Hot paprika chicken kebabs with grilled pineapple

Easy summer chicken recipes

Celebrate the season with our easy summer chicken recipes, including everything from BBQ kebabs to simple traybakes

Looking for summer chicken recipes? Want to make the most of chicken legs or chicken wings? Try our ideas below, including everything from Sunday roast chicken to simple traybakes.


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Summer chicken recipes

Turmeric chicken

Make chicken breasts that little bit more exciting by adding turmeric, smoked paprika, crispy chickpeas and baby spinach into the mix. Serve with lemony yogurt and toasted pittas for a light summer meal.

Mediterranean chicken traybake

This is so good, we put it on our cover in summer 2020. This simple chicken traybake recipe is sprinkled with olives, feta, oregano and baby plum tomatoes. It captures the fresh flavours of summer with seasonal veg.

Grilled chicken wraps

The combination of chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, rocket and minty pesto make this wrap a satisfying and summery dish to enjoy at lunchtime.

Chicken wraps with greens and cherry tomatoes

Chicken quinoa salad

Chicken salads are are perfect for a light summer lunch or dinner. This healthy, low-calorie (and gluten-free) chicken salad recipe is filling thanks to the quinoa, and is made colourful with red onion, mint and lemon zest.

Orange chicken with cumin and paprika

A summery way to serve chicken, Sabrina Ghayour’s Seville-inspired dish calls for smoked sweet paprika, cumin seeds and oranges three ways: juiced, zested and in wedges.

Cumin, orange and paprika chicken

Curried chicken burgers

Burgers are a staple meal during the summer months. Turn a simple chicken burger into something far more exciting with madras-flavoured patties, mango chutney and crunchy red cabbage.

Greek chicken skewers with hummus and pittas

Serve our healthy chicken kebabs as part of a summer spread with creamy hummus, warm pittas and a fresh salad. The chicken skewers are flavoured with oregano and lemon.

Spicy peanut butter chicken breast

A new way to serve chicken breast, this speedy dinner sees roasted chicken paired with vegetable-spiked rice and a crunchy peanut butter and sriracha dressing.

BBQ chicken

Learn how to cook a perfectly seasoned and juicy chicken on the barbecue, and get the most of your chicken with all the tricks of the trade.

Cajun chicken wraps with zingy slaw

Shop-bought cajun seasoning transforms chicken breasts in this fiery, high-protein wrap recipe. Add soured cream, coriander and red cabbage for colour and texture.

Slow-cooked shawarma chicken

Cooking the chicken low and slow means you can just shred the meat away from the bones, ready to pack into warm flatbreads.

Ethiopian nigella-glazed roast chicken

This modern take on roast chicken highlights one of Ethiopia’s signature spices, nigella. When used as the dominant seasoning, nigella’s nutty, earthy notes take centre stage and combine sublimely with sesame seeds.

Chicken kiev traybake

Turn this family favourite into a chicken traybake with a garlicky, herby dressing for an all-in-one midweek meal.

Hot paprika chicken kebabs with grilled pineapple

This kebab recipe has it all: spicy chicken, sweet caramelised pineapple and plenty of refreshing mint. The kebabs are great on their own as a starter, or with some rice or noodles as a main dish.

BBQ chicken and sausages with a Carolina mustard BBQ sauce

Fiery, piquant and less sweet than other varieties, Carolina BBQ sauce complements caramelised, smoky meat perfectly.

Chicken adobo

Check out our low-calorie pan-fried chicken thigh recipe served with steamed rice and greens. This is a traditional Filipino dish made with soy sauce and vinegar. The strong flavours mellow a little with cooking, leaving a deeply savoury sauce behind.

Chicken fajitas

Check out this flavour-packed recipe for these next-level chicken fajitas. Our deputy food editor shares his tips and tricks to getting this classic family meal right every time.