Two glass mugs of hot chocolate topped with cream and cocoa powder on a grey concrete background

Best vegan drink recipes

Whip up a dairy-free treat with our vegan drinks recipes, from warming hot chocolate and latte to boozy cocktails

Looking for the best vegan latte? Want to make a dairy-free cocktail? See our vegan drink ideas, complete with everything from chai lattes to black russians and more.


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Best vegan drinks

Vegan hot chocolate

This dairy-free hot chocolate is silky, sweet and topped with whipped plant-based cream – use oat or almond milk alternatives in this warming drink.

Chai latte

Infuse black tea and almond milk with fragrant spices for a dairy-free twist on this Indian-inspired drink.

Vegan black russian

Rich and creamy with a date syrup tang, this vegan black russian is the ultimate Christmas cocktail that everyone will enjoy. This recipe comes from east London’s Bubala restaurant.

Turmeric latte

Turmeric is thought to have a host of health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – get more of the spice into your diet by whipping up this golden latte at home.

Vegan eggnog

This is an easy all-in-one method for eggnog that’s perfect for parties. We’ve used almond milk and coconut cream to make it vegan!