Best ever Greek recipes

From stuffed pittas to moussaka, we've collected our best ever Greek recipes together for you to enjoy with friends

Greek lamb-stuffed courgettes

Make the most of this versatile vegetable by topping with spiced lamb mince, pine nuts and feta in this crowd-pleasing Mediterranean dish.


Veggie moussaka

We make the most of meaty aubergines in this veggie version of a Greek classic – an ideal comforting recipe to feed the family midweek.

Vegetarian Aubergine Moussaka Recipe

Spanakopita spring rolls

Turn the classic Greek savoury pie into a fun, vegetarian canapé, lightly spiced with nutmeg and lifted with yogurt dip. Check out more of our veggie canapé recipes here.

Spanakopita Rolls Recipe

Lamb kleftiko

Check out these easy slow cooked lamb shanks with waxy potatoes. Kleftiko is a Greek dish of lamb and potatoes slow cooked with white wine, lemon and oregano. Serve with bread for mopping up juices, and a green salad dressed with red wine vinegar and olive oil.

Lamb Kleftiko Recipe


Check out this traditional Greek spanakopita pie recipe. This easy spinach filo pastry pie is super crispy and packed with creamy feta.

Spanakopita Recipe

Lime and chilli chicken sandwich with Greek yoghurt guacamole

Quick chicken sandwich for one. Coat a chicken breast in a chilli-lime marinade, cook in a griddle pan and pop in a bun with guacamole, lettuce and tomato.

Beetroot, goat’s cheese and walnut pittas

These little veggie pockets are a really healthy way to enjoy fresh produce – beetroot, goat’s cheese and walnuts – without being too fussy. They’re easy to make and ready in just fifteen minutes, perfect for a midweek meat-free meal.


Moussaka is a classic Greek dish and a family favourite with cinnamon-spiced lamb, meaty aubergine and a delicious creamy, nutmeg-spiked sauce. Cook and eat it now, or freeze it for a quick and easy meal to have on-hand.

Spiced lamb cutlets with smoked aubergine

Dan Doherty’s recipe for spiced lamb cutlets with smoked aubergine is the perfect winter warmer recipe. It takes a while but is really easy to make, perfect for entertaining.

Freekeh and artichoke salad with golden onions, sultanas and herb labneh

Freekeh is a roasted green wheat grain that has three times the fibre of brown rice and scores low on the GI scale. Here it is added to a healthy vegetarian salad with artichokes and homemade labneh.

Fried aubergine sticks with sumac and honey

Easy aubergine sticks: designed to impress your friends and family as a quick dinner-party starter, or as part of an easy lunch. With a minty yogurt dip, this Mediterranean-inspired recipe with sumac and za’atar just needs a drizzle of honey to finish it off.

Aubergine and lamb pasticcio

This Greek-inspired aubergine and lamb pasticcio is easy to make but is packed full of fantastic flavours. It serves six, so is perfect for feeding a crowd, or freeze the leftovers for another time.

Green Greek salad with marinated feta

Broad beans are in season from June until September, and this fresh green Greek salad with marinated feta is a great way to make use of them while you can. Serve as a side salad, or with toasted pitta or flatbread for a light lunch or dinner.

Loukoumades (Greek donuts)

One of the pleasures of a Greek holiday comes in those moments after dark (and after dinner) when everyone moves to the tables in a local square to drink coffee and eat plates of tiny cinnamon-scented doughnuts. Whether your preference is for the sugar-dusted variety or those soaked in honey, try making them at home for a crowd-pleasing dessert with a difference.

Shrimps à la spetsiota

This recipe for shrimps à la spetsiota comes from Estiatoria Milos, a Greek seafood restaurant with branches in Athens, New York, Miami and London. This is a classic, simple dish with the shrimp braised in tomato sauce, feta and oregano. It’s super quick to make but is packed full of delicious flavours.

Greek lamb pittas

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, Mediterranean-inspired dinner, these Greek lamb pittas are ideal. Ready in under 30 minutes with a garlic yogurt sauce, they’re perfect midweek.

Greek chicken flatbreads with tzatziki

Chargrilled chicken skewers and tzatziki recipe, wrapped in a warm flatbread is the best midweek meal for chicken. Ready in quickly in 20 minutes. Keep it healthy with salad on the side.

Lamb steaks with feta, tomato and rosemary

Feta adds a tangy flavour that really works with the sweet lamb and juicy tomatoes in this Greek-style dish. Ready in 30 minutes, it makes a perfect, simple midweek supper.


Classic moussaka

Layers of minced lamb, potato and aubergine, covered in white sauce and baked to make the classic Greek dish moussaka. Greek salad is all you need on the side.