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17 best ever side dishes

No meal is complete without a great side dish. We have 17 side dishes to serve as part of a small dinner party, an evening meal or to put out on the table as part of a banquet for entertaining larger parties. Choose from traditional goose-fat roasties and sweet potato wedges, or more modern twists on sides such as Jerusalem artichokes with miso butter and radicchio with caper and balsamic sauce

Check out our 17 best ever side dishes from classic goose-fat roasties to sweet potato wedges, rice and vegetable side dishes, no meal is complete without a great side dish.


Olive-oil-roasted cherry tomatoes

Check out our vibrant cherry tomato recipe roasted in olive oil. Serve this warm, smooshed onto big hunks of crusty sourdough (also great for dipping into the infused oil).

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Recipe

Long-stemmed broccoli, smoked yogurt and peanuts

Check out our crunchy broccoli recipe with creamy smoked yogurt, crispy shallots and roasted peanuts. This easy veggie recipe comes from chef Chris Boustead of new Islington restaurant, Linden Stores.

Long Stem Broccoli Recipe with Smoked Yogurt

Braised peas with jamón

Need a quick and easy side dish for your next dinner party? Check out our simple pea recipe with salty serrano ham – ready in 20 minutes.

Braised Peas Recipe with Jamón

Crispy smashed new potatoes

Looking for an easy summer side dish? Make these crispy, super buttery garlic smashed new potatoes for an impressive dinner with friends. Check out more of our best potato recipes here

Smashed New Potatoes Recipe

Smacked buffalo cucumbers

Check out our recipe for buffalo smacked cucumbers. ‘Smacking’ cucumbers is a Chinese technique allowing them to absorb more flavour. Their cool crunch tempers the hot buffalo sauce.

Chopped cucumbers with homemade buffalo sauce and blue cheese

Mozzarella and basil bread

Our favourite garlic bread recipe. Stuff baguettes with mozzarella, basil and garlic, then BBQ or bake for a delicious twist on this family favourite.

Parsnip rosti cakes

These deliciously crispy potato, onion and parsnip rostis make a delicious side dish to any roast or even a veggie main. So moreish you’ll need to make extra!

Jerusalem artichokes with miso butter

An easy idea to make the best of Jerusalem artichokes. They may not be pretty but these knobbly vegetables have a delicious mushroomy, savoury flavour.

Chicory gratin

Super easy chicory recipe: made using chicory, also sometimes called endive. Ready in just 20 minutes, a delicious comfort food, French side dish.

Goose-fat roasties

This recipe makes creating the perfect roast potato child’s play. Goose fat, English mustard and semolina are the key for making these perfectly crispy roasties.

Radicchio with caper and balsamic sauce

This makes a great starter served with bread, or side dish to grilled meats. Long radicchio, called treviso, has a milder flavour than the round, cabbage-shaped variety and cooks particularly well.

Cheese and garlic pull-apart bread

This cheese and garlic pull-apart bread is bread heaven. Don’t be scared of making bread, this recipe is really easy to make and is great for feeding a crowd as it pulls apart really easily. This is great served warm or cold.

Roast kohlrabi with ranch dressing

Kohlrabi has a delicious, slightly sweet flavour and crisp texture. It’s available all year round, but is best between July and November. We love it roasted with ranch dressing instead of potatoes in the summer.

Parsnip ribbon and hazelnut salad with honey dressing

A lovely, easy to put together main course salad of parsnip ribbons with hazelnuts, apple and rocket in a honey dressing. Perfect for a tasty wintertime lunch or side dish.

BBQ corn with garlic and chilli butter

Spicy garlic butter gives a modern twist to this classic BBQ side dish of charred sweetcorn. Makes the best accompaniment to grilled meats or fish.

Lebanese rice and lentils with caramelised onions

This recipe for Lebanese rice and lentils with caramelised onions is a storecupboard winner and is ready in just 40 minutes, making it a perfect option for an easy midweek meal.


Smoky sweet potato wedges

Sweet potatoes are so healthy. This quick and easy side dish of sweet potato wedges is sprinkled with smoked paprika and drizzled with olive oil.