Looking for meze recipes? Want the best sharing dishes for a Middle Eastern feast? Try our ideas below from Persian chef and author, Sabrina Ghayour, and Kiam Samyani, founder of Berenjak, an Iranian restaurant in Soho based on the kebab houses of Tehran.


Want more inspiration for a Middle Eastern-style feast? Check out more of Sabrina Ghayour's easy Persian recipes and then find out 10 things we love about Georgian cuisine. Now try our za'atar recipes.

Meze recipes

Crumbed asparagus with saffron yogurt

This asparagus idea is crumbed instead of battered, which helps retain a wonderful texture. The saffron yogurt is a simple version of an aïoli but Middle Eastern style. Make this for an impressive veggie entertaining recipe.

Breaded Asparagus Recipe with Saffron Yogurt

Çılbır (Turkish-style poached eggs in garlicky yogurt)

Soft poached eggs on a bed of garlicky yogurt topped with herbs and red pepper flakes, çılbır is a versatile dish generally enjoyed as a hot meze.

Turkish poached eggs swirled into yogurt on a plate

Chicken kofta

Serve these Middle Eastern spiced bites as part of a meze feast with flatbreads and tzatziki to dip.

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Serving bowl of chicken kofta next to flatbreads, salad and dip


A popular dish in Israel, Matbucha is a slow-cooked Moroccan condiment consisting of cooked tomatoes and roasted bell peppers, seasoned with garlic and chilli pepper.

Plate of matbucha

Lamb kofta puffs with tahini and tomato sauce

Sabrina Ghayour's recipe for flakey puff pastry wrapped around tender lamb koftas is sure to be a hit with your dinner party guests. Serve with a harissa-spiced tomato sauce and drizzle of tahini.

Lamb Kofta Rolls Recipe With Tomato Sauce

Occe (spring onion fritters)

Dunk these pan-fried, herby spring onion fritters into a garlicky yogurt dip and enjoy alongside a Turkish meze-style spread.

Occe (spring onion fritters) on a plate

Carrot, halloumi and dill balls

Rarely do you see carrots fried, so here Sabrina Ghayour has combined them with halloumi to make these crispy little balls – perfect with drinks at a party or as part of a Middle Eastern feast. Discover more of our easy canapé style recipes here.

Halloumi Balls Recipe with Carrots

Bahraini tikka

Marinating the beef fillet in ground dried lime creates wonderfully tender skewers to serve with fluffy flatbreads, silky hummus and fresh orange slices.

Bahraini Tikka kebab on a plate with flatbread, red onion and tomatoes

Le Bab’s sabich

This vegetarian, Middle Eastern-style sandwich by the Le Bab chefs is full of the good stuff: expect spiced aubergine, peanut dressing and a zingy relish.

a bread roll filled with aubergine slices sat on a tray with plants in the background

Jujeh kabab

Reflecting the food of Tehran's hole-in-the-wall kabab houses, Berenjak restaurant's convivial cooking is ideal to recreate at home. Try this turmeric-spiced chicken kebab as part of a meze feast.

Jujeh Kabab Recipe

Spiced green bean and tomato rice

Sabrina Ghayour takes a classic Persian recipe, loobia polow (rice cooked with green beans and meat), and makes it veggie for a showstopping meat-free main. Check out more our impressive veggie mains here.

Vegetarian Rice and Beans Recipe with (Loobia Polow)

Marinated steak with labneh, pul biber butter and crispy onions

Taking inspiration from the Iskender kebap of Turkey, this dish of marinated steak with labneh (or strained yogurt, if you prefer) and pul biber butter is a simple yet effective explosion of flavours. Swipe pillowy flatbread through the yogurt for maximum enjoyment. Serving up to six people, this dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Marinated steak with labneh, pul biber butter and crispy onions

Chargrilled baby aubergines meze

Check out this easy veggie meze with chargrilled baby aubergines. This simple yet incredibly moreish recipe is ready in under an hour, a perfect dish to serve at your next dinner party.

