A mixing bowl is a true workhorse of the kitchen, an item you'll reach for nearly every time you get cooking. It will be the first item you reach for in baking, whether you're whisking up meringue, stirring together cookie dough or beating butter and sugar ready for a cake. It's not just for sweet uses though – a mixing bowl will come in handy for all manner of savoury tasks too, such as making dressings, marinades, batters or tossing together salads.


Mixing bowls can come in many forms – ranging in size from dinky bowls for a simple French dressing to generous three-litre capacities for filling with fluffy meringue. There's also multiple aesthetic options to choose from: we've explained the differences between metal, glass, ceramic and plastic mixing bowls below. Big kitchen brands such as Mason Cash, Tala and Pyrex are known for their mixing bowls, but we've found a range to choose from.

Read on for our top picks of the best mixing bowls. We've covered all budgets with bowls ranging from £10 to £50 and covering all options from lightweight metal and plastic bowls to sturdy ceramic mixing bowls.

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Best mixing bowls at a glance

  • Best complete mixing bowl set: Joseph Joseph Editions mixing bowls nest set, £60
  • Best lidded mixing bowls: Lakeland set of three plastic nesting bowls, £19.99
  • Best ceramic mixing bowl: Tala stoneware mixing bowl, £16.99
  • Best traditional mixing bowl: Mason Cash mixing bowl, £23
  • Best stainless steel mixing bowl set: FAB4HOME stainless steel mixing bowl set, £20.99
  • Best budget mixing bowls: ProCook glass mixing bowl set, £10
  • Best personalised mixing bowl: Sophia Victoria Joy personalised mixing bowl, £20
  • Best eco-friendly mixing bowl: School of Wok bamboo fibre mixing bowls, £30
  • Best colourful mixing bowl: Cornishware mixing bowl, £60

What to look for in a mixing bowl

There are several criteria to consider when purchasing a new mixing bowl, either for yourself or as a gift.

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Size: are you whisking together salad dressings, baking for a crowd or making a salad for one? Think about what you're creating to decide if you need several small bowls or one large cupboard staple. Lots of our best mixing bowl picks come as sets of three or more bowls, covering multiple sizes, so you'll be sorted for all cooking needs.

Versatility: check to see if your mixing bowl is dishwasher-, microwave- and even freezer-safe.

Extras: some of the bowls we've found below have nifty extra features to make your mixing bowl work even harder, from built-in graters to pouring spouts, engraved measurements or matching lids. Complete sets may also come with extra items that could nest inside the bowl, such as sieves or measuring cups, but make sure these are extras you'll also use.

Choosing the best mixing bowl for you

Metal: found throughout professional kitchens, stainless steel bowls are usually lightweight and durable – no risk of them smashing or chipping if dropped. Metal bowls can't be used in the microwave and should not be used for marinating ingredients over long periods as acid can react with the metal.

Glass: Pyrex mixing bowls are the classic glass bowl option. Thick glass bowls are often affordable and highly versatile – our glass mixing bowl below is microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe, and heatproof up to 300C.

Ceramic: the traditional choice, these are the heaviest option but offer a classic look. Their sturdy weight helps them stay put when whisking vigorously, and some ceramic designs can even double up as fruit bowls or serving bowls, too.

Plastic: often the most affordable and are another lightweight option. Plastic bowls often come with lids to double up as storage in the fridge or for packed lunches. Be aware that clear plastic may scratch or stain from stronger ingredients.

Eco-friendly: if you're looking to avoid plastic in all forms in the kitchen, there are an increasing number of eco-friendly alternatives to choose from, from bamboo fibre to recycled materials.

Best mixing bowls to buy 2023

Joseph Joseph Editions mixing bowls nest set

John Lewis, Joseph Joseph Editions Mixing Bowls & Measuring Cups Nest Set, 9 Pieces, Sage, £45.00 copy

Best complete mixing bowl set

A great housewarming gift (it comes packaged in a gift box), this Joseph Joseph set goes beyond just one mixing bowl. Stored within the generous 4.5-litre mixing bowl are a colander, sieve, small mixing bowl and set of measuring cups. It all stacks together for handy storage. We like this chic neutral sage and green colourway but a bright multicoloured set is available, too.

Lakeland set of three plastic nesting bowls

Lakeland mixing bowl

Best lidded mixing bowls

This versatile set will cover all your food prep needs. The three nesting bowls (1-litre, 2-litre and 4-litre capacity) are dishwasher-, microwave- and even freezer-safe. If you’re mixing up batters, they have handy pouring spouts, or if you’re food prepping salads for the week, the snap-fit lids will keep your food fresh.

Tala stoneware mixing bowl

Tala Bowl Cut Out Blue

Best ceramic mixing bowl

This large bowl has a 31cm diameter and generous 5-litre capacity to cover all your largest cake mixtures, meringue or hearty salads. The classic ceramic design comes in a pretty duck egg blue and is not just for aesthetics – the embossed design adds extra grip for when you’re stirring, too.

Mason Cash mixing bowl

Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

Best traditional mixing bowl

Mason Cash is the bakeware expert that may come to mind when you picture a classic mixing bowl found across generations. Now available in 13 different colours, from powder pink and pastels to glossy black or bright red, there’s one to match every kitchen. This 2-litre capacity is a versatile medium size, and is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

FAB4HOME stainless steel mixing bowl set

Fab4Home mixing bowls

Best stainless-steel mixing bowl set

Simple stainless steel is the choice for the practical chef. The colourful silicone base is anti-slip so you’ll stay secure even with vigorous mixing. Each bowl (in 1.5-litre, 3-litre and big 5-litre capacity) has a pouring spout and is printed with measurements inside so you can measure directly into the bowl.

ProCook glass mixing bowl set

ProCook Glass Mixing Bowl Set

Best budget mixing bowls

Offering three bowls for just £10, this simple set is great value for money. Glass bowls make it easy to see everything you’re mixing so nothing gets left at the bottom. They’re simple and versatile, being freezer- and microwave-safe, and even heat resistant up to 300C. Plus, should you ever break one, they're covered by a 10-year guarantee.

Available from:
ProCook (£9.99)

Sophia Victoria Joy personalised mixing bowl

Personalised Mixing Bowl £18 notonthehighstreet copy

Best personalised mixing bowl

Looking for a birthday or housewarming gift for a keen baker? Classic blue and white enamel bowls are a timeless kitchen purchase, and the sweet decoration makes this one unique. Available in two sizes, choose between an illustrated whisk or bowl and add a name and even message to complete the gift.

Bamboo fibre mixing bowls

School of Wok mixing bowls

Best eco-friendly mixing bowl

If you’re trying to avoid plastic in your kitchen, this smart bowl trio from School of Wok could be your solution. BPA-free and made from natural bamboo, these are still dishwasher-safe but cannot be used in a microwave.

Available from:
School of Wok (£30)

Cornishware mixing bowl

Cornishware mixing bowl

Best colourful mixing bowl

Going for a nautical or country cottage theme in your kitchen? A classic British Cornishware striped bowl is pretty enough to keep out on the counter – take your pick from blue, red or yellow stripes. If you want your equipment to match, there’s plenty more to choose from in the same pattern, too, from tableware to jugs, tea towels and aprons.

Available from:
Cornishware (£60)


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