Making the same thing for Santa and his reindeer every year can get a little tiresome. But this year, instead of compromising on the magic of Christmas, why not make something that everyone can enjoy? From boozy hot chocolate to caramelised white chocolate cookies, here's a selection of treats that will keep everyone feeling happy and content:


For Santa

Mince pies with shortbread pastry

Mince pies with shortbread pastry

By the time Mr Claus gets around to your house he will be so bored of normal mince pies that these shortbread twists will be such a wonderful surprise.

Cranberry and almond muffins

Cranberry And Almond Muffin Recipe

Festive and sweet on-the-go treats that can be wrapped up and saved for a lovely Christmas Day breakfast – Father Christmas will definitely appreciate the thoughtful offer.

Double chocolate Toblerone cookies

Double chocolate Toblerone cookies

You won't find any coal in your stocking if you leave some of these melty Toblerone cookies out for Saint Nick.

Caramelised white chocolate cookies

White Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

As satisfyingly crunchy as the snow and ice outside, these indulgent caramelised white chocolate cookies will give the big man in the red suit a much needed energy boost. Don't forget to leave some out for his elves as well!

Strawberry jaffa cakes

Strawberry Jaffa Cakes Recipe

As bright and red as Rudolph's nose, these strawberry jaffa cakes are small enough to eat in one quick, bite – perfect if Father Christmas is running a bit behind schedule.

Spiced maple cashew bark

Chocolate Bark Recipe with Cashews

If you leave this snappy and indulgent chocolate bark out by the tree, it might win you some friends in the North Pole...

Salted maple brownies

Salted Maple Chocolate Brownies Recipe

These irresistible salted caramel brownies might just keep you off the naughty list for a few years to come.

Homemade pork scratchings

Homemade Pork Scratchings Recipe

By the time midnight comes around, old Nick will no doubt be tried of all the sweet treats. So these crisp savoury snacks will probably come as a welcome relief.

Cheese and walnut scones

Cheshire Cheese Scone Recipe With Walnuts

These are freezable, which means Kris Kringle won't have to worry about them spoiling if they get too cold on his sleigh.

Kale hush puppies with lemon aioli

Because we're sure not even those from the North Pole are exempt from the kale hype. Plus, you can't knock a bit of lemon aïoli.

Cheese fondue

Cheese fondue with vegetables for dipping

Let's just hope he doesn't drop any cheese on his winter suit – imagine the dry cleaning bill!

His reindeer

Don't forget to cater for Santa's crew of reindeers; they're arguably the most important part of his business after all.

Parsnips with salsa verde

Parsnip Fries Recipe with Easy Salsa Verde

We've heard a rumour that Dasher, Dancer and Prancer have a thing for Italian flavours. The salsa verde dip for these parsnip fries is sure to go down well.

Roasted carrots with tahini and pomegranate

Roasted carrots with tahini and pomegranate

Whereas, word on the street is that Vixen, Comet and Cupid are more into their Middle Eastern and Mediterranean snacks...

Green goddess and red devil dips with homemade breadsticks and veg

Vegetarian Dip Recipes With Homemade Breadsticks

Who said Reindeer's don't appreciate a bit of dip with their veg?

... For you

Christmas advent biscuits

Christmas Advent Biscuits Recipe - Different Christmas shapes with number and with red and white icing sugar

Santa can have the last one, yeah?

Campfire cocktail

A bourbon cocktail topped with a marshmallow and placed alongside a bottle of bourbon

Mr C. is driving so you should probably drink this warming, wintery marshmallow cocktail for him before he arrives. Better safe than sorry, really.

Gingerbread and espresso martini cocktail

Cocktail glass of gingerbread and espresso martini cocktail, with sugar around the rim

Because nothing says Christmas like gingerbread... espresso martini cocktails. Oh yes.

Chocolate porter flip

Easy Beer Cocktail with Chocolate Recipe

Looks like butter beer, tastes like chocolate, either way it tastes as magical as a Christmas feast in the Great Hall.

Christmas cake martini

Christmas Cocktail Martini

Skip the sweets and get straight to the point with this festive cocktail. We're sure St. Nicolas will appreciate your efficiency.

Mulled beer

Mulled Beer Recipe

Apparently Santa went off mulled wine around 1966 after an incident with a wood-burning fire and an overly enthusiastic jack russell terrier. So obviously mulled beer is the answer to that predicament. Plus, it makes four so that's one cup for old Nick and three for you...

Spiked hot chocolate

Spiked hot chocolate

Why make Mr Claus a normal hot chocolate when you can put booze in it and possibly win yourself a few more stocking fillers in the process?

Hangover bloody mary

Hangover Bloody Mary

Because after consuming all that booze, you might need one of these...

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