Want to make the perfect hot chocolate using hot chocolate powder? Read on for the best hot chocolates to make at home, and try our hot chocolate toppings ideas.


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What is hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate, also known as drinking chocolate, comes as a powder, flakes or beans, and is mixed with either hot milk or hot water to produce a drink. Sugar is often added as a sweetener, and other flavourings, such as spices and fruit zest, may also be included.

Best hot chocolate flakes

Best for the family
Green and Black’s Fairtrade organic hot chocolate, £3.60 (300g), Ocado

A great option for children, the well-rounded chocolate flavour mixes with milk for a silky smooth drink. Top with whipped or squirty cream for extra indulgence.

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A dark brown tub with gold lettering on the front

Best luxury hot chocolate
Ultimate milk hot chocolate, £19.95 (300g), Fortnum and Mason

The high price tag means this isn't an everyday treat, but these sweet chocolate flakes are rich in flavour, and, when mixed with milk, produce an indulgent mug of smooth hot chocolate.

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A white tin with blue lettering on the front

Best thick hot chocolate
70% Madagascan hot chocolate flakes, £9.50 (125g), Chococo

We love this high-quality chocolate, with the dark, bitter flavours that these flakes are made from. It’d be great made with cream for a thicker, champurrado-style drink.

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Chococo Hot Chocolate Flakes

Pump Street drinking chocolate 85%, £12.99 (200g), Selfridge's

One of the most luxurious hot chocolates on offer, this drinking chocolate from Pump Street Bakery is well worth a try. We love the silky-smooth texture and deep flavour profile of the artisan chocolate flakes.

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Pump Street hot chocolate

Whittard crème brûlée white hot chocolate £16/ two pack (350g each), Amazon

While Whittard’s classic white hot chocolate (£16 for two, Amazon) is delicious enough on its own, take things to the next level with this crème brûlée flavour. It’s creamy and sweet but not sickly, as many white hot chocolates can be.

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Whittard - Crème Brûlée Flavour White Hot Chocolate

Best hot chocolate powders

Best instant made with water
Aero instant hot chocolate tin, £15.99 (2kg), Amazon

This instant hot chocolate powder has an impressive frothy head and sweet flavour. It’s not quite as thick as some others, but it’s easy to make at work (or on a camping trip) as it only needs hot water.

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A brown tub with chocolate bubbles on the front

Best classic hot chocolate
Extra Special Fairtrade indulgent drinking chocolate, £2.69 (300g), Asda

This affordable option produces a luxurious drink. The decadent dark chocolate mixed with milk gives a high-quality, creamy finish. Buy this if you want a classic hot chocolate experience.

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A purple pot with gold lettering on the front

Best cocoa-flavour
Finest indulgent drinking chocolate, £2 (250g), Tesco

If you’re after a bittersweet powdered hot chocolate, buy this bargain pot which creates a well-blended drink with a prominent cocoa flavour and smooth mouthfeel.

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A brown tub with silver box and lettering on the front

Best spiced hot chocolate
Divine Fairtrade spiced hot chocolate, £11.99 (300g), Amazon

This festive hot chocolate has a silky-smooth texture and fragrant hints of stem ginger and orange. It would be great spiked with a tot of spiced rum.

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A gold tub with white drawings on the front

Best hot chocolate beads

Taste the Difference dark hot chocolate, £3.50 (280g), Sainsbury’s

With bitter dark chocolate notes, this rich hot chocolate has a smooth mouthfeel and creamy texture. Try pepping it up with a pinch of dried chilli flakes for a grown-up twist.

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A pink tub with purple box on the front

Other hot chocolates we tried

Sloane's Ravishing Rich Dark 57% hot chocolate, £10 (400g), Sloane's Hot Chocolate

Bettys hot chocolate caddy, £12 (250g), Bettys

Charbonnel & Walker Original Chocolate Drink , £5 (300g), Waitrose

Galaxy instant hot chocolate, £6.74 (200g), Amazon

Cadbury original drinking chocolate, £2 (250g), Ocado

Clipper Fairtrade instant hot chocolate, £3.15 (350g), Ocado

Paul A. Young Aztec hot chocolate, £11.50 (255g), Paul A. Young


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