A classic bundt cake is a thing of beauty. Defined ridges and sweeping strokes create beautiful bakes that are sure to impress. There are a variety of tin designs available, so even if your decorating skills are lacking, the best bundt tins produce fabulous cakes straight out of the tin.


From the technical side of things, bundt tins are an ingenious design. The ring shape means that the cake cooks faster, resulting in a deliciously moist cake with a tender crumb. Although they look fabulous without decoration, a shiny icing, chocolate glaze or dusting of icing sugar can elevate and accentuate the deep, defined pattern of the cake. So get creative or take a look at olive’s easy bundt cake recipes, including Edd Kimber’s chocolate and tahini bundt cake or Lulu Grimes’s chocolate marble cake with mocha glaze, for inspiration.

To make the best bundt cakes, you need the best kit, so head over to olive’s best stand mixers review to get equipped. We have also the best tart tins and best brownie tins for you to choose from. There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee to accompany a slice of cake: read our review of the best coffee machines if you’re looking for something new.

Best bundt tins at a glance:

  • Best bundt tin: Nordic Ware Crown Bundt pan, £49.17
  • Best budget-friendly bundt: KitchenAid Non-Stick Tulband cake tin, £27
  • Best mini bundt pan: Nordic Ware Bundtlette pan, £56
  • Best simple bundt pan: Judge Bundt Mould, £20
  • Best easy-to-use bundt pan: Lakeland Fluted Cake Ring, £12.99
  • Best basic bundt mould: ProCook ring cake tin, £10.99
  • Best savarin mould: Netherton Foundry savarin, £67.45
  • Best budget-friendly savarin mould: Mermaid savarin, £22

What to look for when choosing a bundt tin?

Bundt tins come in a variety of different designs and patterns, and this, above all else, should be the main thing you take into consideration when choosing a tin. You should also consider elements such as:

  • Size: Bundts are generally large in size and can serve 15-20 people, though Nordic Ware has smaller, Christmas pudding-sized tins if you’re looking for something to feed fewer. We also tested savarin tins, which are a great alternative if you’re after a smaller cake tin that still produces an impactful cake.
  • Non-stick: although most bundt tins are non-stick, we still recommend buttering or oiling and flouring your tin beforehand. A non-stick tin plus pre-oiling ensures a smooth release and a perfectly defined bundt every time.
  • Ease of cleaning: famed for their nooks and crannies, bundt tins can be a little bit of a faff to clean. Although many of the bundts on this list are dishwasher-safe, we’d generally recommend against cleaning them this way. Instead, take the time to clean the tin by hand, paying attention to all the grooves. Some brands even sell dedicated bundt cleaning tools.

Best bundt tins 2023

Nordic Ware Crown Bundt pan

Score: 5/5

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Nordic Ware Bundt Tins

Best bundt tin

Founded in the US in 1946, Nordic Ware makes a whole host of kitchenware, with the iconic bundt pan being its most famous. From the Nordic Ware range we tested the Crown bundt pan, the Anniversary bundt pan and the Lotus bundt pan. Each pan is made from cast aluminium and is an exceptionally robust and well-built cake tin. They also all come in their own cotton bag, not only to save on plastic but also to double as a storage bag when not in use.

Although the inside of the tin is non-stick, we still greased and floured the interior, making sure to reach into the intricate, deep crevices of the design. A hearty bang on the counter soon loosened any excess, leaving a thin barrier between our cake batter and the tin.

After baking we let the cakes rest for 20 minutes, after which they slipped easily from the pan. Each cake was beautifully designed, with a crisp exterior. Inside, the results were just as impressive and we enjoyed a well-risen, evenly baked slice of bundt from each cake.

Available from:

KitchenAid Non-Stick Tulband cake tin

Score: 4.5/5

KitchenAid Tulband

Best budget-friendly bundt

KitchenAid is well known for its impressive kitchenware – its stand mixers earned pride of place on our best stand mixers list. It seems a no-brainer that KitchenAid would expand its offering to include bakeware. Made from aluminised steel, this Tulband cake is just as robust as the Nordic Ware tins above. The pattern featured on this cake tin is attractive but notably not as deep and intricate as those seen on Nordic Ware’s tins.

Two lips hang either side of the tin, allowing it to be easily inserted or removed from the oven. It also has a non-stick coating and, although not our favourite method of cleaning, this pan is also dishwasher-safe.

After baking we were impressed by the final look of this cake. The pattern was subtle but the cake held its own even without decoration. The browning on the outside was even and consistent, too. A great option if the Nordic Ware tins are a little too expensive for you.

Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundtlette pan

Score: 5/5

Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundtlette

Best mini bundt pan

This beautifully designed mini bundt pan makes six little individual portion bundtlettes. Made from the same high-quality cast aluminium as its larger siblings, this is a robust tin.

Greasing and flouring was a little bit of a fiddly task given the size of each bundtlette but, once we mastered it, it became a relatively quick task. We found using an old-school pastry brush (rather than silicone) and holding the tin aloft allowed us to get the best coverage. You’ll need to give the pan a good bang to loosen any clumped flour.