Aubergine Meze Recipe


With just a handful of storecupboard ingredients you can achieve superior fluffy pitta breads that make shop-bought versions pale by comparison.

Pitta breads on a cloth next to hummus

Lamb neck, preserved lemon, white beans and harissa

Try this Lebanese-inspired lamb dish as part of a Middle Eastern mezze, full of flavour and perfect for sharing.

A blue plate with lamb neck on top of a bed of white beans, topped with pomegranate seeds and a red sauce.

Spiced potato rösti

Potato rösti is traditionally a Swiss breakfast dish, but here Sabrina Ghayour takes us through her twist using mustard seeds, chilli flakes and fenugreek. These spices give this recipe a real punchy flavour and perfectly accompany your soft boiled eggs.

Spiced Potato Rosti

Ras el hanout and buttermilk sweet loaf cake with rose icing

Bring a touch of sweetness to your meze feast with a delicately spiced rosewater loaf cake. Ras el hanout is a spice blend that packs an earthy punch, yet it works unbelievably well in this recipe – and the rose icing complements the spiciness beautifully.

Buttermilk Loaf Cake Recipe with Ras El Hanout and Rose Icing

Smoked aubergine and pepper salad with pomegranate molasses

Sabrina Ghayour's sweet and smoky aubergine salad is made for sharing. Evoke the flavours of Persia with pomegranate molasses and fresh pomegranate seeds. Discover plenty more veggie salad recipes.

Smoked aubergine and pepper salad with pomegranate molasses

Spiced cod fritters with harissa honey dip

These crunchy fish fritters with a sweet and spicy rose harissa dip from Sabrina Ghayour are perfect finger food for a Middle Eastern dinner party spread.

Spiced Cod Fritters Recipe With Harissa Honey Dip

Omelette Irani

Give the simple omelette an Iranian twist by combining with a rich tomato sauce. Serve with a spoonful of salted butter, chives and flatbreads.

Persian Omelette Recipe

Roasted carrots with tahini and pomegranate

Give your roast veggies a Middle Eastern makeover with these sweet and nutty roast carrots. Drizzle with tahini and scatter with pomegranate seeds for a vibrant side or meze sharer.

Roasted carrots with tahini and pomegranate

Spiced chicken salad with cashews and cucumber

This aromatic chicken salad from Sabrina Ghayour is perfect for a Middle Eastern dinner party spread. Serve it in a big dish and let everyone dig in.

Marinated, spiced chicken salad with cashews and cucumber

Spiced root vegetable fritters with harissa and lime yogurt

Check out these spicy veggie fritters with punchy harissa yogurt. Made from a combination of potato, parsnip, beetroot and celeriac, these fritters are packed full of veg. Cumin and mustard seeds provide a spicy kick.

Veggie Fritters With Harissa

Khoresht karafs (celery stew)

Inspired by Tehran's hole-in-the-wall street food, this succulent lamb and celery stew is ideal for a mezze platter. The lamb legs are marinated overnight in a turmeric blend, then combined with celery, parsley and herbs in a simple stew.

Khoresht Karats Recipe (Persian Celery Stew)

Loobia chiti (pinto bean stew)

Put your storecupboard staples to use in this Iranian-style vegan bean stew. With a tangy tomato sauce and cumin coating, this aromatic braised bean stew is perfect for dunking with flatbreads.

Loobia Chiti Recipe with Pinto Beans

Cod dogs with tomato and dill relish and harissa lime mayo

This is a clever, economical twist on the lobster roll but with loads more flavour and a spiced crunchy coating to make it even more satisfying than the original. The fiery mayo and refreshing salsa add the perfect finish.

Hot Dogs Recipe with Cod

Winter greens kuku with barberries and pine nuts

Make our herby, spiced kuku sabzi recipe and cut into squares for a tasty meze bite. This Persian frittata is packed with herbs, spices and winter veg.

Winter greens Kuku

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