Hosting a New Year's Eve party? Check out our easy party food for New Year's Eve. Try our fun canapé ideas and hassle-free finger food including vegetarian canapés, posh little avocado on toast and mini lobster rolls. We've got some great sharing mains, from beef chilli and tacos to fried chicken buns. Our festive cocktails sparkle up your party and our easy yet show-stopping desserts will catch everyone's eye.

New Year's Eve party finger food

Check out our easy canapé recipes and finger food for your new year party. Also check out our vegetarian canapé recipes for meat-free bites.


Harissa hot wings with hazelnut dukkah

Make your own nutty dukkah as a dip for these chicken wings spiced up with harissa and Frank's RedHot sauce. This will make more dukkah than you’ll need, but will keep for a few weeks in a sealed jar. Discover more of our best harissa recipes here.

Harissa Hot Wings Recipe with Hazelnut Dukkah

Classic potato wedges

Perfectly golden, crispy potato wedges with dollops of soured cream and salsa are guaranteed to satisfy hungry guests.

Golden potato wedges on a white platter with pots of soured cream and salsa

Maple-glazed sausage blinis

Kick off a festive party with these easy canapés, turning cocktail sausages into impressive bitesize party food.

Cocktail Sausage Canapés with Maple-Glaze

Baby new potatoes wrapped in bacon with harissa cheese dip

Try these baby new potatoes wrapped in crispy bacon with a punchy, creamy harissa soft cheese dip. This simple bite-size potato skewers recipe make an easy party snack recipe.

Bacon Wrapped Potatoes Recipe with Cheese Dip served on a pale grey speckled round plate

Brussels sprouts bhaji snacks with raita

Coated lightly in spices and served with a fresh minty dip, these crispy sprout clusters make a great starter at a winter dinner party.

Brussels sprouts bhajis with raita

Crispy vegetable peelings with curry salt

Use up all your veggie peelings, as well as any loose left-over veg, and use them to make these epic crisps with an easy curry spice, perfect nibbles for a hungry crowd.

Homemade Vegetable Crisps Recipe

Chilli-and-marmalade-glazed pork belly squares

Kick off a festive party with our easy canapés. These sticky-sweet bites can be partly prepared ahead for fuss-free entertaining.

Pork Belly Canapés Recipe with Marmalade

Pickled beetroot tacos with goat’s cheese

Kick off a festive party with these easy vegetarian canapés perfect for fuss-free hosting.

Pickled beetroot mini tacos with goat's cheese and walnuts

Sticky miso nuts and seeds

If salted caramel is your bag, then get ready for miso caramel – a heady mix of the salt and sweet combination with a shed load of umami, perfect snacking for a crowd. Check out more of our best miso recipes here.

Vegan Miso Nuts Recipe

Bombay samosas

Check out our Bombay-style samosas. We cook the veg in water rather than frying them to make a lighter version of the classic samosa, ideal for healthy dinner party snacks.

Bombay Samosa Recipe

Indian nachos

Give this classic cheesy snack an Indian twist with crispy curried chickpeas and minty yogurt sauce.

Indian Nachos Recipe

Smoked black pudding croquettes with apple sauce

Check out our indulgent crispy potato croquettes. Packed with smoked black pudding and creamy blue cheese, this recipe is perfect for an impressive canapé.

Black Pudding Croquettes with Apple Sauce

Spring onion bhajis with mint and coriander chutney

Try our crispy spring onion bhajis with a fresh and vibrant mint and coriander chutney. Make these bhajis for an impressive way to start your New Year's Eve party.

Spring Onion Bhaji Recipe with Mint and Coriander Chutney

Devilled coronation eggs

Hosting a party this New Year's Eve? Make our simple coronation chicken devilled eggs. This easy recipe combines a retro canapé with a simple classic British sandwich for the perfect party food.

Devilled Eggs Recipe with Coronation Chicken

Party tartines

Looking for quick and easy party food recipes? Check out these super simple party tartines. More substantial than canapés, these pretty open sandwiches will satisfy the greediest guests.

Easy Party Canapé Recipes

Fig and goat’s cheese puffs

The easiest party finger food, ready in half an hour – these puff pastry tarts topped with goat’s cheese and figs make for the perfect canapé for a New Year's Eve party.

