Creamy Salmon Pasta

Best lemon pasta recipes

Add some brightness to your pasta dishes with a squeeze of lemon. We use this citrus fruit in everything from linguine to ravioli

Looking to use up some lemons? Want the best pasta recipes? Make the most of this citrus fruit in linguini, ravioli and spaghetti dishes. A dash of lemon juice and zest can transform the simplest of meals.


See our lemon pasta recipes below and then check out our lemon recipes and quick pasta recipes for more inspiration.

Lemon pasta recipes

One-pot creamy lemon and spinach ravioli

Ready in a flash, this creamy pasta one-pot uses shop-bought ravioli as a base for a nutritious vegetarian meal for two. The lemon adds brightness and pairs beautifully with the cheesy filling.

Artichoke, lemon and parmesan pasta

This super-easy vegetarian pasta sauce couldn’t be more simple. Just mix marinated artichokes from a jar with lemon juice and parmesan, then tip in hot cooked pasta and toss together. Ready in the time it takes to set the table!

Roast Tenderstem® broccoli and lemon pasta

This recipe for roast Tenderstem® broccoli and lemon pasta is quick and easy to make, making it a great veggie option for midweek. Roast the lemon with the broccoli then squeeze the zesty juice into the sauce.

Lemon pasta

Try this lemon, garlic and parmesan linguine for a quick midweek meal for two. The zesty lemon ensures that this dish isn’t too heavy, so you can enjoy it all year round.

Creamy salmon pasta

You can’t go wrong with salmon, pasta and a great big dollop of crème fraîche. Make our high-protein, low-salt midweek dinner in a matter of 20 minutes

Tarragon and lemon roast chicken tagliatelle

This recipe for tarragon and lemon roast chicken tagliatelle is quick and easy to make and tastes delicious. Use the juice from half a lemon for a zesty kick.

Broccoli, chilli and lemon wholewheat pasta

A healthy vegetarian pasta for two. Using wholewheat pasta adds fibre without affecting the taste. Broccoli, chilli and lemon make the easiest homemade pasta sauce for a quick dinner.

Ravioli with buttered lemon greens

This recipe is super zesty and buttery and great when you’re short on time. Low calorie and meat free make this the perfect start to the week.

Pasta with kale, anchovies and lemon

Simple but so effective. This is a pasta dish that manages to be both light and comforting. Made in just 15 minutes, super food kale is teamed with melting anchovies, garlic and lemon.

Chicken tray bake with lemon, olives and orzo

This chicken tray bake with lemon, olives and orzo makes for an easy, flavour-packed family meal. It’s super simple, and low in calories.