Tarragon and Lemon Roast Chicken Tagliatelle Recipe

Easy tagliatelle recipes

Make the most of tagliatelle with our easy pasta recipes, from fresh vegetarian dishes to filling chicken pasta

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Easy tagliatelle recipes

Tagliatelle with parsley and hazelnut pesto

Perk up midweek pasta and make your own hazelnut pesto with this surprisingly simple recipe.

Khorasan beetroot tagliatelle with flower sprouts, garlic and cream

Impress your family and friends with our showstopping khorasan beetroot tagliatelle, kalettes and homemade sauce! Top with chopped walnuts and extra parmesan shavings to serve.

Tarragon and lemon roast chicken tagliatelle

This recipe for tarragon and lemon roast chicken tagliatelle is quick and easy to make, plus it tastes great – perfect for a midweek meal.

Tagliatelle with pecorino, lemon and pine nuts

This 15-minute pasta recipe will get you through a busy week. Salty pecorino and sharp lemon give this simple dish a really special flavour. Make double and have leftovers for lunch.

Tagliatelle with peas and summer green pesto

Give pesto pasta a twist with this quick and easy recipe for two. A simple homemade pesto with rocket and parmesan is the perfect sauce for tagliatelle.