After baking and resting, each bundtlette was beautifully turned out. Each of the six cakes were carbon copies of one another: evenly browned with a caramelised crust. If following a traditional bundt cake recipe, we’d recommend reducing the cooking time by about 20% to ensure the cakes don’t overcook.

Judge Bundt mould

Score: 4.5/5

Judge Bundt

Best simple bundt pan

This simplistic bundt pan from Judge is made from carbon steel. It’s not as thick as some of the others on this list but it's well built and has some well-defined decoration on the inside. Judge’s offering is non-stick but, like the others tested, we greased and floured the pan anyway.

The finished bundt cake came out of the pan with ease, leaving nothing behind inside. It was evenly risen, and fluffy and moist on the inside. The majority of the outer layer was an even brown colour, save for a ring that touched the central spindle of the pan.

We liked the cake’s final design: well defined but not as deep as that seen on the Nordic Ware pans. For ease, this pan is dishwasher-safe.

Lakeland Fluted Cake Tin

Score: 4/5

Lakeland Bundt

Best easy-to-use bundt tin

Although the design of this bundt isn’t as well defined as some of the others on this list, this Lakeland tin is a good choice of basic ring cake, ready for decoration.

It was the simple additions that we liked most about this cake tin. It has two lips designed to make getting the cake in and out of the oven easier, as well as two silicone inserts for stability. Like all the Lakeland tins in this range, this bundt tin is made from a single piece of carbon steel. Rather than rolled edges, they are flat, meaning there’s no risk of any water getting trapped inside after washing. For added ease, this tin is dishwasher-safe.

This tin baked a good cake. It was moist and light inside but missing the iconic deep and defined bundt pattern.

ProCook ring cake tin

Score: 4/5

ProCook Bundt

Best basic bundt mould

Like the Lakeland tin above, this ProCook tin didn’t quite offer the definition we were looking for. The design is subtle, producing only slight indents in the cake rather than the fully formed ridges we saw produced by our top-performing tins. But at under £10 we thought this was an absolute steal that could be dressed up with an icing or glaze to turn it into something extra special.

It baked a cake well. It was well risen and evenly baked. Inside, the cake was fluffy, spongy and moist but we did notice a few light and dark patches over the surface of the cake, indicating there were some cool and hot spots on the tin itself.

This ProCook tin has an impressive non-stick coating and, for added ease, this tin is dishwasher-safe. We also liked that this tin is free from rolled lips, keeping trapped water at bay.

Netherton Foundry savarin mould

Score: 5/5

Netherton Foundry Savarin

Best savarin mould

Hailing from Shropshire, Netherton Foundry makes fabulous hand-forged iron cookware. In fact, its loaf tin features on our best loaf tins round-up. While not a bundt mould, we felt a savarin tin would be a good alternative if you’re looking for a smaller option for a ring cake.

As with all iron products, this mould is on the heavy side but it’s undeniably sturdy. Conveniently, it has been pre-seasoned, giving it an excellent non-stick surface. After baking, the cake simply popped out of the tin: nothing stuck at all. It was well-browned around the outside with an even and consistent colour.

If you’re interested in buying local, Netherton Foundry is about as homegrown as you can get. This savarin, and everything else in the Netherton Foundry range, comes with strong eco-credentials: UK-sourced iron and not a piece of non-recyclable packaging in sight.

This mould is hand-wash only and is available in two sizes.

Available from:

Mermaid savarin mould

Score: 5/5

Mermaid Savarin

Best budget-friendly savarin

Another UK-based brand, Mermaid makes all of its bakeware in Birmingham. Like Netherton Foundry, above, all the packaging is fully recyclable, scoring big points from us.

Made from silver anodised aluminium, this is a sturdy and attractive cake tin. The interior is non-stick but we greased and floured the mould, as we did with every other tin, to ensure the cleanest removal possible. Because there is no PTFE coating, the more you use this savarin, the more the patina builds.

Our final cake was well risen and evenly browned thanks to the even heat distribution from the aluminium. Nothing stuck to the pan either. This savarin is hand-wash only and is available in two sizes.

How we tested bundt tins

We needed a light bundt cake recipe to put our bundt tins to the test and be able to fairly assess how evenly the cake had browned and cooked. All of the bundt cake recipes on olive feature dark, rich or caramelised ingredients that would give the finished cake a dark colour. So we used a simple pineapple passion bundt recipe from our sister brand BBC Good Food.

To ensure a smooth and easy release, we greased and floured all of the tins whether they were non-stick or not.

All bundt cakes were scored against the following criteria:

  • Appearance of the final bake: a well-made bundt cake is a beautiful thing. The deep ridges of the intricate design should look fabulous on their own or adorned with sauces or icings that run through the rise and fall of the cake. We favoured bold and defined ridges in the cake compared to a softer design.
  • Finished bake: as with all cakes, we looked for an even crumb texture inside, as well as an even and consistent bake.
  • Ease of use: we looked for cakes that released from the tins with ease. Additional features, such as large lips on the pan for easy insertion and removal from the oven, and being dishwasher-safe were welcome. We also noted any tins that had rolled lips, which have a tendency to trap water.
  • Quality of design features: we looked at the quality of the tin itself, asking whether it was high quality and would be able to withstand being dropped or knocked without denting. We also looked at the quality of the bundt pattern and the non-stick coating.

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