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Four bottles of Irish cream, one gold round one and the others conventional bottle shape

Best Irish cream taste test

Find out which Irish cream to buy this Christmas, from classic Baileys to chocolate cream with Madagascan vanilla and buttery, creamy drinks, plus our own recipe to try

Looking for the best Irish cream liqueur to serve to guests this Christmas? Read on to find the results of our original Irish cream drinks taste test, then check out our best Baileys Irish cream recipes.


Irish cream liqueur combines cream with Irish whiskey. Traditionally Irish cream is served on the rocks or added to hot drinks for a boozy finish, for example boozy hot chocolate or Irish cream coffee, and it’s usually served around the festive period.

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How the best Irish cream liqueur taste test worked

Five members of the olive team conducted a blind taste test to find the most flavoursome shop-bought original Irish cream. We tasted eight original Irish cream liqueurs from supermarkets and brands. The group choose 1st and 2nd place winners with the rest coming in as overall worthy runners up.

Baileys the Original Irish cream liqueur, £15.89, Amazon

Baileys Irish cream is made by Gilbeys of Ireland, a combination of cream and Irish whiskeys from various distilleries.

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Baileys the Original Irish Cream Liqueur

The results for the best Irish cream liqueur

Joint winner: Marks & Spencer traditional Irish cream liqueur, £13/1l, Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer make their Irish cream with triple distilled aged Irish whiskey and blend it with fresh dairy cream from the Ballyrashane creamery. This winning Irish cream was thick, sweet and syrupy with a perfect hit of booze, the ideal combination. The price is mid-range and comes in a black bottle with a gold lid, perfect for gifting.

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Marks & Spencer traditional Irish cream liqueur

Joint winner: Deluxe Lidl Irish cream liqueur, £6.99/700ml, Lidl

Lidl Irish cream is made with fresh Irish cream, spirits, and Irish whiskey. This winning Irish cream was super creamy and boozy with a strong sweet smell, it also had a lovely balance of light vanilla tones. This Irish cream is priced slightly cheaper and comes in a black bottle with Lidl deluxe branding.

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Deluxe Lidl Irish Cream Liqueur

Irish cream liqueur runner up

Iceland Irish cream liqueur, £8/700ml, Iceland

Iceland’s Irish cream has a blend of fresh Irish cream and oak-aged Irish whiskey. We thought this Irish cream was the lightest out of the bunch with a super smooth consistency. It also had a distinct caramel toffee taste, resembling Werther’s Originals. The Iceland Irish cream comes in a black bottle with orange and gold luxury Iceland packaging.

Iceland Irish Cream Liqueur

Since we conducted this taste test, we found three other Irish creams to try here…

Five Farms Small Batch Irish Cream Liqueur, £26.99, The Bottle Club

The clue’s in the name here – this is made with fresh cream sourced from five family-owned farms in County Cork. The end result is delicious, velvety smooth and luxuriously creamy, with inviting butterscotch and coffee notes, and a kick from Irish whisky. Sip in place of dessert after dinner.

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Five Farms Small Batch Irish Cream Liqueur

Mozart Chocolate Cream, £13.95/50cl, 31 Dover

Belgian chocolate, cream, cocoa and Madagascan vanilla go into this well-rounded, not-too-sweet liqueur that has a nice boozy edge. Essentially it tastes like alcoholic chocolate milk – what’s not to like?

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Mozart Chocolate Cream gold bottle

Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqueur, £17.95/1l, Master of Malt

As far as Irish creams go this is hard to beat. Made using single-malt three-year-old Irish whiskey this is an opulently creamy, buttery affair with a super-smooth finish. 

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Feeneys Irish Cream bottle

Other Irish cream liqueurs we tried in the taste test

Specially Selected Aldi Irish cream liqueur, £6.49/70cl, Aldi

Aldi’s luxurious and decadent Irish cream liqueur is made with fresh dairy cream and has distinct notes of Irish whiskey, chocolate and hazelnut.

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Selected Aldi Irish Cream Liqueur

Sainsbury’s taste the difference Irish cream liqueur, £11/1l, Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s Irish cream liqueur is made with triple distilled Irish whiskey. It was a particularly boozy number.

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Sainsbury's taste the difference Irish Cream Liqueur


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