Pork and prawn dumplings

If you're looking for an alternative New Year's Eve canapé recipe, try these pork and prawn dumplings with our step-by-step guide. The chestnuts add a festive touch.

Avocado and prawn cocktail toasts

If you're looking to make a light canapé this New Year's Eve, why not make these avocado and prawn cocktail toasts. They're a modern twist on a prawn cocktail and count for one of your five a day. While they look fancy, they're easy and quick to make.

Easy Party Food For New Year's Eve

Thai-style fishcakes with sweet and sour cucumber pickle

Thai fishcakes are great party food as you can fry them in advance and keep warm in the oven. The easy cucumber pickle adds an authentic Southeast Asian touch.

Caramelised onion and chorizo nachos

If you're hosting a New Year's Eve party, why not make a batch of nachos? These caramelised onion and chorizo nachos are cheesy, spicy and smoky. This easy recipe is great for a celebration and lots of fun to eat.

Caramelised onion and chorizo nachos

Mozzarella sticks with spicy dipping sauce

Try our gooey mozzarella sticks with a punchy dipping sauce for an indulgent finger food recipe. These make great sharing food, but will be very popular so make a few batches for your party.

Mozzarella Dippers Recipe with Spicy Dipping Sauce

Mini lobster rolls

These mini lobster rolls are easy to make but look impressive - perfect for hassle-free entertaining over new year.

Spiced cod fritters with harissa honey dip

Every party needs food with a spicy kick, and these fritters will tick that box. These spiced cod fritters are easy to snack on, and also make great nibbles before a dinner party.

Spiced Cod Fritters Recipe With Harissa Honey Dip

Pork-belly skewers with Vietnamese caramel sauce

These pork-belly skewers with Vietnamese caramel sauce make easy but impressive canapés for New Year's Eve. The pork belly makes a great alternative finger food dish.

Avocado fries

Forget chips, we're making these avocado fries for our party this year. The creamy wedges of avocado are coated in toasty shards of crunchy corn tortilla are are great to snack on while seeing the new year in.

Avocado fries recipe olive magazine

Baked camembert toppers

For more substantial party food jazz up whole baked camemberts with simple but luxurious vegetarian toppings, like wild mushrooms, maple pecans, cranberry with port and thyme or pine nuts, rosemary and garlic. These are show-stopping yet easy sharing food for your party this New Year's Eve.

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Easy Baked Camembert Recipes

Fried chicken buns

This crowd pleaser is great scaled up for when you have unexpected guests round this festive season. All you need are some chicken thigh fillets, salad, mango chutney and soft rolls and you're finger food is sorted.

Posh cheese, bacon and fig toasties

We love a cheese toastie, especially after a few glasses of Prosecco, so why not make this posh toasted cheese sandwich with added bacon, caramelised onion marmalade and figs this new year? Whip these up for your guests towards the end of the evening, after they've partied the night away!

Filo-baked fresh figs stuffed with peppered goat’s cheese

Check out our vegetarian recipe for crunchy filo-baked fresh figs stuffed with peppered goat’s cheese. This recipe makes a great little nibble for your party that’s really easy to make.

Goat's Cheese Filo Parcels Recipe with Figs

Quick pork and bean tacos

These quick pork and bean tacos are the perfect finger food recipe for your New Year's Eve party that are slightly different from your average canapé. Put everything on the table and let people help themselves.

New Year's Eve party sharing dishes

Looking for dinner party ideas? Check out our sharing food recipes for New Year's Eve party to celebrate the new year. From fried chicken to mac and cheese, we've got indulgent dishes for you to try. If you're looking for more dinner party main dishes, click here

Salmon with crispy spuds and zhoug

Perk up your party buffet with this punchy side of salmon served with crispy potatoes, perfect for entertaining over the festive season.

Salmon with Zhoug Recipe and Crispy Potatoes

Tear ‘n’ share sausage roll

Perk up your party buffet with our epic sausage roll and camembert wheel.

Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls Recipe with Cheese

Buttermilk-fried Frazzles chicken

Looking for easy entertaining recipes? Make our crispy buttermilk-fried Frazzles chicken. This moreish recipe is the perfect way to feed a crowd at New Year's Eve.

