Indulgent and syrupy, chocolate liqueurs are a great go-to if you're craving something sweet to sip on. They are a key ingredient in retro cocktails like a grasshopper, and also work well drizzled into hot chocolate or coffee.


Check out our pick of the best chocolate liqueurs to buy below, then explore our favourite cream liqueurs, digestifs and whisky liqueurs.

Best chocolate liqueurs at a glance

  • Best coffee chocolate liqueur: Hotel Chocolat Espresso Martini Velvetised Cream, £23
  • Best chocolate liqueur for a sweet tooth: Tempus Fugit Spirits Crème de Cacao à la Vanille, £29.75
  • Best white chocolate liqueur: Coole Swan Irish cream liqueur, £24.95
  • Best whisky chocolate liqueur: Samuel Gelston whisky liqueur, £17
  • Best classic chocolate liqueur: Mozart chocolate cream liqueur, £18
  • Best coconut chocolate liqueur: Aluna coconut coffee liqueur, £19.74
  • Best chocolate liqueur for cocktails: Volare White Cacao, £13.79

Best chocolate liqueurs to buy 2023

Hotel Chocolat Espresso Martini Velvetised Cream

Made using vodka, espresso, white chocolate and cream, this silky-smooth liqueur has a generous hit of coffee flavour, with a balanced boozy kick. Use for an extra-indulgent espresso martini, or it would go down a storm in a white russian.

Available from:
Hotel Chocolat (£23)

Tempus Fugit Spirits Crème de Cacao à la Vanille

Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao a la Vanille

Best chocolate liqueur for a sweet tooth

Lusciously sweet and sticky, this liqueur is incredibly fragrant, with notes of vanilla, milk chocolate and caramel – it smells just like a bar of Cadbury's. Sip instead of dessert after dinner.

Available from:
Master of Malt (£29.75)
The Whisky Exchange (£32.25)
Berry Bros & Rudd (£30)

Coole Swan Irish cream liqueur

Bottle of Coole Swan liqueur

Best white chocolate liqueur

A velvety blend of cream, Belgian white chocolate and single malt Irish whiskey, this is a rich and sumptuous liqueur that’s not too sickly. Swirl into a hot chocolate.

Samuel Gelston whisky liqueur

Bottle of Samuel Gelston's cream liqueur

Best whisky chocolate liqueur

Featuring cream, chocolate and Samuel Gelston’s own blended whiskey, expect creamy vanilla notes and a fiery, spicy edge from the booze. Drizzle over vanilla ice cream.

Available from:
Samuel Gelston (£17)
The Drop Store (£14)

Mozart chocolate cream liqueur

We fell for this decadent liqueur which features Belgian chocolate, cream, cocoa and Madagascan vanilla. Well-rounded and not too sweet, with a nice boozy edge. Essentially, it tastes like alcoholic chocolate milk – what’s not to like?

Available from:
Ocado (£18.50)
Amazon (£18)
The Whisky Exchange (£17.95)

Aluna coconut coffee liqueur

A bottle of the Aluna coconut coffee liqueur

Best coconut chocolate liqueur

This liqueur uses cold brew Arabica coffee, coconut rum, cacao nibs and cardamom to delicious effect, with lovely toasted coconut and dark cocoa notes. Sip while nibbling on a chocolate Bounty bar.

Available from:
The Whisky Exchange (£19.75)
Amazon (£21)
Master of Malt (£19.74)
Ocado (£21)

Volare White Cacao

Best chocolate liqueur for cocktails

This crème de cacao liqueur has all the chocolatey flavour you'd expect and it's also clear, making it a useful ingredient for cocktails where you don't want to change the colour of the final drink.

Available from:
Master of Malt (£13.79)
Amazon (£19.95)


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