowl

Breakfast smoothie bowls are a big trend and it’s all about how you arrange your toppings. Experiment with different fruits and veg and any superfood toppings you can get your hands on. We have plenty more low calorie breakfast recipes here.

Ramen noodles with chilli salmon

Salmon is a great choice for a quick midweek supper for 2. This Asian-inspired recipe cooks salmon in a zingy broth with chilli and soy then serves over instant noodles. A complete meal in a bowl. Inspired to make noodle soup? We have more recipes here.

Chilli Salmon Noodle Soup

Dan Doherty’s duck congee

This is Dan Doherty’s recipe for duck congee. Found all over Asia, congee is essentially a comforting bowl of rice porridge. Traditionally it’s just the rice and it’s kind of soupy, but this recipe uses chicken stock to cook the rice and serves it with duck confit.  A versatile base lends itself to so many different variations; you can do what you want with it – try adding hot sauce and a runny egg.

Harissa chicken meatballs with bulgar

This recipe for harissa chicken meatballs with bulgar is quick, easy and healthy, but packs a flavour punch.

Chicken sesame noodles

Forget the take-away on a Saturday night, this chicken noodle dish is super quick and much more healthy. The sesame seeds add a great crunch and flavour to the dish. Here are plenty more DIY takeaway recipes.

Chicken sesame noodles recipe

Falafel mezze bowl

This quick and easy falafel mezze bowl makes a great vegetarian midweek meal

10-minute Moroccan prawn rice bowl

Our 10-minute Moroccan prawn rice bowl delivers big flavours in no time AND it’s under 500 calories, making it perfect for a mid-week meal.

Vegan burrito bowl

Try our vegan burrito bowl recipe that delivers all the big flavours you’d want without the calories

Chicken and broad bean pilaf

Pilaf makes the best fast rice dish. This healthy chicken recipe serves 2 and can be whipped up in half an hour. Add broad beans and flaked almonds, then serve.

Big bowl chickpea salad

Our vegetarian big bowl chickpea salad is super quick and easy to make – perfect for lunch or a speedy supper.

Five-spice beef with sesame greens

Easy-to-follow recipe for slow-cooking a cheap cut of beef. With Asian flavours and sesame greens, this is a one-pot that friends and family will enjoy.

Supergreen broccoli pasta bowl

This supergreen broccoli pasta bowl recipe is easy, vegetarian, and ready in just 20 minutes – ideal for a midweek meal.

Sticky pork and mangetout stir-fry

Pork, noodles, mangetout: the three main ingredients for this quick and easy stir-fry. Spice it up with sweet chilli sauce to serve and tuck in for a fast midweek meal for two. Make one of our stir fries with these quick and easy recipes…


Prawn laksa (spicy noodle soup)

This quick meal for two hails from Malaysia and takes just 20 minutes to prepare. Warming prawn noodle broth with spicy Laksa paste is topped with cucumber and coriander.

Prawn Laksa Recipe

Sriracha salmon poke bowl

Can dinner get any more colourful than this? Match salmon, red pepper and sushi rice with a dressing made from soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, sriracha and lime juice for a bowl of big flavours.

Sriracha salmon poke bowl