Chilli Chicken Wings Recipe with Yogurt

Best chicken wings recipes

Chicken wings are great finger food for parties and get-togethers. Try our recipes, from BBQ to buffalo with blue cheese dip

Looking for chicken wings recipes? Want the best buffalo wings or hot wings? Try our ideas below then check out our favourite fried chicken recipes and other great chicken recipes.


Chicken wings recipe

BBQ chicken wings

These juicy chicken wings are spiced with paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper and fresh oregano. Crisp them up on the BBQ and serve with a light yogurt sauce to feed a hungry horde.

Chilli Chicken Wings Recipe with Yogurt

Miso caramel chicken wings

Try Helen Graves’s deliciously crisp chicken wings for dinner tonight, made sweet and salty thanks to a moreish caramel dressing.

Buffalo wings with blue cheese dip

This recipe for crispy chicken wings with buffalo sauce and blue cheese dip comes from Randy’s Wing Bar and is addictive. To make an authentic buffalo wing, use Frank’s® RedHot Sauce.

Buffalo wings with blue cheese dip

Check out our irresistibly sweet and sticky BBQ wings. This gluten-free chicken wings recipe is super easy to make and a real crowd pleaser at any summer BBQ.

Chicken Wings Recipe with BBQ Fish Sauce

Hot wings

Butter chicken wings

Check out these super succulent, creamy butter chicken wings from chef Karam Sethi at Indian restaurant, Brigadiers. Another great recipe for the BBQ.

Buttered Chicken Wings Recipe

Sticky chicken wings

Check out our sweet and sticky chicken wings recipe with raspberry jam glaze and a dash of spicy Tabasco. Cook these wings for an easy snack to feed a crowd.

Sticky Chicken Wings with Raspberry Sauce

Fried chicken wings

Max Halley of Max’s Sandwich Shop uses high-starch instant mashed potato to make the coating on these chicken wings insanely crunchy! Serve with punchy jalapeño dip and let everyone dig in.

Fried Chicken Wings Recipe In Instant Mash

Baked chicken wings

Do you love baked chicken wings? Check out this easy recipe with a fiery Ethiopian twist from berbere spice mix. Packed with punchy flavour, these wings make the perfect snack for any dinner party.

Berbere Spice Chicken Wings Recipe

Chicken wings with sansei sauce, Xu restaurant

Thai chicken wings

This fried chicken is popular street food and has a delicious crispy skin that’s packed full of spice. The crunchy lime leaves add texture and fragrance, making the wings distinctly Thai.

Thai Chicken Wings Recipe (Peek Gai Tod). Chicken wings in a wok of hot oil

Smoked chicken wings

This recipe promises a step-by-step guide for nailing your smoked chicken wings. Cherry wood gives off a slightly sweeter smoke and lends these spicy chicken wings a subtle, deliciously fruity flavour.

Cherry-smoked chicken wings