Our collection of classic whisky cocktails features old fashioneds, manhattans and mint juleps as well as other whiskey-based cocktails including a bourbon and apple fizz, pineapple whisky sour and boozy Irish coffee.


Learn more about whisky with our guides to Japanese whisky, Scotch whisky, Irish whiskey and rye whiskey. Looking for something sweet to sip after dinner? Check out the best whisky liqueurs. We also have an introduction to bourbon. Now try our best tea cocktails and vodka cocktails.

18 whisky cocktail recipes

Whisky sour

In a whisky sour, the lemon juice is (almost) as vital as the bourbon. A generous, foamy top is what you're aiming for with this cocktail recipe.

Whisky Sour Recipe

Classic whisky highball

Scotch whisky and sparkling water combine to make this winning whisky highball.

A classic whisky highball garnished with mint and lemon against a pink background

Irish coffee

Mix Irish whiskey (or a blended scotch) with coffee, brown sugar, double cream and nutmeg in this Irish coffee drink, great as a dinner party cocktail or incorporated into desserts.

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A glass of Irish coffee with a brass spoon on a green background

Vieux carré cocktail

Impress guests at your next drinks party with a vieux carré, a complex, layered whisky cocktail that fans of manhattans, old fashioneds and sazeracs will love.

A coupe glass filled with a dark orange cocktail garnished with a dark red cherry

Classic mint julep

An easy three-ingredient drink, a mint julep is the perfect whisky cocktail for summer. Make sure you use crushed ice for this recipe as it dilutes more quickly, which is essential for the final taste of the cocktail

A copper cup filled with crushed ice and a sprig of mint on a yellow table with a pink background

Bourbon and apple fizz

Apple and whiskey make a great pairing in this innovative cocktail, mixed with Angostura bitters for an extra hit.

An apple cocktail in a tall glass

Old fashioned cocktail

A seriously sophisticated cocktail, the original old fashioned calls for just four ingredients. It's a mature and super-classy option.

Easy Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Asam boi sour

This Malaysian preserved plum cocktail from Med Salleh in London looks sophisticated and is surprisingly easy to make.

Asam boi sour cocktail garnished with a wedge of lime

Mulled old fashioned

Stir whisky with a homemade syrup infused with cinnamon, orange and cloves for a festive, subtly spiced twist on a classic.

A red cocktail in a tumbler with a twist of lemon peel on the top

Sloe sazerac

A seriously punchy whisky cocktail perfect for slow sipping during the winter months.

Sloe Sazerac in a glass

Chocolate old fashioned

Try our chocolate twist on an old fashioned cocktail. This infusion takes a little longer, but produces a subtly cocoa-scented whisky. Perfect for chilly winter nights.

A selection of Christmas cocktails lined up in a row

Manhattan cocktail

Live like a trendy New Yorker with our classic Manhattan recipe. It's best served in a coupe glass, with an illuminous cocktail cherry to garnish.

A Manhattan cocktail served in a coupe glass

PX sherry manhattan cocktail

Pedro ximénez sherry is the key to this clever twist on a classic whisky cocktail, best sipped on a winter's evening.

Sherry Manhattan Recipe

Godfather cocktail

We've given the 70s whisky Godfather cocktail a festive spin that makes an ideal dessert drink.

Godfather Cocktail Recipe with Whisky

Pineapple whisky sour

Like a whisky sour, but with the added wonder of pineapple juice. Adding a little fruit makes this whisky cocktail light and refreshing.

Pineapple Whisky Sour Recipe

Mint julep cocktail with peach

Make a batch of minted bourbon and keep in the fridge for instant cocktails, and remember to jazz this recipe up with fresh peach.

Peach Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe

Bourbon cocktail

Cosy up by the fire and make this campfire cocktail recipe with bourbon and marshmallows for a warming drink.

A bourbon cocktail topped with a marshmallow and placed alongside a bottle of bourbon

Kentucky Royale bourbon cocktail

This classic recipe mixes bourbon with Chambord, the delicious raspberry liqueur. Ginger beer ties it all together and a raspberry garnish finishes it off nicely.

Kentucky Royale Cocktail Recipe


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Four bottles of English whiskies in a row

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