Chickpea, pepper and bulgar wheat salad

Easy bulgar wheat recipes

Add texture and nuttiness to salads and more with our brilliant bulgar wheat recipes

Looking for bulgar wheat recipes? Want the best healthy salads? See our ideas below, including filling mains and vegetarian dishes.


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Best bulgar wheat recipes

Pomegranate roasted chicken with bulgar wheat salad

Sweet, sharp, peppery and fiery – this simple recipe has it all. It’s ready in 40 minutes and under 500 calories. The bulgar wheat makes it extra filling.

Syrian chicken with bulgur wheat (burghul bl ja)

Bulgar wheat is the perfect base for Imad Alarnab’s Syrian-style chicken dish. For an extra burst of colour, top with parsley, pomegranate seeds and sumac.

A chicken thigh dish topped with pomegranates

Use up some bulgar wheat with this nutritious lamb and spinach pilaf. It’s ready in 30 minutes, under 500 calories and packed full of flavour. We love a one pot – it saves on washing-up!

Chickpea, pepper and bulgar wheat salad

Make our vibrant veggie salad for a nutritious midweek meal, ready in less than half an hour. Combine bulgar wheat with chickpeas, red peppers and feta for a riot of flavours and textures.

Bulgar wheat, feta and broccoli salad

This super-fast vegetarian salad can be a substantial main for two or side for four. The garlic, lemon and olive oil is tossed through the mix with the other ingredients to make an instant dressing.

Bulgar wheat, feta and herb salad

The fresh, aromatic herbs, tangy feta and sweet cherry tomatoes make this a delicious quick and easy salad – perfect for lunch or a lighter dinner.

Cajun salmon with herb bulgar wheat and yogurt dressing

The best salmon recipe for one, served with herby bulgar wheat and drizzled with a lime-yogurt dressing. A quick and healthy midweek meal.

Grilled chicken with yogurt and bulgar wheat salad

Bulgar wheat goes beautifully with grilled, marinated chicken in this light meal. You could also try this recipe with lamb steaks, stirring some chopped mint through the bulgar wheat.