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Three cake turntables in a row

Best cake turntables

Published: September 1, 2022 at 11:39 am

Ultra precise decoration is made easier with a cake turntable – check out our favourite models...

When it comes to baking tools, an icing turntable can help make putting the finishing touches on your cakes a whole lot simpler, whether you want precise dainty decorations running along the edge of your cake or want to pipe some colour onto your bakes with ease.


In our selection we have looked out for sturdy and generally heavy turntables as they tend to have more stability, especially if you are icing larger or tiered cakes. How easily these icing turntables spin was crucial, as well as the height, as some bakers prefer to be able to easily see the whole cake, while others, who like to ice their cakes with more detail, prefer a shorter stand to prevent their wrist from stretching. Some of the models have extra features such as a tilting stand to make decoration as easy as possible. Read on to discover our favourites, from Lakeland, Dunelm, John Lewis and more.

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Best cake turntables at a glance

  • Best non-slip cake turntable: Ohuhu Rotating Cake Stand, £35.99
  • Best low-rise cake turntable: Lakeland icing turntable, £11.99
  • Best for easy cleaning: Tala Tilting Icing Turntable, £16.50
  • Most affordable cake turntable: Jazooli cake turntable, £9.99
  • Best turntable for amateur bakers: Sweetly Does It – Revolving Cake Decorating Turntable, £17.95
  • Best cake turntable design: John Lewis Professional Stainless Steel Cake Decorating Turntable, £28
  • Best for precision decorating: PME Professional Cake Turntable, £58.98
  • Best heavyweight icing turntable: Kootek Aluminium Alloy Revolving Cake Stand, £52.38
  • Best all-round cake turntable: PME Tilting Cake Decorating Icing Turntable, £23.99

Best icing turntables

Ohuhu Rotating Cake Stand

silver icing turntable with silver accessories

This heavy-duty aluminium cake stand will last through countless events. There is an anti-slip surface on top that makes sure the cake stays in place when you’re decorating, carrying or cutting it. Plus this price includes extras such as piping nozzles and pastry bags.

Available from:
Amazon (£35.99)

Lakeland icing turntable

white turntable with blue undertones

Best low-rise icing turntable

With a scalloped edge, this turntable has a non-slip base but smooth spinning potential to easily and evenly spread icing without any cakes toppling off your work table. While this turntable is short, it is great if you tend to focus on decorating the top of the cake, plus it can fit in the fridge more easily than some of the taller stands.

More like this

Available from:
Lakeland (£11.99)

Tala Tilting Icing Turntable

black turntable

Best for easy cleaning

Fitting up to a 22cm cake, this turntable makes it easier to decorate the sides, plus with the tilting feature it is good for getting up close when decorating any awkward points on your cake. Plus the top comes away from the base, making it easy and less awkward to clean.

Available from:
Dunelm (£16.50)
Amazon (£16.50)

Jazooli cake turntable

white turntable

Measuring 28cm, this icing turntable is in a glossy white that would let any cake shine. Like the rest of our icing turntables, it allows 360 degrees of rotation, plus the whole turntable is dishwasher-safe.

Available from:
B&Q (£9.99)

Sweetly Does It – Revolving Cake Decorating Turntable

indented white turntable

Best turntable for amateur bakers

This cake stand helpfully features engraved circles on the turntable to not only help place your cake perfectly in the middle but also guide you if you are doing any piping round the base. Overall this turntable is minimalist and sturdy, as the stand is almost the same width as the base.

Available from:
Harts of Stur (£17.99)

John Lewis Professional Stainless Steel Cake Decorating Turntable

black icing turntable

Best icing turntable design

In a sleek black design, this turntable is heavyweight as it is made from stainless steel. Plus with a width of 37cm it is one of the largest cake turntables we've found, ideal for decorating multi-tiered cakes or wide tarts.

Available from:
John Lewis (£28)

PME Professional Cake Turntable

all white turntable

Best for precision decorating

Bring your cakes to eye level for precision decorating with this turntable. As it is made from metal it is very sturdy but its white coating makes it elegant enough to use it as a cake stand, too.

Available from:
Nisbets (£59.98)
Amazon (£38.50)

Kootek Aluminium Alloy Revolving Cake Stand

silver icing turntable

Best heavyweight icing turntable

Made from heavy-duty aluminium, this cake stand won't budge no matter how fast you spin the table. Rotating 360 degrees, clockwise or anticlockwise, this cake stand is perfect for the keen baker.

Available from:
Amazon (£52.38)

PME Tilting Cake Decorating Icing Turntable

white icing turntable with black detail

Best all-round icing turntable

With a suitable non-slip base, this icing turntable lets you have complete control when decorating. Holding a cake up to a whopping 50kg, this would suit anyone from a more novice baker to an almost professional making wedding cakes. You do need a cake board or similar though if you want to avoid your cake sticking to the base.

Available from:
Amazon (£27.60)
Lakeland (£23.99)


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