Mac and Cheese with Ham Recipe

Best ever Christmas leftovers recipes

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Overdone it on Christmas lunch? Our easy recipe ideas turn your leftover brussels sprouts, turkey, parsnips and ham into delicious dishes for Boxing Day and beyond


Looking for leftover turkey recipes? Want to use up your Christmas ham? Try our best Christmas leftovers recipes for using up your Christmas turkey, ham, Brussels sprouts, cheese and parsnips. From turkey pie to parsnip mash, we’ve got plenty of recipes for Boxing Day and beyond.

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  • Our Christmas leftovers recipes use up ingredients such as turkey, ham, sprouts and more

Leftover turkey recipes

Turkey sage cannelloni

Check out our creamy cannelloni pasta recipe with turkey, sage and butternut squash. This epic leftovers ideas will make an easy family dinner over the festive season.

Turkey Cannelloni Recipe with Sage

Epic Christmas toastie

Use up your Christmas dinner leftovers to make our ultimate toastie with turkey, stuffing and homemade bubble and squeak. Plus, we share the greatest toastie secret you'll ever learn...

Ultimate Toastie Recipe with Turkey

Loaded spiced turkey naan

Use up your leftover turkey to make our incredibly moreish tikka spiced naans with the sweetness of mango chutney and freshness of a simple pea relish.

Naan Bread with Turkey and Pea Relish Recipe

California grilled Reuben

This West Coast version of a deli sandwich uses smoked turkey rather than pastrami. Meaty leftovers from your Christmas food that are still lurking around after Boxing Day will work a treat. This makes more coleslaw than you’ll need for the sandwiches but it’ll keep for 2-3 days in the fridge.

California grilled reuben

Buttermilk fried turkey

Make your leftover turkey into indulgent fried party food for New Year's Eve. Buttermilk-fried turkey is a great alternative to chicken. The buttermilk makes the batter really light and crisp.

Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

Turkey chilli bean stew

This is a good way of using up leftover turkey over the holidays – chicken or ham would work nicely as well. The chipotle paste and smoked paprika gives this a lovely smoky, but not too hot, chilli flavour.

Turkey chilli bean stew

Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sausage puffs

Try these crispy turkey, stuffing and cranberry sausage puffs for an easy festive canapé. This recipe makes 15 and are great for post-Christmas parties.

Turkey Sausage Puff Pastry With Stuffing and Cranberry

Turkey larb

Try our recipe for healthy, high-in-protein turkey larb. Mince up your leftover turkey or use shredded pieces for a different texture. This turkey recipe is easy and makes for a quick fix midweek meal. What’s more, it's low in calories and gluten free too.

Turkey Larb

Turkey and ham raised pie

This pie is a great way of using up leftover turkey and ham – two of the most festive meats. It might take a bit of effort but a raised pie is traditional and delicious, plus a great way of using up both meats in one go. It would go well on the Boxing Day buffet table alongside cheese and crackers.

Turkey and ham raised pie

Asian hot and sour turkey soup

Turn your turkey leftovers into an easy hot and zingy soup - ready in less than 20 minutes. Chilli and soy make a great flavour base for a healthy but hearty dish.

Asian hot and sour turkey soup

Shredded turkey quesadillas

An easy way to use up any Christmas turkey leftovers, these turkey quesadillas are delicious and couldn't be easier to make for a lunch or snack. Add fresh coriander, red onion, tomato and chilli, grate over some cheese and cook until warmed through.

Shredded turkey quesadillas

Leftover ham recipes

Mac ’n’ cheese with ham and pickled onions

Got ham or gammon to use up from the festive season? Check out our easy macaroni and cheese recipe with cooked ham, pickled onions and three types of cheese.

Mac and Cheese with Ham Recipe

Ham, pickled pear and blue cheese salad

This ham, pickled pear and blue cheese salad is a great way to use up Christmas food leftovers on Boxing Day and beyond. It's an easy starter for four people, or a quick meal for two.

Ham, pickled pear and blue cheese salad

Double cheese, pickle and ham toasties

Check out this quick and easy grilled cheese sandwich, a super simple lunch idea for Boxing Day. Plus, it comes packed with double amounts of cheese.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe with Ham and Pickle

Other Christmas leftover recipes

Refried smashed roasties with green harissa and yogurt

Use up your leftover potatoes from Christmas Day with this punchy recipe. Make this quick dish for an easy side at a festive get together with friends.

