Roasted Figs with Goat's Cheese Recipe

Best fig recipes

Here is our guide to buying and cooking figs, along with plenty of sweet and savoury fig recipes to keep you going

Check out our expert guide to figs, with information about how to cook figs (including roasting and grilling), the fig season and, of course, plenty of easy fig recipes to make the most of fresh figs…


Figs make a great starter, so try one of our easy vegetarian entertaining ideas including lots of canapé recipes. The sweet flavour of figs also makes them the perfect pairing for tangy goat’s cheese, so we have some fab recipes including baked fresh figs in filo parcels with peppered goat’s cheese, figs on toast with goat’s curd labneh and fig tart.

Fig Season

Figs will be available for most of the year from the supermarket, due to being grown in hot climates, but the UK fig season runs from July-October. Pick them when their skin is dark and they are plump.

What to do with fresh figs

There are a multitude of things to do with fresh figs, the classic being to eat raw wrapped in parma ham as a starter. They’re also delicious raw on a cheese board instead of grapes.


Cooking figs intensifies their jamminess and high sugar content. Heat the grill to high and make a cross incision in the top of the figs. Put onto a tin foil lined baking sheet and sprinkle generously with demerera sugar. Grill for 5-10 minutes until the sugar has caramelised and serve with crème fraiche.


Roasting is also another good way to intensify the flavour of figs. Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Cut the figs in figs in half and toss with 2 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of cider vinegar. Roast for 25-30 minutes, basting regularly with the syrup, until the figs are rich and jammy. Serve the hot fruit with vanilla ice cream and the syrup from the tray.

Savoury fig recipes

Figs with Grana Padano and pink peppercorn dressing

Adding finely grated Grana Padano to the dressing gives a creamy but piquant contrast to the sweet figs for a vibrant starter.

Quick Figs with Cheese Recipe and Peppercorn Dressing

Marinated figs with mozzarella and serrano ham

Check out our easy fig recipe with creamy mozzarella, salty serrano ham and peppery rocket. These easy pickled figs make a simple recipe for your next dinner party with friends.

Marinated Figs with Mozzarella and Ham

Fig and goat’s cheese filo parcels

Check out our vegetarian recipe for crunchy filo-baked fresh figs stuffed with peppered goat’s cheese. This recipe makes an awesome little canapé or starter that’s really easy to make.

Goat's Cheese Filo Parcels Recipe with Figs

Gruyère, fig and prosciutto croissants

Straight from the oven, these hot and toasty butter croissants with melty cheese and sweet figs make a really quick and easy on-the-go breakfast idea. Figs, prosciutto and gruyère make for a mouthwatering, but sophisticated, toasty concept.

Ham and Cheese Croissant Recipe

Figs on toast with goat’s yogurt labneh

These easy figs on toast with labneh are super simple and quick to make. This recipe is creamy yet low in calories, and veggie friendly. Ready in just 15 minutes these make for a mouth-watering breakfast, brunch or snack. Check out our top recipes for toast toppers here.

Figs on toast with goat’s yogurt labneh and honey

Sticky fig, thyme and goat’s cheese puffs

These sticky fig, thyme and goat’s cheese puffs are super-quick and easy to make thanks to a few clever cheats. Plus, they’re under 500 calories.

Fig and Goat's Cheese Puffs Recipe

Fig and gorgonzola tartines

Fig and gorgonzola tartines make an indulgent afternoon snack or stylish starter using a handful of fresh ingredients. These sourdough toasts are super easy to make and ready in just 15 minutes  just assemble the toasts and pop under the grill for a couple of minutes. This is the perfect starter for guests.

Tartine Recipe With Figs and Gorgonzola

Whipped goat’s cheese with baked figs

Save time and still impress with this super-simple fig starter. Ready in 20 minutes, it’s perfect for a festive dinner party. Don’t miss out on all our easy starter recipes for dinner parties.

Whipped goat's cheese with baked figs

Fig with gorgonzola and walnut

An absolute classic flavour combination, these fig and gorgonzola bites are just the ticket for a Christmas party or New Year’s nibble because they’re just so easy. One of our favourite vegetarian canapés, and great with a good glass of red.


Fig tart recipe with curd cheese and honey

Looking for a fig tart recipe? Our recipe for honeyed fig and curd cheese tart is easy and ready in under an hour. Use cow or goat’s curd for this. Both are young and fresh but the goat’s curd will give you more of a tang aside the crisp puff pastry.

Fig Tart Recipe With Curd Cheese

Cheese, bacon and fig toasties

Add figs to your toasties to make them extra posh. Try this super-easy toasted cheese sandwich with added bacon, caramelised onion marmalade and figs. This makes a great supper for two with the winter leaves salad.

Posh cheese, bacon and fig toasties

Fig and goat’s cheese puffs

The easiest party finger food, ready in half an hour – ready made puff pastry topped with goat’s cheese and pretty figs makes the perfect canapé.


Fig, goat’s cheese and pistachio salad

Our recipe for fig, goat’s cheese and pistachio salad is really quick, healthy and easy to make but packs in lots of great flavours. This is ideal for a dinner party or, as it’s under 300 calories, you could have it as a lighter lunch.


Sweet fig recipes

Roasted figs with hazelnuts

Treat your guests to this dessert of figs drizzed in a honey and Prosecco syrup, topped with crunchy hazelnuts and served with cooling vanilla ice cream. For more Prosecco inspired recipes, look no further.


Sweet ricotta pancakes with honey and figs

This is the perfect way to start off your dayRicotta pancakes are wonderful – fluffy and light with meltingly soft insides. Here they are served with honey and figs for a dessert, but they are also great for breakfast with fresh berries or butter and maple syrup.

Ricotta Pancakes Recipe With Honey and Figs

Milk fondants with figs

Our milk fondant recipe is super easy and would work well with any seasonal fruit. The recipe comes from Bandol, London.

Milk fondants

Baked alaska with honeyed figs & mascarpone ice cream

This dessert from Duck & Waffle makes a show-stopping finish to a meal with friends. There is no question it will excite and impress.


Baked maple and walnut figs with vanilla marscapone

These baked maple syrup and walnut figs make a great treat when figs are in season. They are served with a quick vanilla mascarpone that you can use as an alternative to cream to accompany lots of desserts. Check out more of our fruit dessert recipes here.