Looking for prosciutto recipes? Want the best prosciutto pasta for dinner, or prosciutto breakfast ideas? Try our suggestions below, then discover our best Italian recipes, guide to making your own charcuterie and easy leftover ham recipes.


Easy prosciutto recipes

Gruyère, fig and prosciutto croissants

Straight from the oven, these hot, flaky butter croissants with melty cheese and sweet figs make a really quick, on-the-go breakfast. Prosciutto, gruyère and fresh figs is a classic combination that works beautifully as a simple salad, too.

Ham and Cheese Croissant Recipe

Fiorelli with broccoli and crisp prosciutto

One of our favourite prosciutto pasta recipes, fiorelli shapes are served so simply with broccoli, sizzling garlic and crisp, salty prosciutto (pan-fried alongside the garlic). Finish with lots of shaved parmesan.

Fiorelli Pasta Recipe with Broccoli and Crisp Prosciutto

Melon and prosciutto

This simple and classic starter is not to be underestimated. The smell of the melon skin alone is enough to put you in holiday mode! Sweet, orange-fleshed melon and salty prosciutto works well together – you don’t need to add anything else.

Melon and prosciutto

Fontina, prosciutto and sage-stuffed French toast

‘The ultimate eggy bread’. ‘A delicious toasted cheese sandwich’. Whatever you call it, this is a seriously special comfort food recipe for four. Silky prosciutto and cheese are meant for each other, and sage tastes so aromatic when fried.

More like this

Prosciutto-wrapped halloumi with melon and mint salad

An ideal midweek meal for three, this low-calorie recipe involves wrapping each slab of halloumi in both roasted red pepper and prosciutto. Serve with a fresh and punchy melon and mint salad.

Fried Halloumi Cheese Recipe with Prosciutto and Melon served on 3 blue pale plates

Prosciutto-wrapped turkey

Looking for the perfect centrepiece? Make everyone happy with our prosciutto-wrapped turkey, which can be prepared two days in advance. The dry-cured ham helps keep the turkey moist and keeps the herb rub in place.

Stuffed Turkey Crown Recipe

Prosciutto, borlotti and roast tomato salad

A flavoursome salad that’s easy to throw together, ready in under 30 minutes and under 500 calories per serving. Prosciutto adds velvety texture and a salty hit to this colourful midweek lunch or dinner.

Prosciutto, borlotti and roast tomato salad

Pizza with prosciutto and rocket

Homemade pizza is a great dish to add to your repertoire. This one has a simple-but-effective prosciutto and rocket topping that you throw on the pizza as it comes out hot from the oven.

Peach, prosciutto and mozzarella salad

This summery salad is an Italian classic. The ingredients list is short, so make sure you get a really ripe, sweet peach, good-quality prosciutto and fresh mozzarella. It’s a wonderful combination of flavours.

Peach, prosciutto and mozzarella salad

Italian flatbreads with peach, prosciutto and mozzarella

Like pizzas, these pillowy treats can be cooked on the barbecue or griddle. Make the dough, then cook and top with fresh peaches, Italian cheese and salty slices of prosciutto (dry-cured ham always works well with fresh fruit).

Italian Flatbreads Recipe with Peaches

Green gazpacho with burrata and prosciutto

A vibrant gazpacho recipe with punchy jalapeños, crispy prosciutto (bake it in the oven) and creamy burrata. Chilling this summery soup will allow its flavours to develop fully. You could use red tomatoes, but you won’t get as vivid a colour.

Green Gazpacho Recipe with Burrata and Prosciutto

Prosciutto-wrapped chicken breast with puy lentils

Try our easy-but-impressive chicken wrapped in prosciutto recipe. Perhaps the most popular way to use prosciutto in cooking, the dry-cured ham keeps the chicken breasts moist and conceals a creamy, goat’s cheese layer underneath.

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Recipe With Puy Lentils


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