Best ever one pot recipes

Best ever one pot recipes

Easy, hearty one pots are great for feeding a crowd and save on the washing up. Whether it's a chilli, chowder, casserole or curry, one pot cooking is wonderfully simple and there's something for everyone

Italian sausage casserole with cheesy garlic bread and gremolata

Got guests coming over? Make this satisfying sausage stew ahead, then chuck the cheesy garlic bread in the oven when everyone arrives.

Sausage Casserole Recipe with Gremolata

Boston baked beans and sausages

Pack protein into this hearty one-pot with pork sausages, smoked bacon and homemade baked beans.

Sausage and Bean Casserole for an Easy One Pot Sausage Recipe

Kid goat stew

Looking for a flavour packed one-pot recipe to serve the family? Slow cook kid goat with peppers, paprika and sherry for tender, flavour-packed meat. Serve with a salad or crisp roast potatoes.

Goat Stew Recipe

All-in-one lamb and Guinness stew

Check out our warming one-pot stew with creamy mash and peas. No pre-frying of ingredients required for this stew – it’s best to use a heavy cast-iron pot or casserole to conduct the heat evenly.

Lamb and Guinness Stew Recipe

Sausage one-pot recipe with lentils and kale

Want an easy midweek one-pot recipe? Make our sausage all-in-one dish – served with kale and a quick, punchy gremolata on the side.

Sausage and Lentils Recipe with Kale

Baked chorizo orzo with hake

Check out our easy baked orzo with spicy chorizo and flaky hake fillets. This simple but filling one-pot is an impressive midweek meal ready in under an hour, plus it’s low in calories too.

Hake and Chorizo Recipe with Orzo

Slow-cooked pork and beans

Check out our melt-in-the-mouth pork shoulder casserole with mixed beans. This slow-cooker recipe is an easy one-pot to feed a crowd.

Slow Cooked Pork Recipe with Beans

Bone marrow chilli

Check out our easy yet super comforting chilli recipe with bone marrow. This is the classic American chilli but with extra depth courtesy of cocoa and wonderfully enriching marrow. If you have any leftovers, they go fantastically with a baked potato and a little extra cheese.

Chilli Recipe with Bone Marrow

Cheat’s seafood stew

Seafood stew doesn’t have to take hours to make. This recipe for cheat’s seafood stew is packed full of those delicious fish flavours but is on the table in under an hour, so it’s still achievable midweek.

Toulouse sausage and butter bean casserole

This sausage, bacon and butter bean one-pot has all the flavour of a slow-cooked casserole, but is so easy to make and takes under 1 hour to cook – perfect for a comforting midweek meal.

One-pot butternut and beef chilli

Beef chilli is a great comforting dish and this one-pot recipe makes it really easy. This makes a big batch, so you can freeze the leftovers and have them ready for a speedy mid-week meal.

Bombay egg and potato curry

Some nights you don’t want to have to spend ages shopping to make a delicious meal. This Bombay egg and potato curry can be made using store cupboard ingredients and is ready in just 40 minutes – perfect for a midweek meal.

White bean and spring green one-pot

One-pot dishes aren’t just for the colder autumn and winter months. This recipe for white bean and spring green one-pot is light and packed full of fresh spring flavours. What’s more, it’s ready in just 30 minutes and under 300 calories.

One-pot chicken with cannellini beans and chorizo

This recipe for one-pot chicken with cannellini beans and chorizo is really easy to make and requires minimal hands-on time. What’s more, it comes in at under 300 calories, making it a great midweek meal.

Simple Persian-style lamb stew

This Persian-inspired lamb stew is really simple and makes for a delicious, warming midweek meal for the family. The pomegranate seeds and mint give it a lovely, fresh flavour. If there are only two of you, freeze the rest.

Best ever tex-mex style chilli con carne

Our most popular chilli con carne recipe EVER! Made Tex-Mex style with aged minced beef, chipotle powder, red wine, 70% dark chocolate and semi-dried tomatoes. The texture of good-quality beef mince goes perfectly with the kidney beans. Enjoy alongside corn tortillas, refried beans, avocado, fresh coriander, corn on the cob and Tabasco.

olive’s paella

A spectacular crowd-pleasing dish, our paella uses chicken, chorizo, pancetta and seafood to pack-in tonnes of flavour. Serve from a huge paella pan for extra impact.

Bacon and sweetcorn chowder

This creamy, hearty soup is packed with sweetcorn, potato and crisp bacon. It’s made with milk rather than cream so it’s also surprisingly low-cal. A quick warming supper for two.

Braised rabbit with prunes and white wine

This recipe for braised rabbit with prunes and white wine is a really easy one pot that delivers fantastic big flavours. Serve simply with mash or pasta for an fuss-free family meal.

One pot Middle-Eastern lamb

Our easy one-pot Middle-Eastern lamb is a great way to feed the family in under 500 calories. Plus, it saves on washing up.

Vietnamese beef and lemongrass one pot

We love Vietnamese-inspired flavours, and this Vietnamese beef and lemongrass one pot is a definite winner. It’s a one-pot, so there’s minimal washing up, and is under 300 calories but still packs a punch in terms of flavour

Vietnamese Beef Stew Recipe With Lemongrass

Skinny lamb and spinach bulgar wheat pilaf

This skinny lamb and spinach bulgar wheat pilaf is ready in 30 minutes, under 500 calories and packed full of flavour. We love a one pot – saves on washing up!

One-pot chicken, leek and beans

This one-pot chicken with leeks and beans recipe is really easy and under 500 calories – perfect for a healthy midweek meal

Pork fillet with pepper stew

This recipe for pork fillet with pepper stew is easy to make and ready in under an hour and 5:2 diet friendly, but is packed full of flavour

Chicken, red pepper & olive cacciatore

This summery Italian one-pot is easy to make and freezes brilliantly, plus, it’s low cal and gluten free. The recipe is easily halved if you only want to serve 3-4 people.

Merguez with cannellini beans and spinach

This recipe for merguez sausages with cannellini beans and spinach makes a great speedy midweek meal for two. Plus, it’s freezer-friendly

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