Middle Eastern Carrot Salad with Herb Yogurt

Best ever carrot recipes

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From Thai carrot and lemongrass soup to indulgent muscovado carrot cake, we put this vibrant veg to the centre in our 29 ways with carrots

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Try our easy carrot recipes. It’s easy to grow your own carrots, so use up a glut with our favourite carrot cake recipes (scroll down for plenty of ideas), along with easy guides to making the perfect roasted carrots and glazed carrots.

We also have some great ideas to use carrots in main dishes, such as cardamom and carrot pilaf, a fragrant Sri Lankan curry and vegetarian carrot burgers. From vibrant side dishes for a Sunday roast, to vegetarian midweek meals, check out our ideas here…



  • We use British carrots as well as Chantenay, baby and purple carrots

Carrot, halloumi and dill balls

Rarely do you see carrots fried, so here Sabrina Ghayour has combined them with halloumi to make these crispy little balls – perfect with drinks at a party or as part of a feast. Discover more of our easy canapé style recipes here.

Halloumi Balls Recipe with Carrots

Sri Lankan carrot curry

Try our vibrant carrot curry with Sri Lankan spices. This vegan recipe is easy to make and ready in under an hour, plus it's low calorie too. More vegetarian curry ideas here.

Middle Eastern roast carrot salad with herby carrot top yogurt

Check out our spiced roast carrot salad recipe with zesty yogurt using herby carrot tops. Serve this easy recipe as an impressive side dish at your next family dinner.

Pomegranate-glazed roasted vegetables with grapes

Give your roasted carrots an impressive sticky glaze with pomegranate molasses, honey and blackberry jelly.

Roasted Vegetables Recipe with Pomegranate

Spiced carrot and lentil soup

Need an easy carrot soup recipe? Try our simple red lentil soup recipe with lightly spiced curried carrots. This veggie soup is under 300 calories, great for a midweek lunch. Click here for plenty more easy soup ideas...

Lamb and Guinness stew with carrots

Check out our warming one-pot stew with creamy mash and peas. No pre-frying of ingredients required for this stew – it’s best to use a heavy cast-iron pot or casserole to conduct the heat evenly.

Thai carrot and lemongrass soup

Thai cuisine uses fragrant flavours to create warming and comforting dishes. Our thai carrot and lemongrass soup is an easy vegetarian option with plenty of zing from the lemongrass and ginger, plus the coconut milk makes the soup really creamy.

Turmeric-fried veggie rice

Brighten up your fried rice with carrot ribbons in our vibrant turmeric-fried rice. This colourful recipe is packed with punchy flavour and super simple to make. Plus, it comes in under 300 calories per serving.

Roasted carrot and spelt salad with dukkah

Roasted carrots add crunchy freshness to this easy salad. The dukkah gives this dish a delightful nutty flavour, perfect for a vegetarian meal.

Carrot falafels with cumin and coriander

Try our take on the Middle Eastern classic, falafels. Use up your leftover carrots to give these delightful balls a lighter taste and texture. What's more, they're low in calories and full of flavour, and of course carrots can help you to see in the dark, even in falafel form. Bonus!

Roasted baby carrots with citrus

A great way to jazz-up carrots for a roast. Clementines add a refreshing touch, and lemon lifts the whole dish. Roasted whole baby carrots look beautiful, and feel that little bit more special than 'carrot coins'.

Carrots glazed with star anise

These carrots, with a sweet anise glaze, make a great winter side. Ready in under 30 minutes, they're also quick, easy and vegetarian.

Buddah bowl salad

Check out our low calorie vegan buddha bowl with carrots and plenty of other super foods. This bright and colourful bowl of goodness is an easy way to get some nutritional balance into your day.

Carrot and cardamom pilaf

Our vegetarian carrot and cardamom pilaf makes an easy way to feed the family and it's packed full of flavour. Plus, it's under 500 calories. Try our low calorie vegetarian ideas here.

Ghee-roasted spiced roots

Carrots join parsnips, artichokes and more in our vegetarian ghee-roasted spiced roots recipe. These roasted roots make for a great gluten free dinner party side. Ghee can be used in place of butter or oil in any recipe. It has a high smoke point, which means it can be used for roasting, frying or even deep-fat frying.

Salt-roast chicken with spiced carrot coleslaw

This coleslaw has a warm dressing, which helps the carrot soak up the flavours of the cumin and mustard. Look out for younger, sweeter new season carrots when buying. A mandolin is useful for all the shredding.

Potato and carrot rosti

Easy vegetarian rosti: made with potato and grated carrot and topped with fried egg. Quick, filling and meat-free, it goes well with a leafy green salad.

Carrot and cumin soup with fresh coriander

A quick idea for carrot soup. Spiced with cumin and finished with fresh coriander it's satisfying and enough for two but easily doubled.

Freekeh and carrot burgers

Nutty, smoky freekeh is the next big protein-rich super grain and well worth a try alongside vibrant carrots. Not only are these burgers healthy and easy to make, they might just be the best vegetarian burgers ever!

Vietnamese carrot salad

A super-healthy carrot and white cabbage based salad gets the Asian treatment. The zingy lime, chilli and ginger dressing gives crunchy veg a massive lift. Serve as a side with chicken or pack up for a low-fat lunch. If you like this, why not have a look at some of our other asian salads recipes.

Carrot, cumin and feta fritters with coriander yoghurt

These carrot, cumin and feta fritters (try our fab fritters recipes here) are a deliciously golden and crispy starter that vegetarians and meat eaters alike will love. Serve with herb yoghurt and salad.

Roast carrots with crisp chickpeas and tahini

We love roasted chickpeas, and these easy ones, served with roasted carrots and tahini sauce are the best. Any leftovers make a great packed lunch.

Quick carrot and walnut bread

This multi-purpose healthy bread works for breakfast, brunch, or just served up with a nice cup of tea. The carrots. walnuts and yoghurt give it a really moist texture. Spread with cream cheese for extra indulgence.

Carrot cake recipes

Carrot cake cheesecake

Love carrot cake? Love cheesecake? We've combined these well-loved classic puds so you never have to choose. Packed with plenty of spice, zest of an orange and crunchy pecans, this recipe is sure to impress your friends and family at your next dinner party.

Classic vegan carrot cake

Invite your vegan friends for afternoon tea and bake this British classic! Our frosted carrot cake is made with a surprising (vegan) ingredient that guarantees a moist sponge every time.

Easy Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot, pistachio and toasted marshmallow cake

Looking for a gluten-free carrot cake recipe? Try our version that uses carrots, pistachios and almonds to make a moist sponge. The marshmallow icing is a lighter topping than traditional buttercream, too.

Carrot cake with maple frosting

How do you improve on a classic carrot cake? Roast the carrots for an even denser, richer cake, then slather in maple buttercream. This is a modern twist on a favourite that really elevates it to the next level.

Muscovado carrot cake

Everyone loves the spiced flavour of carrot cake. We’ve added muscovado sugar for a richer flavour, golden sultanas and pecans for texture and a shot of syrup to sweeten the frosting.