Campari is an Italian aperitif, known for its assertively bittersweet taste and vibrant red colour. We've got some classic Campari gin cocktails for you to try – such a negroni – as well as other cocktails with Campari including an Americano and a clementine fizz.


Campari works well with lots of different ingredients – try swapping the gin for bourbon in a negroni to make a boulevardier, for example – and it's also delicious in simple serves. We like drinking it with soda water and lots of ice in summer, or adding a dash to IPA for a beer spritz.

Looking for the best gin for your negroni? Check out our round up of the best gins here. Need some fizz for your spritz? Find the best supermarket sparkling wines here. Now try our tea cocktails and vodka cocktails.

13 Campari cocktail recipes


Campari makes up one-third of this ever-popular cocktail, ideal for sipping as an aperitif before a meal. Check out our quick and easy recipe here.

Negroni drink recipe


Put your bottle of Campari to good use with this simple spritz, garnished with an orange slice and a green olive.

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A red spritz cocktail with an olive on a skewer


Bourbon is used instead of gin for a rich, rounded taste in this autumnal take on a classic negroni.

A dark red cocktail in a tumbler with a twist of orange peel on the rim

Negroni highball

Try this negroni highball made with blood orange soda, lemon juice and orange bitters for a longer take on the original. The recipe comes from Italian restaurant Luca.

A red cocktail in a highball glass garnished with a slice of orange

Campari spritz

Mix yourself an absolute classic – the campari spritz. Not as sweet as Aperol, Campari joins sparkling wine, sparkling water and a big wedge of orange in this cocktail.

Campari Spritz Recipe


This classic cocktail is a precursor of the negroni and makes for a lighter, less boozy aperitif.

A green background with a tall glass filled with a red cocktail and a wedge of orange

IPA and Campari shandy

Make this sophisticated spin on a pub classic by swapping lemonade for Campari. It's flavourful and easy to drink, a lovely late summer/early autumn aperitif.

High glass filled with red liquid and wedge of orange on the rim

Christmas spiced negroni

This Christmas twist on a negroni uses spiced gin and festive flavours such as star anise, cinnamon and orange.

Two tumbler glasses filled with spiced negroni, garnished with star anise, cinnamon stick and orange twist

Blood orange Campari cocktail

The sweet orange juice in this cocktail balances the slightly bitter taste of Campari to make a refreshing apéritif.

Blood orange Camapri cocktail

Campari clementine fizz

Whip up this tempting three-ingredient cocktail with Campari in just 10 minutes. Whether you dust off your juicer or buy shop-bought clementine juice, your guests will love this sparkling fizz.

Sparkling Orange Cocktail Recipe

Negroni sbagliato

Together, Campari, vermouth and prosecco make for a lighter negroni with a softer edge. An ideal aperitif for those who find the classic Italian cocktail a bit much.

Negroni Sbagliato Cocktail Recipe

Rhubarb and ginger negroni

This update on the negroni uses the usual suspects of Campari, vermouth and gin as well as rhubarb and ginger jam, balancing the classic bitter flavours with sweeter notes.

Rhubarb and Ginger Negroni Cocktail Recipe

Passion amaro

The name of this drink is connected to the ingredients used – amaro in Italian means bitter. In this case, the Italian bitter Campari complements the tropical flavour of the passion fruit.

passion amaro

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