Fish Tray Bake Recipe with Sea Trout, New Potato and Asparagus

Sea trout, new potato and asparagus traybake with dill mustard sauce

  • serves 4
  • Easy

Make the most of seasonal sea trout in this vibrant fish tray bake packed with soft baby new potatoes, fresh spring asparagus and covered in a creamy dill mustard sauce


*This recipe is gluten-free according to industry standards



  • baby new potatoes 1 kg
  • asparagus 400g
  • olive oil 2 tbsp
  • sea trout or salmon 4 fillets


  • Dijon mustard 2 tbsp
  • soft light brown sugar 1 tbsp
  • white wine vinegar 2 tbsp
  • groundnut oil 4 tbsp
  • dill chopped to make 2 tbsp, plus extra to serve


  • Step 1

    Heat the oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Cook the potatoes in a pan of salted boiling water for 3 minutes. Add the asparagus and cook for a further 2 minutes. Drain really well then run the asparagus under cold water and put aside. Toss the potatoes with the olive oil and season generously. Spread them over a large, non-stick baking tray or dish and roast for 15-20 minutes or until they’re starting to brown and almost tender. Nestle in the trout and asparagus, and season again. Roast for another 10-12 minutes or until the trout is just cooked.

  • Step 2

    Meanwhile, whisk together the mustard, sugar, vinegar and oil, then stir through the dill. To serve, drizzle the sauce over the trout, asparagus and potatoes, and scatter with a little more dill.

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Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 525
  • Fat 24.8g
  • Saturates 4.7g
  • Carbs 40.4g
  • Sugars 8.7g
  • Fibre 5.2g
  • Protein 32.5g
  • Salt 3.1g