Our top cheese toastie recipes make the ultimate comfort food. Try one of our cheese toastie ideas for a midweek treat or a weekend indulgence. Our toastie fillings range from emmenthal to gruyère, from halloumi to fontina. We have reuben sandwiches, croque madames, posh cheese toasties and more, so all you could want in a toasted cheese sandwich recipe. Next, try our best sandwich recipes.


Cheese toastie recipes

Bombay chilli cheese toastie

Stuffed with peppers, spices, potato, cheese and green chutney, chef Maunika Gowardhan's favourite cheese toastie is so very moreish.

Bombay chilli cheese toastie

Cheese and balsamic shallot toastie

Seriously slow-cooked shallots, a three-cheese mix, wedges of sourdough and a little mustard makes for an epic lunchtime toastie.

Cheese and balsamic shallot toastie

Cheese toastie with date and tamarind chutney

Is there anything more comforting than a cheese toastie? Take yours to the next level with three types of cheese and a quick homemade chutney

A stack of melting cheese toasties with candles in the background

Four-cheese lobster toastie

Take your festive toastie up a notch with chunky chopped lobster in a silky, oozy four-cheese sauce.

More like this

Indian chilli cheese toasties

Turn the heat up with this melting, oozing cheesy Jarlsberg© toastie, spiked with Asian spices, chilli and ginger.

Jarlsberg Chilli Cheese Toastie

Croûte savoyarde

Next-level cheese on toast, this comforting open-faced sandwich is covered in melted cheese, soaked in white wine and topped with ham and crispy fried eggs for pure indulgence.

Croûte Savoyarde Recipe (Cheese on Toast) from Author Felicity Cloake

Greens and gruyère toastie

Check out our quick and easy toastie recipe from food writer John Gregory-Smith. This oozy fried cheese sandwich is made using swiss chard, cream and gruyère cheese - the perfect indulgent brunch.

Gruyère Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Spag bol toastie

Check out our quick and easy spaghetti bolognese toastie recipe. We can’t think of a better, more delicious way to use up left-over bolognese sauce.

Spaghetti Sandwich Recipe with Bolognese Sauce

Gouda and chilli jam french toast

Check out this indulgent french toast recipe oozing with melting cheese and punchy sweet chilli jam, perfect weekend comfort food.

Chilli Cheese French Toast Recipe

The Cubano sandwich

This is an iconic food-truck sandwich in the US using Cuban mojo pork. It take a while to make but it's a great casual entertaining idea.

Cuban Sandwich Recipe

California grillled reuben

This West Coast version of a deli sandwich uses smoked turkey rather than pastrami. This makes more coleslaw than you’ll need for the sandwiches but it’ll keep for 2-3 days in the fridge.

Apricot jam, goat’s cheese and thyme toasties

Ready in just 10 minutes, check out our toastie recipe with creamy goat's cheese, thyme and sweet apricot jam - perfect for a quick and easy weekend brunch.

Goat's Cheese Toastie Recipe with Thyme

Quick croque madame

Croque madame is a classic favourite and this quick version makes for an easy indulgent meal. Ready in just 30 minutes, it's perfect for a midweek comfort food treat. Like your eggs sunny side up? Here are 57 ways with eggs to try.

Fontina, prosciutto and sage-stuffed french toast

The ultimate eggy bread. A delicious toasted cheese sandwich. French toast filled with fontina, sage and prosciutto. Whatever you call it, this is a special comfort food recipe for four. We're big fans of melted cheese, so we have put together the best cheese recipes in the world right here. Enjoy!

Quick and easy halloumi and honey toastie

Check out Sabrina Ghayour's take on everybody's favourite, the classic cheese toastie. Filled with salty halloumi, rose harissa and honey for a touch of sweetness, this toastie is too delicious for words. It's meat-free too, so your veggie friends don't have to miss out.

Halloumi Toastie Recipe with Harissa and Honey

Ultimate grilled reuben sandwich

This our ultimate version of a New York favourite. In just 10 minutes you can be enjoying that salty beef, tangy sauerkraut and melting cheese - perfect for an indulgent supper for one. Check out our 10-minute recipes here.

Green chilli grilled cheese sandwich

For this recipe, we took a classic grilled (read: fried) sandwich and made it even better by stuffing it with soft cheese, chillies and garlic. You won't go back to a normal grilled cheese once you've tasted this.

Posh cheese, bacon and fig toasties

A super-easy posh toasted cheese sandwich with added bacon, caramelised onion marmalade and figs. This makes a great supper for two with the winter leaves salad and can be put together with all those scraps of cheese leftover from your last dinner party.

The patty melt sandwich

The patty melt has been around in the US since the ’40s but is making a comeback on trendy NYC menus lately. A mash-up between a grilled cheese and a burger, the melt combines the best elements of the two in one squidgy mouthful. Got you in the mood for a burger? Try our top burger recipes here.

Cheese and onion giant crumpet toastie

Here's a toastie with a difference! These crumpet toasties are packed full of cheese and red onion chutney. Super easy, this recipe is great for a quick flavoursome lunchtime meal.


Cheese and onion giant crumpet toastie

Salt beef and Swiss bagel melt

Midweek meal inspiration right here! This super quick and easy salt beef bagel is packed with melting Swiss cheese, gherkins and a generous dollop of sweet American mustard.

Salt Beef Bagel Recipe with Cheese

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