Fried Chicken Recipe

Lamb carnitas

These gluten free, slow-cooked lamb tortillas are great for a feast between friends. It's easy to make and everyone can get stuck in and make their own.

Barbacoa lamb carnitas

Smoked aubergine and pepper salad

Sabrina Ghayour's recipe for sweet and smokey aubergine salad would make the perfect addition to a generous sharing spread. Infused with the flavours of Persia, it's a little bit of middle-Eastern magic for you and your friends to enjoy.

Easy aubergine salad with pomegranate molasses

Pulled lamb with plum-sriracha

Check out our pulled lamb recipe with a sweet plum-sriracha marinade. This lamb is slow cooked for six hours and then is best served in the middle of the table for perfect sharing food for a dinner party.

Pulled Lamb Shoulder Recipe with Plums

Fall-apart vindaloo with red onion mint chutney

If you love curry, you'll love our vindaloo recipe. Serve this curry with rice and homemade mint chutney at your dinner party as a great way to see in the new year.

Fall-apart vindaloo with red onion mint chutney

Meatball, sage and squash lasagne

Cooking for a crowd this New Year's Eve? Make our easy meatball lasagne recipe with sage and squash. This indulgent recipe will make it the best New Year's Eve party, just make sure to serve with lots of garlic bread.

Meatball Lasagne Recipe with Sage and Butternut Squash

Best-ever tear-and-share garlic bread

Garlic bread is always a crowd-pleaser, especially at a party. This is our recipe for the best-ever tear-and-share garlic bread which not only looks fantastic, but is packed with mozzarella and parmesan as well as the garlic butter. Your guests won't want to leave the party.

Persian aubergine bake

If you're looking for show-stopping vegetarian recipes to make for your dinner party this new year, try our Persian aubergine bake. It's gluten free, too, so everyone at the party can enjoy it.

Baked Eggplant Recipe

Lobster mac 'n' cheese

How do you make mac 'n' cheese even better? You add lobster. This impressive mac 'n' cheese recipe with lobster is a luxurious treat that would go down well with a hungry crowd at a New Year’s Eve celebration dinner.

Lobster Mac and Cheese Recip

New Year's Eve party puddings

Every party needs dessert, so check out our dessert recipes for a new year party. Whether you want chocolate dessert recipes or Baileys desserts, we've got a selection of recipes for desserts. If you want more recipes, check out our easy Christmas dessert recipes, here

Chocolate and hazelnut profiterole stack

Looking for an impressive dessert to serve family and friends at your party? Check out this show-stopping chocolate and hazelnut profiterole stack. With creamy Nutella filling and crunchy hazelnut brittle, this stunning recipe is the perfect end to a dinner party.

A profiterole tower on a white cake stand, with chocolate and hazelnuts drizzled over

Spiced rum bamkuchen

If you want a dessert that will wow your guests over the new year, this spiced rum bamkuchen will be just the thing. Not only does it look impressive, it tastes impressive too. With a warm spicy flavour, and a generous covering of sweet chocolate, it would be a great cake to end the year on.

Spiced Rum Bamkuchen Cake Recipe - layered german christmas cake covered in chocolate glaze and white chocolate lines


Crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, struffoli are traditional treats from Naples, Italy, and are often served with honey and other sweet ingredients - perfect for the festive season. This dessert recipe is great sharing food for your party.

Baked blueberry donuts with lemon glaze

These baked blueberry doughnuts with lemon glaze look fantastic, taste delicious and are surprisingly easy to make. They're a great finger food dessert for your New Year's Eve party.

Baileys tiramisu

If you want a dessert that friends can just dig into, this is a great option. Rich and creamy, it's perfect for soaking up lots of Prosecco. Why not make a few desserts that you can just put out on the table and leave people to it?

Baileys Tiramisu in a dish with a slice cut out

White chocolate salami

This white chocolate salami is really easy to make but looks impressive. Slice and serve up to your party guests this New Year's Eve.

Eggnog custard tart

If you love egg custard tarts then you'll love Edd Kimber's Christmas inspired eggnog custard tart. Why not impress your guests with this dessert recipe, it may take a little time to make, but it's definitely worth it for your party this year.

