Apple and Blueberry Pie Recipe served in a metal pie dish and a large metal dessert spoon on a blue board

Best sweet pie recipes

A sweet pie filled with fruit, meringue or chocolate has to be the best kind of dinner party dessert... whip one up when family or friends are next round (it will fill your home with delicious aromas, too)

Want to make a classic apple pie? Looking for the best pumpkin recipe? Feeling like indulging in rich chocolate pie? Try one of our sweet pie recipes…


We’ve mastered the art of sweet pastry to create sugar-crust pies and shortcrust pastry bases, and our recipes have sweet fillings such as seasonal fruits, indulgent chocolate and super-light meringue.

We’ve also got three lemon meringue pie recipes – the perfect lemon meringue pie with crisp pastry, a gourmet limoncello meringue pie, and Dan Doherty’s sweet ‘smores lemon meringue pie.

More of an apple pie fan? We’ve got you covered – try deep-dish apple pie, or our individual sugar-crust pies. 

Combine cherries in kirsch from a jar with fresh black cherries to make a comforting filling for this sweet shortcrust pastry pie.

Cherry Pie Recipe

So-called because of the staining you get from the deeply purple fruit. Using frozen fruit means you can make this comforting pudding any time of the year. Adding soft cheese to the pastry gives it a scone-like texture.

Apple Slab Pie Recipe with Berries

Jazz up your apple pie and make our impressive recipe with clotted cream. This indulgent, warming dessert is the perfect sweet treat to serve friends and family over the winter months.

Apple Pie Recipe with Clotted Cream

Check out this impressive pear pie recipe with sugar-topped flaky pastry. This easy dessert is packed with vibrant chunky rhubarb and seasonal pears, a perfect family pudding.

Pear Pie Recipe


Vegan rum-roasted pineapple and spice pie

Try our impressive pie recipes for an easy vegan dessert. The vegan pastry is deliciously crisp and crumbly, with extra texture from the chia seeds. Plus, it’s packed with rum-soaked roasted pineapple and plenty of spice.

Pineapple Pie Recipe with Rum

An American-style pie with a sweet, crisp sugar-crust. Serve got with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Easy to make, this is sure to be a new family favourite.

Deep dish apple pie recipe

A classic, impressive lemon meringue pie with crisp pastry, tart curd and fluffy meringue that’s easy to make. What more could you want?

Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

We’ve made meringues easy with our guide to creating the perfect meringues, click here to see it…

Check out Edd Kimber’s seriously impressive spiced chocolate oatmeal pie. This recipe is a great alternative to pecan pie and a real indulgent crowd pleaser. Want to master the perfect pastry for your pie? Click here for original Bake Off winner Edd Kimber’s foolproof pie pastry recipe.

Spiced chocolate oatmeal pie recipe

Check out our impressive sweet pie packed with Bramley apples and juicy blueberries. Ready in less than an hour, this easy pie recipe uses croissant dough to give it an extra flaky top.

Apple and Blueberry Pie Recipe served in a metal pie dish and a large metal dessert spoon on a blue board

The BEST pumpkin pie. Designed to impress, this rich creamy pud uses bought pastry, making it easy but still a special bake. Maple cream goes on the side.

Pumpkin pie with maple cream

This sweet pie recipe is an ice cream version of the decadent American chocolate mud pie with crunchy hazelnuts and topped with rich fudge sauce. Try our best chocolate recipes for chocoholics here…

Mississippi mud pie

Check out Edd Kimber’s black and blue crumble pie, with a blackberry and blueberry filling and a cardamom crumble topping.

Black and Blue Crumble Pie Recipe

This has to be our best simple apple pie recipe. These individual sugar crust pies with spiced apples are topped with a lattice of sweet pastry. Irresistible!

Spiced sugar crust apple pies

This recipe for Southern pie by Felicity Cloake owes its name to its rich, dark cocoa base and chocolate custard, topped with a rum mousse and a cloud of whipped cream. Pure indulgence, Dixie style, for chocoholics.

Black bottom pie

This sweet pie recipe freezes brilliantly, so it’s a great make-ahead pud for dinner with friends. It’s best to freeze it before the cream goes on top then just add the topping before serving.

frozen key lime pie

We love lemon meringue pie, but we’ve given it an update with this raspberry version. It’s easy to make but looks really impressive, plus, you can make it ahead, making it perfect for a dinner party dessert.

Raspberry meringue pie

Banoffee pie is a much loved family-favourite. This delicious dessert is packed with banana, cream and an oaty-biscuit base, decorated with a drizzle of dark chocolate. Leftover bananas? Here are the best ways to use them up…

Banoffee pie

This classic sweet pie makes a perfect comforting dessert. The orange zest adds a nice freshness and lifts the flavour. Forced rhubarb is available from January to March. Try our other rhubarb recipes here…

Rhubarb Pie Recipe

This sweet pie is a great way to make use of lemons. Italian meringue is made with hot sugar syrup rather than regular sugar. This starts to cook and stabilise the egg white, so it needs no further cooking in the oven. You’ll need a sugar thermometer to get the right consistency for the syrup. Here are our top lemon dessert recipes for you to try.

Limoncello meringue pie

Morello cherries in jars or tins make a great store cupboard ingredient so you can knock up these individual sweet pies at a moment’s notice. The sugar topping gives a crunchy finish to the pastry.

Sugar-crusted cherry pies

Like a happy mash-up of a key lime pie and a piña colada, this is a Saturday night kind of pudding. It’s easy to make but looks really impressive on the table. Try our coconut recipes to add a tropical touch to your cooking.

Boozy coco-lime pie

Rhubarb and amaretti is a classic combination and this recipe puts them together into one show-stopping dessert. This is best served at room temperature, so it’s a great make-ahead dinner party pudding.

Rhubarb and amaretti pie

Cherry pie is always a crowd pleaser, and soaking the fruit in kirsch really bumps up the cherry flavour. This simple recipe results in a beautiful, sweet, golden crust with a sharp filling, perfect with creamy vanilla ice cream.

Sugar crust cherry pie

This elegant recipe turns the humble mince pie into a fantastic Christmas dessert. Use bought shortcrust pastry and a good-quality mincemeat to save time. Finish with a dusting of silvery icing sugar.

boozy mincemeat pie

Our gooseberry sugar crust pie is a great alternative from apple or rhubarb for the summer months and it looks stunning. Use a mix of pink and green-skinned gooseberries for a variety of colour in the filling.

This recipe for lemon s’mores meringue pie comes from Dan Doherty of Duck and Waffle and makes for a stunning dinner party dessert. S’mores are roasted marshmallows sandwiched between biscuits. Toasted marshmallows added to the filling of this pie give it an extra bump of flavour and a gooey texture.

Dan Doherty's lemon s’mores meringue pie

This malted milk and caramel ice-cream pie is a great, easy, make-ahead dessert that everyone will love. It will keep for up to a week, wrapped in clingfilm in the freezer.

Malted milk and caramel ice-cream pie