If you're coeliac or you follow a gluten-free diet, and you're looking to ditch the dairy, you'll love our recipes below. Each one is made without butter, cheese, yogurt or dairy or any kind.


Remember, eggs are fine to eat on a dairy-free diet as they're considered a poultry product.

Have a look at our gluten and dairy-free recipes, then check out our healthy vegan recipes, gluten-free baking recipes and gluten-free vegetarian recipes. Now find out how to follow a gluten-free diet.

Top gluten and dairy-free recipes

Quick Japanese-style rice salad

Use a pack of ready-cooked or leftover rice to put a super-fast (and low calorie) king prawn salad together. Make it green with edamame beans, cucumber and avocado.

Japanese-style Rice Salad with Prawns and Chopsticks

Tuscan pork loin steaks

This recipe for Tuscan pork steaks ticks all the boxes for a nutritious midweek meal. It's low calorie, low fat, low sugar, low salt and high in protein.

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Tuscan pork loin steaks with butterbeans and greens on plates

Chicken quinoa salad

A healthy, low-calorie (and gluten-free) chicken salad recipe, made filling with quinoa and colourful with red onion, mint and lemon zest.

Quinoa chicken salad on a dish

Gluten-free fusilli with salami and cherry tomatoes

Try our easy gluten-free fusilli pasta dish with salami and cherry tomatoes. This recipe is a super quick midweek meal for two.

Gluten-free fusilli with salami and cherry tomatoes

Kofta curry

Spice up your midweek meal with our homemade lamb koftas nestled in a fragrant curry. Served with rice for a hearty meal for four.

Kofta Curry Recipe

Sea trout, new potato and asparagus traybake with dill mustard sauce

Make the most of seasonal sea trout in this vibrant fish tray bake packed with soft baby new potatoes, fresh spring asparagus and covered in a creamy dill mustard sauce.

Fish traybake recipe with sea trout, new potato and asparagus

Gluten-free banana bread

Flavoured with honey, vanilla and mixed spice, and studded with walnuts, this comforting banana bread is entirely gluten-free, though you'd never guess it.

A loaf of banana bread with a banana baked into the top, on a white plate

Prawn and black pepper curry

Black pepper and green chillies give this simple seafood curry vibrance and heat.

Easy Prawn Curry Recipe with Black Pepper

Healthy chicken pilaf traybake

Add a bit of spice to your chicken traybake with cinnamon, cumin and turmeric. This simple pilaf with chicken thighs makes for an easy, nutritious midweek dinner.

Easy Chicken and Rice Pilaf Recipe

Jerk cauliflower steaks with rice and peas

Check out our vegan cauli steak recipe with punchy jerk spice and soft red kidney beans. This easy dish serves two for a super simple low-calorie meal.

Jerk Cauliflower Steaks with Coconut Rice and Beans

Hummus, kale and coriander noodle salad

Check out this easy vegan salad recipe with crunchy kale, fiery ginger and topped with a creamy hummus and peanut butter dressing – an easy midweek meal for two.

Easy Soba Noodle Recipe with Hummus and Kale served on a dark metal dish on a dark blue table

Sweet and sour chicken and pineapple salad

Give your midweek meal a healthy lift with our 15-minute shredded chicken salad with juicy pineapple and crunchy cucumber.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Salad Recipe with Pineapple

Corned beef hash

This classic comfort-food dish, with crispy potatoes and corned beef, will never go out of style. Top with a fried egg and finish with a dollop of brown sauce.

Two white plates of golden fried potatoes topped with fried egg on a white wooden surface with a knife and fork and pot of brown sauce

Vegan sushi bowls

This is comforting bowl food with an edge – the fresh, zingy flavours of pickled ginger, nori, edamame and sriracha make it an ideal lunch or light dinner.

Vegan sushi bowls on a white tablecloth with chopsticks

Chicken kebabs

This kebabs recipe has it all: spicy paprika chicken, sweet caramelised pineapple and plenty of refreshing mint. Serve alone as starter, or with some rice or noodles as a main dish.

Paprika chicken kebabs on a plate, next to grilled pineapple chunks

Turmeric-fried veggie rice

Try our vibrant turmeric-fried rice. This colourful recipe is packed with punchy flavour and super simple to make. Plus, it comes in under 300 calories per serving.

Tumeric-fried veggie rice

Saag aloo

An Indian classic of spiced potatoes and spinach, saag aloo comes flavoured with red chilli, cumin seeds, turmeric and fresh ginger. A perfect main or side.

Bowl of saag aloo next to a spoon

Vegan gumbo

A classic Southern gumbo is typically started with a French dark roux to help thicken the base of the soup. In this veg-packed version, we've use gram flour to create that base, making this gumbo not only ideal for vegans but great for people on a gluten-free diet, too.

Vegan gumbo

Warm red pepper hummus with coriander chicken breasts

Want an easy midweek dinner that's high in protein? Try our pan-fried coriander chicken recipe with vibrant, homemade red pepper hummus.

Chicken and hummus on a plate

Cauliflower and banana curry

Banana, the surprise ingredient in this vegan curry, adds sweetness and thickens the sauce. It's a bit of a secret weapon, as it makes for a creamy, comforting dish.

Two bowls of cauliflower curry with rice, placed next to each other with a set of cutlery to the right

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