Baileys Chocolate Tiffin Recipe for Christmas

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Baileys, that classic Irish liqueur, is SO good in sweet recipes. We've got all sorts of Baileys dessert recipes to share, including Baileys cheesecake, fudge, roulades, truffles and a delicious tiramisu


Wondering what to mix with Baileys? We have some great Baileys Irish cream recipes, including plenty of Baileys desserts, milkshakes, Baileys cake and our ultimate Baileys cheesecake (you really, really need to try that one).

Who said Baileys was just for Christmas? This creamy, Irish liqueur is a wonderful ingredient for cooking, whether it be as a glaze on a donut or the main flavouring for homemade fudge. Check out our Irish cream taste test to see if Baileys won…



  • Our Baileys recipes can be made with any Irish cream

Ultimate Christmas yule log

Need a show-stopping dessert recipe to impress guests over the Christmas period? Check out our indulgent festive yule log with a boozy Baileys cream and crunchy hazelnut brittle.

Festive Yule Log Recipe

Homemade Irish cream recipe

This homemade Baileys makes a great present to take to hosts over the festive season and is great on its own, or when used to pimp-up hot chocolate.

Homemade Irish cream

Baileys tiramisu trifle

Check out our stunning trifle recipe with boozy Baileys, chocolate swiss roll and lightly whipped cream with espresso. Make this indulgent dessert for an impressive centrepiece at your Christmas Day feast.

Tiramisu Trifle Recipe with Baileys

Baileys pavlova

Check out this showstopping Baileys pavlova recipe. If you're feeding a crowd this Christmas you can make the pavlova base the day before, then fill just before serving, a perfect alternative to your Christmas pudding. Store in a large airtight box or wrap the pav, on its tray, in clingfilm or foil to keep the air out.

Baileys Pavlova Recipe

Nutella cake with Baileys cream

Gooey, chocolatey and utterly indulgent... this Baileys dessert also has Nutella in it! What could be better? A glug of Baileys is the key component in the velvety cream that accompanies this cake. Plus it's easy to make and ready in an hour. Check out more of our Nutella recipes here.

sunken nutella cake - Baileys recipes

Easy Baileys tiramisu

Got left over Bailey's from the Christmas festivities? Make this tiramisu recipe with creamy Baileys, soft sponge fingers, strong coffee and sweet almond liqueur... an easy boozy dessert to indulge in over the wintertime.

Baileys Tiramisu - Baileys recipes

Oreo Baileys cake recipe

Ready in just 20 minutes, this fridge cake is an easy dessert to make with kids. Icebox (fridge cakes) cakes are popular in the US, and are incredibly simple to make – simply layering thin, crisp chocolate biscuits with sweetened whipped cream. Left overnight, the biscuits soften and become ‘cake’. We used Oreos and Baileys cream to make ours extra-indulgent. It uses lots of biccies, but it feeds lots of people. 

Oreo Fridge cake

Chocolate tiffin recipe with Baileys

Treat loved ones with our easy yet impressive Baileys tiffin - an ideal gift for your foodie friends. These indulgent chocolate tiffins are packed with our favourite Baileys Christmas drink in solid chocolate form. You don’t have to include the edible glitter but it does give added bling.

Baileys Chocolate Tiffin Recipe for Christmas

Chocolate-filled donuts recipe with Baileys icing

These baked chocolate-filled donuts with Baileys glaze are deliciously indulgent and easy to make. Enjoy them as an afternoon treat over the festive season with a cup of tea, or serve as a pudding. Baking them avoids the hassle of deep-frying if you're not confident. Plus, they're a fun sweet treat to make with children.

Chocolate Donut Recipe With Baileys Chocolate Glaze

Baileys cheesecake with white chocolate

Baileys? Check. White chocolate? Check. Two ingredients that make for an utterly irresistible cheesecake, perfect for serving at dinner parties this Christmas (or to keep all to yourself). Plus it calls for less than 10 ingredients, and is ready in under 2 hours! More cheesecake recipes here.

Baileys Cheesecake Recipe With White Chocolate

Oreo milkshake with Baileys (The Dalmation)

An indulgent take on milkshake for grown ups. Ready in just five minutes, this Baileys and vanilla ice cream milkshake is whizzed with Oreo biscuits and toped with squirty cream, an irresistible drink for the ultimate treat over the festive season.

Baileys Milkshake Recipe - The Dalmation

Easy chocolate truffles

These tempting chocolate truffles look impressive but are deceptively easy to make. Try adding Baileys, dark rum or orange essence to make them even more special. They make for a great homemade gift to give friends or family this Christmas.

- Baileys recipes

Baileys fudge with white chocolate

Need an easy gift to take to a festive dinner party? Homemade fudge is a great little sweet treat. Perfect with coffee to finish off a meal or as a little energy booster, it keeps for up to a month in an airtight container. Learn how to make Baileys fudge by watching the video below:

White chocolate roulade recipe with Baileys

Treat your loved ones to a great Baileys dessert with this luxurious festive bake made with white chocolate and Baileys. It's easy to make and requires very little effort, prepare it next time you host a dinner party. Discover more roulade recipes here.

White chocolate roulade with Baileys

Easy chocolate tart recipe with Baileys ice cream

Impress your guests at your next dinner party with this classic rich chocolate tart with homemade boozy Baileys ice-cream. Our easy chocolate tart makes a special dinner party dessert or a lovely pudding for a family gathering. More chocolate tart recipes here.

Chocolate Tart Recipe With Baileys Ice Cream

Chocolate yule log with Baileys

Want an easy chocolate log to serve the family this Christmas? Try our irresistible yule log recipe. Everyone will attempt to save room for this dark chocolate roulade with Bailey's cream, dusted with a snow drift of icing sugar, you’re sure to impress guests with this Christmas recipe.

Yule Log Recipe With Baileys Cream