Looking for a tomato pasta sauce? Want to make the perfect Italian pasta sauce? Try our easy homemade pasta sauces below, then check out our homemade pasta recipes as well as our best passata recipes.


Want to take your pasta dish to the next level? Make a meal of it and pair with a classic negroni cocktail (recipe here), then serve one of these Italian desserts.

Homemade pasta sauce recipes

Easy bolognese sauce

Our all-in-one baked bolognese is super simple, low in calories, requires very little preparation time and tastes amazing.

Baked bolognese sauce

Homemade pesto sauce

Pesto is pasta's very best friend. Make it as good as possible with fresh basil, pine nuts, olive oil and parmesan.

A jar of homemade pesto with a spoon and basil leaves

Vegan pesto

Packed full of flavour with creaminess from pine nuts, you’d never guess that this pesto was vegan.

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Bowl of vegan basil pesto with a spoon inside

Kale pasta sauce

Give your pasta a striking colour from this earthy kale sauce, sprinkled with pecorino for an umami tang. This recipe comes from nose-to-tail Italian restaurant, Manteca.

A white plate topped with rigatoni pasta coated in a vibrant green sauce and sprinkled with chilli flakes

White sauce

Use this versatile base in a range of cheesy pasta creations – it’s a simple recipe that’s worth keeping in your back pocket.

A white enamel pan filled with white sauce and a wooden spoon, on a stone board with a linen napkin

Cheese sauce

Use this staple sauce in pasta recipes to make comforting dishes oozing with cheese.

A silver pan of cheese sauce with a whisk on a marble chopping board next to a cheese grater

Kale pesto

Swap basil for kale to make this vibrant Italian sauce – toss through spaghetti, add to pastry tarts, or stir through baked gnocchi.

A grey background with a blue board, topped with a jar of green pesto sauce

Béchamel sauce for lasagne

The secret to a perfectly smooth béchamel sauce is to add the milk slowly, and whisk vigorously in between each addition. This means the roux can fully absorb into the milk. Take your time! Use this sauce to make our classic lasagne.

Béchamel sauce

Pistachio and kale pesto pasta

Opt for seasonal kale pesto, which is a great match with burrata, rye bread, and lemon. It's also perfect for a winter twist in soups, meatballs, or on pizzas.

Green pasta on a green dish topped with burrata

Spaghetti and meatballs

Check out this recipe for the Italian classic, spaghetti and meatballs, packed with plenty of flavour and topped with nutty parmesan.

Spaghetti and Meatballs on a plate topped with Parmesan

Cacio e pepe sauce

This classic Tuscan pasta sauce made using black pepper and Parmesan cheese is super simple but extremely indulgent. This iconic recipe comes from Borough Market's Padella.

pici cacio

Smoky sausage ragu

The best sausage pasta sauce. Add a hint of smoked paprika and fennel seeds for a much more interesting sauce than you can buy in the shops.

Smoky sausage ragu pasta

Pea and mint pesto sauce

This fresh-flavoured pasta sauce is super quick and easy – perfect to throw together for the family after work. Pine nuts add a bit of welcome crunch to the pesto sauce.

Linguine with peas and mint pesto

Creamy butternut squash sauce

The flavour of this pasta dish far outweighs its simplicity. Just don’t rush the cooking and it will all pay off.

Bowl of spaghetti with butternut squash sauce next to bowl of oil and glass of water

Penne alla vodka (vodka pasta)

Vodka combines with tomato passata to create a silky, slurpable sauce that clings well to pasta. Don't worry, the alcohol evaporates during cooking.

plate of penne all vodka

Chilli tomato pasta sauce

Try this prawn linguine recipe for a simple tomato sauce with a chilli kick. It's so delicious you'll forget that you're being virtuous.

Spicy Prawn Linguine Recipe

One-pot tomato and basil pasta

Pasta and sauce all cooked in one pot? Sounds mad but it works. Try Sabrina Fauda-Rôle's tomato and basil pasta recipe tonight.

One-Pot Tomato and Basil Pasta Recipe

Puttanesca sauce

This one-pot puttanesca makes a really easy midweek meal for one. The pasta soaks up the flavours, and the starch makes the sauce rich and creamy.

One Pot Puttanesca Recipe

Mushroom bolognese sauce

Make your bolognese sauce meat-free with a rich ragu of dried porcini and chestnut mushrooms and plenty of vegetables. A low-fat, vegan meal.

Bowl of spaghetti with vegan mushroom bolognese sauce

Sicilian pistachio sauce

Have a go at our Sicilian pistachio pasta sauce, one of the most divine pasta dishes the island has to offer. The ingredients are simple and it's ready in 20 minutes.

Salsa Di Pistacchi Recipe (Pasta Recipe with Pistachio Sauce)

One-pot pasta with goat’s cheese and spinach

This recipe combines wilted spinach and soft goat's cheese to create a creamy and rich sauce. Garnish with some extra parmesan and enjoy as a super simple midweek meal.

One-Pot Pasta Recipe With Goat’s Cheese And Spinach

Best spaghetti bolognese

We've perfected a true family favourite and even have tips on how to easily make it in a slow cooker. This recipe is the ultimate hearty midweek comfort food.

Best-ever spaghetti bolognese

Slow and low goat ragu with orecchiette

Check out this rich and flavoursome melt-in-the-mouth goat ragu. It may take a little time but you're sure to impress.

Goat Ragu Recipe with Orecchiette Pasta served in2 round pasta dishes with a high grating of parmesan

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