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When is haddock in season?

Haddock is abundant and at best value from June to February. When buying, look for the MSC blue tick logo which means the fish was from a sustainable source.

How do you cook haddock?

How to roast haddock: Haddock is a meaty white flesh fish, which is best roasted relatively high and quickly at 200C/fan 180C/gas 6 to ensure it stays tender and juicy, and flakes into nice big pieces.

How to pan-fry haddock: When pan-frying haddock it's best to do this without the skin on – being a large fish from deep, cold waters – the skin will not always go crisp before the fish cooks, so its best to dust it in seasoned flour and pan fry it in a little neutral oil until light golden and cooked through.

Haddock recipes

Roasted haddock with chorizo crust, asparagus and peppers

A spicy, vibrant chorizo crust perks up haddock fillets, which are served alongside a medley of roasted asparagus and red pepper.

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Roasted haddock with chorizo crust, asparagus and peppers

Haddock goujons with parmesan crust and pea pesto

Make your own posh fish fingers for dinner tonight, with a luxury parmesan crust and homemade pea pesto for dipping.

Haddock goujons with parmesan crust and pea pesto

Healthy fish pie

A vibrant fish pie brimming with haddock, salmon and so much more, you’ll be returning to this healthy fish pie for dinners to come.

A beetroot and fish pie ready for serving

Fish fofos

These fish croquettes are based on the Portuguese fofos de bacalhau, made using salt cod. Goans have adapted this using boneless fish, potatoes, ground spices and chilli.

Fish Fofos Recipe

Haddock and herb fishcakes with watercress and pea salad

These herby haddock fishcakes are coated in crunchy breadcrumbs for extra crispiness. Served with a fresh pea salad, this recipe makes an easy midweek meal for two. Discover more of our best fishcake recipes here.

Haddock Fish Cakes Recipe with Watercress and Pea Salad

Fried haddock sandwich

Switch up your beef burger and make our crispy fish burger with seasonal haddock, vibrant mint mushy peas and homemade tartare sauce. This ultimate fish bap may take a little effort to make but perfect for a weekend treat. More burger recipes here.

Best Haddock Recipes

Haddock curry

Want an easy curry recipe? Put haddock at the centre of this bright fish curry, it's packed with crunchy green beens, fresh tomatoes and chunky pieces of haddock. Plenty more fish curry ideas here.

Fish Curry with Coconut Milk

Breaded haddock with roasted tomatoes

Looking for a low-calorie fish recipe that's still packed with plenty of flavour? This quinoa-crusted haddock and garlic-roasted tomatoes makes use of ready-cooked quinoa and seasonal haddock – a speedy, satisfying meal that's under 500 calories.

Quinoa Crusted Fish with Roasted Tomatoes Recipe

Haddock and spinach rye toasts recipe

Make the most of haddock with this high-protein smoked haddock breakfast idea with wilted spinach, soft boiled eggs and lightly toasted rye. Ready in 20 minutes and under 300 calories. Plenty more easy breakfast ideas here.

Smoked haddock and spinach rye toasts

Luxury fish pie with rösti topping

Make the most of haddock with this luxury fish pie recipe. This recipe uses a luxury fish pie pack but you can buy fillets of haddock, smoked haddock and salmon, cut them up yourself and mix in some prawns. Plenty more savoury pie recipes here.

Luxury Fish Pie Recipe

Crumbed haddock with asparagus salad

Haddock is at its prime in February, use it in this healthy fish supper that's ready quickly in just 15 minutes. With an asparagus salad this crumbed haddock is fresh, easy and light. Discover more of our 15 minute meal ideas here.

Breaded Haddock Recipe With Asparagus Salad

Haddock fishcakes with chives

Need to use up some smoked haddock? Put it at the centre of this fishcake recipe. These quick and easy fishcakes are a handy standby for when you're too busy to cook. Eat half now and freeze the rest.

Smoked Haddock Fishcake Recipe with Chives

Posh fish finger sandwiches

Ready in just 20 minutes this easy fish finger sandwich assembles crispy haddock goujons, homemade tartare sauce and lightly toasted brioche buns. Check out our best sandwich recipes here.

Fish Finger Sandwich Recipe

Easy fish pie

Haddock is the hero ingredient in this quick and easy fish pie. Ready in just 20 minutes and under 500 calories, our creamy fish pie is an ideal for a midweek meal for two.

Easy Fish Pie Recipe

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