A beetroot and fish pie ready for serving

Healthy fish pie

  • serves 4
  • Easy

Make your next fish pie more nutritious and colourful with cooked beetroot wedges and fresh herbs. Packed with haddock, salmon, prawns and butter beans, it's a high-protein option, too


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  • semi-skimmed milk 325ml
  • cornflour 1½ tbsp
  • onion 1 small, thickly sliced
  • bay leaves 2
  • skinless haddock fillets 270g
  • skinless salmon fillets 240g
  • Dijon mustard 1 tsp
  • frozen prawns 200g, defrosted
  • cooked beetroots 4, cut into wedges
  • dill roughly chopped to make 2 tbsp, plus extra to garnish
  • flat-leaf parsley roughly chopped to make 2 tbsp
  • tarragon roughly chopped to make 1 tbsp
  • vegetable stock 1 litre (using 1 stock cube)
  • small cauliflower 1 (approximately 400g), leaves removed, roughly chopped
  • butter beans 400g tin, drained and rinsed
  • olive oil 1 tbsp


  • Step 1

    In a small bowl, stir 1½ tbsp of the milk with the cornflour and set aside.

  • Step 2

    Put the remaining milk, onion and bay leaves in a wide, lidded pan over a low heat. Add the fish, bring to a simmer, and gently cook the fish for 3 minutes until just cooked through. Remove from the heat, cover and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Drain off and reserve the milk, transferring the fish into a deep 20cm x 20cm baking dish. Pour the milk back into the pan, discarding the onion and bay leaves.

  • Step 3

    Stir the cornflour mixture again, then stir it into the milk. Return the pan to the heat and stir continuously for 5 minutes until thickened. Remove from the heat and stir in the mustard. Add the fish to the sauce, along with the prawns, beetroots and herbs, seasoning well. Tip everything into the baking dish.

  • Step 4

    Meanwhile, pour the stock into a large pan and bring to a boil. Boil the cauliflower for 10-12 minutes or until tender. Drain the cauliflower, reserving 50ml of the stock. Add the cauliflower to a food processor along with the butter beans. Blitz, adding 2-3 tbsp of the reserved stock until you get a smooth mash. Alternatively, you can mash the cauliflower and beans in a large bowl using a potato masher, but it won’t be as smooth. Season to taste and give it one last blitz.

  • Step 5

    Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. Top the fish mixture with the mash. Create a swirled pattern on top with a fork and brush with the olive oil. Put on a baking sheet and transfer to the oven for 20-25 minutes or until lightly golden on top and bubbling. If you want a bit more colour on the pie, put it under a hot grill for 2-3 minutes. Serve sprinkled with the remaining dill.

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Nutritional Information

  • Kcals 430
  • Fat 15.7g
  • Saturates 3.4g
  • Carbs 25.2g
  • Sugars 11.7g
  • Fibre 7.6g
  • Protein 43.3g
  • Salt 1.5g