Prosciutto, borlotti and roast tomato salad

Best ever tomato recipes

21 recipes that quite rightly put tomatoes in the limelight! From creamy soups to slow-cooked squid, fragrant curries and beautiful salads.

Try our best tomato recipes here. We have some easy tomato recipes to help use up fresh tomatoes. One of our simple tomato recipes is our baked feta with cherry tomatoes and garlic toast, a perfect dish for a summer’s evening out in the garden, or try our creamy Dutch tomato soup when it’s a bit colder out.


We have delicious and colourful tomato salad recipes for all sorts of occasions. Michelin-starred chef Tommy Banks even created an especially fresh tomato salad recipe with frozen goat’s cheese for us.

Our tomato ideas are simple and easy to make. Check out our herby tomato slow-cooked squid with olives and tomatoes for an abundance of flavour bursting with ripe tomato sauce. 

These recipes use up fresh tomatoes, but if you’re looking for ways to use up tinned tomatoes, we have 30 ideas here.

This easy recipe needs a little TLC to put together but it’s well worth the effort! For the ultimate comfort food, serve this herby tomato fish dish with a hunk of freshly toasted ciabatta. This is easily one of our best ever tomato sauce recipes, and it will help you use up any left over tomatoes you may have.

Slow-cooked squid with olives and tomatoes

Tommy Banks’ fresh tomato starter was on The Great British Menu 2017. In the Oldstead heights he created a starter of fresh seasonal tomatoes topped with frozen grated goat’s cheese and a tomato consommé poured over the top, inspired by the celebration of midsummer.

Tommy from The Black Swan at Oldstead created a very similar dish for our Chef’s Table feature in the July issue…

So, to use up all the fresh tomatoes you are soon to have, here is Tommy Banks’ Great British Menu fresh tomato starter topped with frozen goat’s cheese.

Tommy Banks' Tomato Starter with Frozen Goat's Cheese

Try our super succulent steak, fresh tomato and olive salad recipe. It’s quick, easy and full of flavour. It is one of our most simple tomato recipes that can be ready to serve in 15 minutes (check out our 15 recipes that can be made in 15 minutes). This rustic looking meal is perfect for a simple midweek meal. To compliment the home-made style, tear off a generous serving of crusty bread to serve with this fresh tomato recipe.

Steak, tomato and olive salad

Don’t you just love recipes that use up fresh tomatoes? And, don’t you just love fritters? Here we go.If you fancy, serve these sweetcorn fritters with salad. Maybe chop up some more fresh tomatoes and add them straight to the salad as well, just to keep your plate colourful.


Ditch the jar and make your own fresh-as-can-be pesto for this low calorie, gluten free main for one. This sizzling sirloin steak and fresh tomato dish is one of our most simple tomato recipes. While using all those fresh tomatoes it also only takes 20 minutes to whip up. For more steak recipe ideas, click here.


Our recipe for veal-stuffed tomatoes from London restaurant Sardine is a lovely dish to have on your table as part of a lunch spread, or as a light supper. It is such a simple tomato recipe, with an exciting twist that will impress your guests.


Pasta that magically creates its own sauce using the pasta water? Sounds mad but it works! Try this fresh tomato sauce recipe by Sabrina Fauna-Rôle. This tomato and basil pasta recipe (taken from her book, One-Pot Pasta) seems too good for how simple it is! Try our favourite one pot recipes here.


Our recipe for cod, fresh cherry tomato and green olive tray roast is so quick and easy to prepare but looks impressive when you pull it out of the oven. This simple tomato recipe is bursting with flavour and couldn’t be easier. This dish is perfect when served with a big bowl of buttered orzo, sounds good right?


Our goat’s cheese recipe is a simple tomato recipe that tastes as good as it looks. It’s fresh, it’s light, made with creamy goat’s cheese and fresh tomatoes. Enough said. Whip up this impressive looking tart for a night with friends at your next dinner party.

goats curd tart

Who needs pasta when you can have spiralized courgette? Try our easy courgetti recipe, made with baby plum tomatoes, garlic, pesto, pine nuts and a lot of courgette noodles. We are made about spiralizing, so we’ve created a list of our favourite courgetti recipes here.

Our recipe for Indian-spiced mackerel with heirloom tomato salad is low calorie, gluten-free and ready in just 20 minutes. The beautiful tones from the indian-spiced mackerel add a bit of a kick to this fresh tomato recipe. This is one of our most simple tomato recipes, but is perfect when hosting friends on a summer evening.

Indian-spiced mackerel with heirloom tomato salad

Our Dutch tomato soup was inspired by an incredibly rich bowl of tomato soup served at Café de Jaren in Amsterdam. This simple tomato recipe is hearty and smooth. It is a perfect recipe to use up fresh tomatoes too.

Dutch tomato soup

Our recipe for baked feta with cherry tomatoes and garlic toast is quick and easy to make, vegetarian and under 500 calories. Who doesn’t like low calorie, but delicious food!? This simple tomato recipe makes a perfect dish for a sunny weekend meal in the garden.

baked feta

This recipe for papperdelle with buttery tomato and shallot sauce is a quick, simple, vegetarian meal. It is hard to find a recipe that is super fresh but also warm and filling. Our recipe will use up all those fresh tomatoes, packing your dish with goodness. It will also create a warming tomato sauce that is comforting and fulfilling. Top it will basil to accentuate all those wonderful flavours. For more of our favourite vegetarian recipes look no further.

Pappardelle with buttery tomato and shallot sauce

Our recipe for prosciutto, borlotti and roast tomato salad is super easy to throw together and comes in at under 500 calories. What is even better is that this fresh tomato salad recipe can be ready in under 30 minutes. We think it’s perfect for a midweek lunch or dinner.

Prosciutto, borlotti and roast tomato salad

This creamy lamb and tomato curry recipe is a great one to have on hand midweek, or a Friday fake-away special. It may take a little longer, but it’s totally worth it and it’s really easy. A perfectly simple tomato recipe that promotes big flavours with minimal effort – it’s a winner for us! Check out more of our easiest recipes here.

Creamy lamb and tomato curry

Our recipe for baked hasselback tomatoes is ready in under an hour, super easy, and makes a great side dish. This dish combines classic flavours that everyone will love. It uses fresh tomatoes, and makes for an incredibly simple recipe that puts the juicy, fresh tomato in the spotlight.

Baked hasselback tomatoes

This recipe for linguine with creamy tomato, rosemary and caper sauce is super simple but delicious. It’s ready in just 30 minutes, so makes for a great, speedy veggie supper.

Linguine with creamy tomato, rosemary and caper sauce

Gazpacho is a soup made of raw vegetables normally served cold. This simple fresh tomato recipe uses cucumber, red pepper and red onion on a plum tomato base. Why not serve with a crusty baguette?


Our best ratatouille recipe; packed with tomatoes, aubergine, courgettes and red pepper. It’s dead easy to make and feeds 4. Serve alongside sourdough with a kick of garlic.