Stuffed Pasta Shells Recipe with Spinach and Ricotta

Easy ricotta recipes

Make the most of creamy ricotta with our simple recipes. Make a stack of fluffy ricotta pancakes, a hearty lasagne or delicate, delicious gnudi

Ricotta is a smooth Italian cheese that can come fresh or aged, and is often used in Italian desserts and pasta dishes. We have a variety of delicious dishes to explore, from comforting family feasts to quick midweek meals. Looking for the best cheese recipes in the world? Want to whip up quick pasta recipes? Try our mouth-watering ideas below and make the most of a tub of fresh ricotta cheese.


Get even more inspiration for fresh pasta dishes, antipasti and decadent sweets with our easy Italian recipes.

Easy ricotta recipes

Baked spinach-and-ricotta stuffed shells

Fill giant pasta shells with creamy ricotta and spinach for a simple vegetarian meal on the table in under an hour. This impressive looking dish is surprisingly easy to make and uses a classic flavour combination that everyone will love.

Ricotta pancakes with whipped honey butter

These fluffy ricotta pancakes with whipped honey butter are perfect for a special breakfast treat. If you haven’t tried whipping butter try this. It makes it light and airy and allows you to incorporate subtle sweet or savoury flavours.

Kale, chilli and ricotta calzone

Check out our calzone packed with punchy chilli, kale and smooth ricotta cheese. This simple veggie recipe is easy to make and ready in under an hour, great for a filling midweek meal that’ll satisfy your cravings for comfort food.

Tomato and ricotta tart

Check out this easy tomato tart recipe with flaky puff pastry, creamy ricotta base, parmesan and fresh basil. Serve with salad for a simple veggie midweek dish the whole family will enjoy. It uses just a handful of fresh ingredients so no need to dash to the supermarket.

Spinach and ricotta gnocchi

Check out our super-vibrant recipe for veggie spinach and ricotta gnocchi. This flavour-packed dish may take a bit of time but is sure to impress family and friends. You’ll need to start this the day before unless you can source a drier ricotta from a deli – supermarket ricottas are usually packed in a little liquid so need draining overnight.

Baked ricotta with lemon dressing

This easy baked ricotta recipe requires just 10 minutes of preparation, giving you more time to entertain your guests. Use good quality ricotta and capers and lemon to add bite.

Peach, pistachio and ricotta friands

Friands, mini French-style muffins made with ground almonds, are so easy to make. Follow this simple recipe and treat your friends and family to these pretty ricotta- and fruit-filled delights.

Spinach and ricotta filo pie

This spinach and ricotta vegetarian pie made with filo pastry is very light at under 200 calories per slice. Ready in under an hour, make it ahead and cook it when you need it. It’s great for picnics or a sumptuous summer spread.

Sweetcorn and ricotta fritters

These easy sweetcorn fritters with fresh ricotta and dried chilli are great for a low-calorie brunch treat or a posh lunch. Serve with roasted tomatoes and our simple avocado sauce.

Ricotta gnudi with sage butter

These delicate, light-as-air ricotta dumplings make an ideal vegetarian main for a special occasion. Don’t be tempted to skip the draining or overnight coating time as these are both essential to the gnudi holding their shape.

Garlic greens and ricotta pizza

Using a ciabatta bread mix makes this recipe time efficient, healthy and totally delicious. Only consisting of five ingredients, this tempting treat takes 20 minutes to prep but no time to eat! Mix the ricotta with garlic and parmesan for a next-level base for your greens.

Easy ricotta, ham and spinach lasagne

Try a twist on the traditional lasagne with this ricotta, ham and spinach version. Mixing the ricotta and mascarpone together gives a deliciously indulgent base to layer between the pasta sheets.

Ricotta toast with kale and cherry tomatoes

Whip up a wholesome meal for one in just 10 minutes with sweet cherry tomatoes, seasoned ricotta and a drizzle of tart balsamic vinegar. Serve on slabs of crusty bread for a filling meal that’ll bring a little colour to your plate.

Baked spinach and ricotta pancakes

Swap pasta sheets for ready-made pancakes in this Italian-inspired, family-friendly dish. Pack in ricotta, spinach and a rich tomato sauce for an indulgent bake you can make in just three easy steps with mostly storecupboard ingredients.

Courgette and ricotta cannelloni

No one could turn down a plate piled high with creamy cannelloni stuffed with courgette and ricotta. Use fresh lasagne sheets to create this substantial veggie main. Serve with a simple green salad for an instant crowd-pleaser.

Chard, roast cherry tomato and ricotta bake

Not only is this dish super simple, it’s great value too and makes a filling meal for two people. For extra pizzazz take some pancetta cubes with the tomatoes and add to the bake.