Try our easy breakfast ideas with eggs, including a classic eggs benedict recipe, twists on eggs royale and eggs florentine, and the perfect boiled egg recipe. We also have breakfast and brunch ideas using fried eggs and plenty of omelette recipes. Next, try our brunch recipes and low-carb breakfast ideas.


Best breakfast ideas with eggs

Egg hoppers

A popular choice for breakfast in Sri Lanka, these thin pancakes have an egg cooked in the middle and are best served with sambal.

Egg hoppers with cooking pans in the background

Posh breakfast muffins

Make brunch easy with our quick and simple breakfast muffins packed with avocado, smoked salmon and frittata - ready in 30 minutes.

Breakfast Muffins with Smoked Salmon

The brekkie bun

Check out our next level breakfast buns from food writer John Gregory-Smith with streaky bacon, crispy fried eggs and salty baked kale. Make this easy brunch recipe for a super indulgent weekend treat.

Breakfast Bap Recipe

Bacon hash browns

Check out our hash browns with streaky bacon, spring onions and grated cheese. Make these crispy potato hash browns with fried egg for an easy brunch recipe for four.

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Hash Brown Recipe with Bacon

Full English croissants

Check out our epic breakfast croissant recipe packed with super crispy bacon, baked beans and runny fried eggs. The perfect indulgent weekend treat for all the family.

Croissant Sandwich Recipe with Bacon and Eggs

Sweet and sour lentil shakshuka

Jazz up your weekend brunch and make this veggie shakshuka with lentils and punchy spice. This simple egg recipe is not only easy to make but it's low in calories, too.

Baked Eggs Shakshuka with Lentils

Savoury porridge with ginger and chilli oil

Every thought of making your morning porridge savoury? Check out this quick and easy dish with fiery ginger, runny eggs and punchy chilli oil for a hearty way to start your day.

Savoury Porridge Recipe (Congee)

Turkish eggs

Try these quick and easy Turkish eggs with crunchy sourdough for your next brunch. This poached egg recipe is an easy egg recipe to make.

Turkish Eggs Recipe

Coddled duck eggs with smoked haddock and spinach

Want more exciting ways to cook eggs for breakfast? Try our easy recipe for rich coddled duck eggs baked with soft smoked haddock and topped with fresh chives - perfect for a weekend brunch.

Coddled Egg Recipe with Duck Eggs and Smoked Haddock

Eggs royale with smoked trout ad yuzu hollandaise

We love this twist on classic eggs royale. the perfect breakfast idea with eggs. Homemade hollandaise can send a shiver of fear down the spines of even the most seasoned cooks but it’s really very easy provided you don’t let the sauce get too hot.

Eggs royale with trout and yuzu hollandaise

Summer eggs florentine

This recipe for summer eggs florentine takes a brunch classic and makes it lighter with seasonal greens and a light dressing.

Summer Eggs Florentine Recipe

Classic shakshuka

The classic breakfast idea with eggs, shakshuka is vegetarian and quick and easy to make - spices, peppers, tomatoes and eggs bubbled up in a pan - what's not to like?

Shakshuka Recipe

Go to work on a boiled egg and make sure it's perfectly cooked. Whether it's for dunking your soldiers or to add to a salad, get the yolk perfect every time. The best way to boil eggs with timings and instructions...

Soft boiled egg in an egg cup, with dunking soldiers

This quick, easy brunch recipe is perfect for lazy weekends - spoil yourself with bacon, eggs AND crumpets.

bacon egg crumpets

Eggs and ham baked in croissant cups

Use croissant dough to make this cute breakfast idea with eggs, little croissant cups filled with ham and eggs - perfect for a weekend breakfast idea with eggs or posh brunch.

Breakfast Croissant Recipe with Ham and Eggs

Baked avocado with smoked salmon and egg

Avocados are really versatile, try them baked with smoked salmon and egg for a quick, healthy breakfast idea. They are easy to make but look really impressive.

Baked avocado with smoked salmon and egg

Try this squash toast with feta, sumac and poached egg for a quick and healthy, vegetarian brunch for under 300 calories.

Squash toast with feta, sumac and poached egg

Eat your breakfast eggs Mexican style today! That means piling on smoky beef chilli and a fiery homemade salsa made from tomatoes, green chillies, coriander and lime.

Huevos rancheros

Baked eggs with spinach

Baked eggs with spinach is the perfect dish for a lighter brunch. It feels indulgent, but baked with spinach, mushrooms and low-fat crème fraîche, this comes in at under 200 calories per serving.

Baked eggs with spinach

Add chorizo or cooked ham to these instead of bacon if that’s what you have around. This recipe is also a great way to use up left over roasties (just skip the first two steps and you're a go).

Diner-style eggs with spicy potatoes served in bowls

This weekend why not treat your friends to Sabrina Ghayour's indulgent sausage and egg muffin. Forget the Golden Arches, this is a healthier and more delicious option that can be made in the comfort of your own kitchen. This recipe serves four and takes a little bit of time but, with those delicious spices, it's well worth the wait.

Eastern Sausage and Egg Muffins

This California scramble is a quick and easy vegetarian meal for one - try for breakfast, brunch or a quick midweek meal.

California Scramble Recipe

Scrambled egg, smoked trout and chive bagels

Bored of cornflakes? Get up 15 minutes earlier and try our best breakfast recipe: smoked trout on toasted bagels, topped with scrambled eggs and chive. Sure to keep you satisfied until lunch!


These easy egg and cheese brunch bagels are a great alternative to the usual weekend fry-up. Ready in 15 minutes these bagels are quick and packed with flavour.

Egg and Cheese Breakfast Bagel

Chef Sabrina Ghayour treats us to her version of the classic Turkish breakfast dish, Menemen. A delicious combination of eggs, onions and red peppers, this bold, full of flavour recipe is gluten-free and perfect for sharing with family or friends.

The Full Turkish Breakfast

Make the perfect omelette. Speedy and full of protein, this breakfast is made extra special with smoked salmon, avocado and a pinch of cayenne to add a little heat.


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