Easy Omelette Recipe with Mushroom and Cheese

Best omelette and frittata recipes

Our best ever frittata and omelette recipes are perfect for speedy midweek suppers and a delicious addition to tapas feasts. Ideal for using up those last few eggs in the fridge

Check out our quick and easy omelette recipes for easy lunch and dinner ideas to use up leftover eggs. We’ve come up with a simple base omelette recipe with easy filling ideas. Or make one of our more elaborate frittata recipes including crab and chilli, ginger and spring onion, and even kedgeree.


How to make an omelette – base omelette recipe (serves one)

  1. Whisk 3 eggs and season.
  2. Heat a large knob of butter in a small frying pan until foaming and pour in the eggs.
  3. Cook over a medium heat, drawing in the edges with a spatula so the raw egg runs into the gaps and cooks.
  4. Keep cooking until the omelette is set but still a little oozy on top. Fill, fold and serve.

Omelette fillings ideas

Gruyère, avocado, spring onion and chive omelette recipe

  • Mix ¼ diced avocado with 2 chopped spring onions and 1 tbsp chopped chives.
  • Scatter the omelette with a handful of finely grated gruyère as it cooks.
  • Spoon the avo mix over the top and fold over.
  • Leave for 1 minute before serving.
Gruyère, avocado, spring onion and chive recipe
Gruyère, avocado, spring onion and chive recipe

Garlic mushroom, chilli and spinach omelette recipe

  • Heat a large knob of butter in a pan and add 75g sliced chestnut mushrooms.
  • Cook until softened and browned, then stir in ½ a crushed garlic clove and some dried chilli flakes.
  • Cook for 1 minute, stir in 2 handfuls of baby spinach until wilted, then season.
  • Cook the omelette as described above then spoon over the mushroom/spinach mix, fold over and leave for 1 minute before serving.
Garlic mushroom, chilli and spinach recipe
Garlic mushroom, chilli and spinach recipe

Hot smoked salmon, lemon crème fraîche and dill omelette recipe

  • Cook the omelette as above, scatter over a handful of flaked hot smoked salmon, 1-2 tbsp of crème fraîche mixed with a little lemon zest and a little chopped dill.
  • Fold over the top and leave for 1 minute to warm everything through.
Hot smoked salmon, lemon crème fraîche and dill recipe
Hot smoked salmon, lemon crème fraîche and dill recipe

Asian spicy prawn omelette recipe

  • Heat 1 tsp of sesame oil in a small pan.
  • Add 50g chopped raw prawns, ½ chopped red chilli, 1 tsp finely chopped ginger and a handful of edamame beans (defrosted if frozen).
  • Cook until the prawns are pink, then add a splash of soy sauce.
  • Cook the omelette as described, opposite, whisking 1 tsp sesame oil into the eggs before cooking.
  • Spoon the prawn mix on top and fold over. Leave for 1 minute before serving.
Asian spicy prawn recipe
Asian spicy prawn recipe

More omelette recipes

Masala omelette

Check out our easy spiced omelette recipe with fiery ginger and punchy chilli, served with a crisp tomato and cucumber salad.

Masala Omelette Recipe

Open-faced omelette with garlic mushrooms and taleggio

Want an easy lunch recipe? Make this quick and simple grilled omelette with garlicky mushrooms and soft melted taleggio, ready in just 20 minutes.

Easy Omelette Recipe with Mushroom and Cheese

Smoked trout and gruyère omelette

Try our smoked trout and gruyère cheese omelette for a speedy midweek meal. This recipe is quick and easy to make and it’s low in calories.

Smoked Trout and Gruyere Omelette

Crab, chilli and herb omelette

This crab, chilli and herb omelette is low calorie, gluten-free, high-protein and ready in just 20 minutes – perfect for a midweek meal.

Crab, chilli and herb omelette

Classic tortilla

A well-made tortilla is the best addition to a tapas menu. This easy recipe with just four ingredients is typically Spanish. Serve with a  selection of other dishes for a Spanish feast. Here are our other Spanish ideas.

Classic Tortilla Recipe

Courgette soufflé omelette

This courgette soufflé omelette recipe is really easy, ready in under 30 minutes and just 350 calories, but still tastes delicious.

Ginger, spring onion and mushroom omelette

This recipe for ginger, spring onion and mushroom omelette makes a speedy midweek meal for one.

Soft-baked asparagus frittata

Asparagus is generally in season and plentiful in spring and what better way to use them than in this soft-baked frittata with ricotta and parmesan. An ideal dish for breakfast or brunch. More asparagus ideas here.

asparagus frittata

Mini picnic frittatas

These mini picnic frittatas are really quick to whip up as a last minute picnic treat. To make them even easier to make, we have used Two Chicks liquid whole eggs. Make a large batch and then enjoy throughout the week for a snack or with a salad for a speedy meal.

Oven baked frittata

This super simple recipe for oven baked fritata serves 4 in 35 minutes – perfect for an easy midweek meal.

Oven Baked Frittata Recipe

Chilli, cheese and garlic mushroom omelette

Our omelette recipe with chilli, cheese and garlic mushrooms is easy, vegetarian and ready in under 30 minutes making it a perfect midweek meal for one.

Chilli, Cheese and Garlic Mushroom Omelette Recipe

Smoked trout and pea frittata with parsley and red onion salad

Ready in under 30 minutes, this smoked trout frittata is quick and easy to make and doesn’t require many ingredients.

Smoked trout and pea frittata with parsley and red onion salad

Spanish pepper and potato omelette

The ultimate comfort food which clears out the fridge too, try our best Spanish omelette recipe with red onion, red pepper and new potatoes. Serve with a rocket salad.

Spanish Pepper and Potato Omelette Recipe

Smoked salmon and dill frittata

This filling Italian-style egg recipe with smoked salmon is perfect for quick midweek cooking and any leftovers can be eaten cold for lunch the next day.

Smoked Salmon and Dill Frittata Recipe

Kale and feta tortilla

Tortilla is our go-to easy meal. Eggs are cheap and convenient, we always have some at home, and paired with leafy green kale and feta this is a fast, effortless recipe for two. Serve with salad or bread.

Kale and feta tortilla recipe

Mini chorizo and tomato frittatas

These easy canapés can be made ahead then reheated in a warm oven to serve. Chorizo, tomatoes and eggs are a classic Spanish combination that works so well together.

Mini Chorizo and Tomato Frittatas Recipes

Kedgeree omelette

Kedgeree is a classic dish of curried rice, flaked, smoked fish and hard-boiled eggs. In this version, we’ve updated the classic by substituting the boiled eggs for an omelette to wrap the Kedgeree in.

Spring onion and roasted red pepper frittata

Frittata is an Italian-style omelette. This one, with its peppers, spring onions and new potatoes is a quick and easy meal for two. All it needs is salad on the side. This is good served cold for lunch the next day if there are any leftovers. 

Spring onion and red pepper frittata recipe


If you’re looking for more quick dinner or lunch ideas for one, check out our best ever recipes for one, here. Plus, we’ve got lots of delicious quick and easy dinner ideas, too. From salmon with pesto to ravioli with buttered lemon greens, there’s plenty to choose from.