Quick Pan Fried Potatoes Recipe with Harissa

Bread sauce and stuffing croquettes

Check out our epic croquettes with leftover bread sauce and stuffing. These crispy balls are easy to make and perfect at keeping a hungry crowd happy over the festive season.

Stuffing Croquettes with Bread Sauce

Spiced shepherd's pie with parsnip mash

After all the excesses of Christmas food, go for a healthier version of a family favourite. If you're feeling extra virtuous you could even slip in some shredded brussels sprouts while no one's looking! Shepherd's pie is made with lamb's mince and this easy recipe is topped with creamy parsnip mash leftovers. Good festive period comfort food.

Spiced shepherd’s pie with parsnip mash

Broccoli soup with blue cheese croutons

A broccoli soup is a wonderful winter soup to quickly whip up when you need some green vegetables and you’ve had enough of all that Christmas turkey and ham. If you have any leftover Stilton, you could use that here instead of the dolcelatte.

Broccoli soup with blue cheese croutons

Lobster mac 'n' cheese

Do you have leftover cheese to use up? Make this lobster mac and cheese for an indulgent dinner between Christmas and New Year. The mac and cheese uses both gruyère and parmesan. The addition of sweet, rich lobster turns this into a luxurious treat which would be great for a New Year’s Eve celebration dinner.

Lobster Mac and Cheese Recipe

Smoked haddock and ham gratin

This smoked haddock and ham gratin turns everyday ingredients into a really comforting dish that doesn't create lots of washing up. It's a great Boxing Day dish.

Smoked haddock and ham gratin

Pizza bianca with smoked salmon and spring onions

Leftover smoked salmon from Christmas Day breakfast? Try this delicious pizza bianca (with a creamy white base rather than tomato sauce). You can easily replace ingredients with whatever greens and meat or fish you have to hand.

Pizza bianca with smoked salmon and spring onions

Spiced parsnip soup

A spicy parsnip soup is a real winter favourite and is perfect for a chilly Christmas week night when you want something quick and easy. Of course, any other leftover Christmas veg will go in here a treat too. This version is spiced with garam masala and paprika.

Spiced parsnip soup

Mix and match mac ‘n’ cheese bar

A cheeseboard is a classic for Boxing Day. While you can never have too much cheese, it's difficult to get through it all. If you're in this situation, try making this mac 'n' cheese. Not only is it a great way to use up left over cheddar and parmesan, but also it will be sure to keep all the family happy between Boxing Day and New Year.

Mix and match mac 'n' cheese bar

Here are some ideas for leftover sprouts, too...

Caramelised onion, sprout and bacon hash with chilli fried eggs

Spruce up your leftover sprouts with our crispy bacon and caramelised onion hash topped with chilli fried eggs. This easy recipe will make an easy dinner over the festive season in under 30 minutes.

Hash Recipe with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

Brussels bubble and squeak with poached egg

Whether you love them, or hate them, it's likely you're going to have leftover sprouts that need using up. This ingenious brussels sprouts recipe for bubble and squeak cakes replace the cabbage for a twist on the classic. You can use leftover potatoes up, too. Try serving them for a mid-morning brunch along with lots of coffee.

Brussels bubble and squeak with poached egg

Shredded Brussels sprouts salad

Looking for ways to use up your leftover brussels sprouts? Check out this low calorie Italian-style brussels salad with crispy pancetta and toasted walnuts – it's under 250 calories.

Brussels Sprout Salad Recipe

Posh bubble and squeak (with chestnuts)

Who doesn't love bubble 'n' squeak? Posh it up with pancetta and cooked chestnuts, sneak in some brussels sprouts, and you've got yourself the perfect Boxing Day brunch.

Posh bubble and squeak (with chestnuts)

Bacon, brussels and chilli broth

This bacon, brussels and chilli broth is a great, healthy way to warm up winter and use up any leftovers you might have.

Bacon, brussels and chilli broth

Chicken and shredded sprouts pie with butterbean mash

Our chicken and shredded sprouts pie with butterbean mash is a healthy version of your favourite comfort food. Use brussels sprouts for a real depth of flavour.

Chicken and shredded sprouts pie with butterbean mash

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