Chorizo Frittata Recipe with Red Pepper and Peas

Easy frittata recipes

Make the most of eggs with our easy frittata recipes, made with everything from spicy chorizo to nutritious veg, like broccoli and spinach

Looking for easy frittata recipes? Want the best brunch recipes? See our recipe ideas below including versions with chorizo, salmon, bacon and veggies.


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Easy frittata recipes

Green frittata

Add vibrant peas, salty bacon and sweet red peppers to your frittata for an easy midweek meal.

Courgette frittata

This satisfying flavour combination of courgette, spring onions and goat’s cheese is one you’ll not want to miss – try this quick and easy frittata for a light summery lunch.

Spring frittata with crispy chorizo

Make this vibrant frittata packed with spring greens and crispy chorizo for an easy lunch.

Broccoli and taleggio frittata

Check out this super-simple gluten-free broccoli frittata recipe – it’s seriously cheesy yet surprisingly low in calories.

Chorizo, roasted red pepper and pea frittata

Liven up your frittata with chorizo and a kick of chilli, then pop under the grill until puffed and golden.

Mini picnic frittatas

These mini picnic frittatas are really quick to whip up as a last-minute picnic treat. Make a large batch to enjoy throughout the week for a snack, or with a salad for a speedy meal.

Broccoli and roasted red pepper frittata

This broccoli and roasted red pepper frittata makes for a quick, healthy and delicious midweek meal. It’s on the table in just 20 minutes, plus it’s low in calories and 5:2-diet-friendly.

Smoked trout and pea frittata with parsley and red onion salad

Oven baked frittata

This recipe for oven baked frittata serves four and is ready in 35 minutes – perfect for a midweek meal. It’s filled with roasted red peppers, spinach and cheese.

Mini chorizo and tomato frittatas

These easy canapés can be made ahead, then reheated in a warm oven to serve. Chorizo, tomatoes and eggs are a classic combination that works so well together.

Smoked salmon and dill frittata

This filling egg recipe with smoked salmon is perfect for a quick midweek meal, and any leftovers can be eaten cold for lunch the next day.

Sweet potato and broccoli frittata

This quick and easy veggie frittata is perfect for a speedy and healthy weekday supper – the added goat’s cheese gives it a more creamy texture and makes it feel like more of a treat.

Beetroot, dill and feta frittata

A frittata is one of the easiest egg dishes to make. This recipe makes the most of earthy beetroot and pairs it with salty feta and dill for really colourful dish. It will be on the table in 10 minutes, making it the ultimate speedy supper.

Spring onion and roasted red pepper frittata

With peppers, spring onions and new potatoes, this frittata is a quick and easy meal for two. All it needs is salad on the side. This is good served cold for lunch the next day if there are any leftovers.

Pepper, red onion and goat’s cheese frittata

There’s no excuse not to eat healthily midweek – this recipe is ready in 15 minutes and is low-GI, so it won’t cause a rise in blood sugar. Serve with a slow-releasing carb, such as seeded bread.