Eggnog Custard Tart Recipe With Stars On Top

Mojito cake

Soak light and airy sponges in a mojito-infused sugar syrup, then cover with a zingy lime buttercream. This mojito cake will go down well at New Year's Eve with your hungry crowd.

Bourbon biscuit brownies

Brownies are universally popular and are great for all occasions, so why not serve them on New Year's Eve? We suggest making a double batch of these indulgent brownies, as the first lot will be gone in minutes.

Bourbon biscuit brownies

Baileys pavlova

Looking for a show-stopping Baileys recipe to make to celebrate the end of the year? Try this pavlova with Irish cream for an easy dessert. If you want even more Irish cream recipes, click here

Pavlova topped with chocolate shavings

Churros with hot chocolate sauce

Everyone loves Spanish churros and they won’t be able to believe these are homemade! The rich, indulgent hot chocolate sauce is also delicious over ice cream. These treats will be a great addition to any New Year's Eve party spread.

Olive oil chocolate pots with orange and sea salt

These olive oil chocolate pots with orange and sea salt are seriously creamy and indulgent. They're super simple to make and are a great chocolate dessert recipe for your dinner party.

Chocolate Orange Pots Recipe with Sea Salt

Sweet miso caramels

If you're a fan of savoury snacks, but fancy making a sweet nibble to offer your guests, make these sweet miso caramels. They're sweet and salty as well as being incredibly moreish. Pop a few on a plate and pass them around at New Year's Eve.

Sweet Miso Caramel Recipe

White chocolate roulade with Baileys

We've gone and put white chocolate and Baileys together to make this roulade. It's easy to make and requires very little effort, so you'll have even more time to party the night away.

Chocolate and salted caramel ice-cream bombe

Why not make our impressive frozen chocolate and ice cream dessert recipe for your party this year? This easy chocolate bombe recipe uses chocolate Swiss roll cake and Maltesers for extra indulgence and crunch. Make it ahead and then serve it at your New Year's Eve gathering.

Ice Cream Chocolate Bomb Recipe With Salted Caramel

Salted butterscotch popcorn cheesecake

Everyone loves a show-stopping dessert, and this salted caramel cheesecake recipe from Rosie Birkett has a salted butterscotch twist. You can make part of this recipe ahead so you have less to think about come New Year's Eve.

Salted Butterscotch Cheesecake Recipe With Popcorn

New Year's Eve cocktails

New Year's Eve wouldn't be complete without a few cocktails, so check out our favourite cocktail recipes. Whether you want alcoholic drinks recipes or non alcoholic drinks, we've got a selection of recipes from margaritas to Champagne cocktails and negroni cocktails. If you want more festive drinks recipes, click here

Winter-spiced pear cocktail

This cocktail brings a mojito and a glass of mulled wine into one glass. Warm and spicy with a silky texture, it's as festive as it gets. If you make the pear syrup in advance, it's incredibly quick and easy to make when your guests arrive at your party.

Spiced Pear Cocktail Recipe

Marmalade and mandarin mojito

Marmalade mojitos make a deliciously jammy cocktail, made to look really delicious with mandarin slices and star anise. This cocktail recipe is quick to make and great for a party.

Mojito Recipe with Marmalade and Mandarin

Negroni sbagliato

Our negroni sbagliato is a great festive fizz. Swapping gin for prosecco makes for a lighter negroni for your guests to enjoy at their party this year.

Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail Recipe

White sparkle

A great sparkling New Year's party cocktail. After you have decorated the Champagne flutes, chill them by putting in the freezer for a short while or filling with ice for a few minutes.

Orange and rosemary fizz

If you love Buck's Fizz, but fancy something non alcoholic this year, try this orange and rosemary fizz. The cinnamon and pomegranate makes it a great festive drink that everyone can enjoy on New Year's Eve.

Orange Fizz Mocktail Recipe with Rosemary - non-alcoholic cocktail served with cinnamon sticks, orange slices, rosemary and pomegranate seeds

Frozen mango and lime margaritas

Margaritas are great party cocktail and also make an ideal accompaniment to Mexican dishes. Our frozen margarita is perfect to cool your guests down through a night of dancing this new year, with sweet mango and a dash of lime.

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