Lobster thermidor, blood oranges cut in half and saag aloo in a dish

March recipes

How to make the most of the best winter ingredients, from vibrant bloody oranges to fleshy hake and nutrient-packed spinach

Want to know what’s in season in March? Looking for March recipe ideas? Use fresh seafood, spinach leaves and citrus from your fruit and veg boxes or local greengrocer to make these seasonal dishes and bakes. We’ve included plenty of tips for how to shop for particular varieties, prepping guides and useful ideas to use up leftovers.


Blood oranges

Blood oranges are celebrated for their ruby red flesh and juice. Blood oranges are only in season for a short time as they need huge temperature shifts in order to grow well – hot in the day and then down to below freezing at night. Make the most of this citrus in our blood orange recipes.

Blood orange loaf cake

Edd Kimber’s show-off bake combines the ruby-red brilliance of blood oranges with crunchy poppy seeds and grated marzipan.

A loaf cake with blood orange slices on top

Blood orange margaritas

These vibrant fruits create the most beautiful pink margaritas.


Hake is from the same family as cod and haddock, although its flesh is a bit meatier when cooked. It is a favourite in Spanish cooking, although it is native to British waters, and we should eat more of it! Here’s how with our best hake recipes.

Spanish-style hake

Chorizo brings savoury heat to this veg-filled stew. Topped with meaty hake fillets and vibrant slices of orange, it makes for a flavour-packed supper.

A hake and pepper dish


Absolutely jam-packed with iron, antioxidants and other nutrients, spinach is especially good for us. We love its vibrant green colour when added to dishes, including our top spinach recipes.

Saag aloo

An Indian classic of spiced potatoes and spinach, that packs in plenty of this nutritious leafy green.

Saag aloo in a serving bowl

Spinach gnudi

Whizz blanched spinach into ricotta to make these delicious, pillowy gnudi.

Four spinach gnudi on a plate

Spinach, leek and pea soup

Lovely, soothing and packed full of veg.

A bowl of leek, spinach and pea soup, topped with seeds


You can usually source live or cooked lobsters from your local fishmonger, but if not then larger supermarkets often stock cooked, frozen lobsters which will work just as well. Try our lobster recipes.


Lobster thermidor

Serve this indulgent classic with a big green salad and plenty of crusty bread for mopping up that rich, creamy sauce. If you can’t get lobster, chop some cooked king prawns and mix through the sauce then put into a gratin dish and grill.

A lobster thermidor on a white serving plate