Let seasonal ingredients – such as kale, cauliflower, root veg and apples – shine in these autumnal salad recipes. Each dish is a great source of nutrients, and there are some big flavours we know you'll love.


So, whether you're looking for vegan caesar salad, roast vegetable salad, a miso cauliflower dish or delicious ways with grains, we have plenty of recipes that will hit the spot. Find your favourite light, but satisfying, meals below then browse our 19 vegetarian salad recipes and 21 healthy salad recipes. For more autumnal inspiration, check out our best autumn kitchen activities.

For more salad ideas check out our best salad recipes.

Autumn salad recipes

Fig salad

Halved figs and salad leaves on a plate

Finely grated grana padano provides a salty contrast to sweet figs in this simple yet flavour-packed autumnal salad.

Beetroot and carrot salad

A plate of beetroot and golden freekeh topped with sliced spring onion on a grey background

This vibrant salad of beetroot, freekeh and spring onion is packed with colour and texture – it makes for an impressive vegan starter or side dish and is really simple to put together.

Celeriac chimichurri salad

A black bowl filled with a green chopped salad with feta and croutons

Throw everything into a food processor and pulse to make this wonderful no-chop chimichurri. Pre-cooked puy lentils and chunks of hearty celeriac will soak up the piquant, herby dressing and the crumbled feta will add a salty hit.

Ginger chicken noodle salad

A wooden table topped with a noodle and shredded veg salad, with a pair of black chopsticks on the side

Looking for a way to use red cabbage while it's in season? Toss with nutty soba noodles, shredded chicken, crunchy sesame seeds and fresh aromatic herbs with a zingy ginger dressing for a high-protein, veg-filled lunch.

Cauliflower, walnut and apple salad

A cauliflower salad with parsley and apple cubes

Make your gluten-free lunch much more exciting with this easy salad made with thinly sliced cauliflower florets, cubed apples, raisins, toasted walnuts and a quick mustard dressing.

Vegan caesar salad

Vegan Kale Caesar Salad Recipe with Aubergine Bacon

We've given the classic caesar salad a vegan makeover by swapping bacon for crunchy, paprika-smoked aubergine slivers and lettuce for kale. It's a great way to use this nutrient-rich green while it's in season.

Spelt and apple salad with crispy nuts and seeds

Spelt and apple salad

If you love crunchy salads, then this recipe is for you. We've packed plenty of bite into this balanced dish by sprinkling with a homemade nut and seed mix. It's filling too, thanks to the spelt, with a touch of sweetness from the apple.

More like this

Warm aubergine, pomegranate and onion salad

Warm aubergine, pomegranate and onion salad

When it's getting cold outside, you might crave a warm salad. That's where this easy dish, made in a slow cooker, comes in. Once you’ve seen how easy it is to get squishy, soft aubergines without slaving over a griddle, you’ll make this again and again.

Cauliflower couscous salad

Cauliflower Couscous Salad Recipe with Zhoug

Check out our vibrant roasted cauliflower salad with giant couscous, crispy fried onions and a punchy zhoug dressing. This easy salad is vegan and low in calories, too.

Roast vegetable salad with kale pesto

A grey background with a white platter, topped with roasted vegetables, grains and a green dressing

Can't get enough of kale when it's in season? Turn it into a nutty pesto dressing and toss through vibrant roasted veggies with grains for an easy gluten-free lunch, or side dish.

Smoked mackerel, beet and apple salad with creamy horseradish dressing

Smoked Mackerel Salad Recipe with Beetroot

The only real cooking required here is boiling the spelt and softening the spring onion. Otherwise, it's simply flaking the fish and whisking a dressing together to make a truly delicious, smoky beetroot salad.

Beetroot, orange and feta salad

A white bowl filled with a beetroot, orange and green leaf salad with crumbled feta on top

Earthy beetroot and sweet orange pair up beautifully in this simple gluten-free salad that pops with a salty olive vinaigrette and chunks of creamy feta. It's a good low-calorie lunch option for autumn months.

Halloumi, kale and tahini salad

Plate of Kale and Tahini Salad with Chunks of Halloumi

Turn a few ingredients into a delicious meal with this simple salad recipe. It's perfect for lunch or a lighter evening meal. The salty halloumi works wonders with the softened kale and nutty tahini.

Miso roasted cauliflower, avocado and lentil salad

A platter topped with roasted cauliflower, lentils and slices of avocado

Fibre-rich cauliflower is roasted in a miso dressing – also filled with probiotics – and turned into a rustic salad with pickled onions and lentils. It's delicious and great for your gut too.

Roast carrot and spelt salad with dukkah and preserved lemon dressing

Roast carrot and spelt salad with dukkah and preserved lemon dressing on a platter

This zesty carrot and spelt salad is fresh, vibrant and super easy to make. The dukkah gives it a delightfully nutty flavour, and the carrots take on an earthy sweetness when roasted.

Kale chicken caesar salad

Kale Chicken Caesar Salad served on a pale white oval plate

For a nutritious boost, try using kale to make a healthier take on classic chicken caesar salad. This recipe is really easy, ready in just 30 minutes and under 350 calories - perfect for a midweek meal.

Moroccan cauliflower salad

Moroccan Cauliflower Salad

What a way to make cauliflower shine! Roast your florets with ras el hanout, dried cranberries, dates, nuts and pomegranate seeds, then drizzle with a tahini and mint dressing.

Carrot salad with chickpeas and lemon

Carrot Salad Recipe with Chickpeas served on an oval white serving plate

Throw together our easy carrot salad recipe, with contrasting textures and flavours, in just 15 minutes. Perfect for last-minute veggie dinner guests or a speedy lunch – you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already.

Roast pumpkin salad

Roast Pumpkin Salad with Chickpeas on two white plates wit forks

It's pumpkin season and this light salad is a lovely way to enjoy it. Roast with spices, red onion and chickpeas until golden, then serve with kale and a coriander dressing.

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