From folding cake mixture to stirring caramelised onions, a sturdy spatula is a workhorse of the kitchen. Used constantly in baking to efficiently get every last drop of batter out of a bowl, you'll find yourself reaching for it every day.


When you'll be using a tool so often, it's worth buying the best. Silicone spatulas have a flexible spoon, making them great for scraping bowls clean of cookie dough, meringue or cake mixture. Heatproof silicone means you can also use it when cooking, and often are a great option for using on non-stick surfaces for being much more gentle on the surface than metal spoons.

Shapes and sizes of spatulas can also vary: narrow spatulas are great for reaching into jars and a long-handled spatula will stop your hand getting messy when reaching into blenders or jugs. Some will come as sets of different sizes, which is handy when one's in the dishwasher, or as complete utensil sets with pastry brushes and pancake flippers.

Read on to find our selection of the best kitchen spatulas, from bargain buys to full sets, all under £15, to find the best one for you.

Best spatulas at a glance

  • Best budget spatula set: iNeibo heat-resistant silicone spatula 3-piece set, £6.99
  • Best long-handled spatula: DI ORO long blade silicone spatula, £9.49
  • Best complete silicone spatula set: FUKTSYSM silicone spatula 6-piece set, £8.69
  • Best spatula for jars: Lakeland Jar Busters 2-piece set, £5.99
  • Best double-ended spatula: ProCook double-ended spatula, £6
  • Best easy-to-clean spatula: John Lewis silicone spatula, £5
  • Best spatula for a pretty design: John Lewis Spring Baking bamboo and silicone spatula duo, £12
  • Best professional style spatula: Vogue high heat spatula, £8.29
  • Best multi-use spatula: Mason Cash Innovative kitchen spatula, £6.60

Best spatulas to buy 2022

iNeibo heat-resistant silicone spatulas 3-piece set

Best budget spatula set

iNeibo spatulas silicone

This practical 3-piece set has a small, large and spoon spatula – meaning even if one’s in the dishwasher you’ve got back ups to keep going. They have a convenient hanging loop, no seams meaning easy and hygienic cleaning, and are made of heat-resistant silicone so they can be reached for in any kitchen task.

Available from:
Amazon (£6.99)

DI ORO long blade silicone spatula

Best long-handled spatula

DI ORO Long Blade Silicone Spatula, Currently priced at £8.99 copy

This slender silicone spatula has an extra-long handle and narrow spoon base, making it perfect for reaching deep into blenders and jugs. It’s also heatproof up to 315C, meaning the long handle is great for stirring from a safe distance when making bubbling caramels or hot sauces.

More like this

Available from:
Amazon (£9.49)

FUKTSYSM silicone spatulas 6 piece set

Best complete silicone spatula set

FUKTSYSM Silicone Spatula, Currently priced at £6.95 copy 2

You’ll have a tool for every use with this 6-piece spatula set – a bargain at under £10. The tools are dishwasher safe and heatproof and includes a range of shapes and sizes, plus a rectangular spatula perfect for flipping crepes, along with a pastry brush for glazing bakes.

Available from:
Amazon (£8.69)

Lakeland Jar Buster 2-piece set

Best spatula for jars

Jar buster spatula

These mini ‘jar busters’ will soon become indispensable additions to your kitchen if you power through jam and marmalade on toast every morning. The super narrow blades will get every last bit out of the jar, meaning nothing goes to waste. They’re also handy for spreading sandwich fillings or even icing miniature bakes.

ProCook double-ended spatula

Best double ended spatula

ProCook Spatula

This sleek spatula is a versatile option for sweet and savoury kitchen tasks. The flexible silicone heads will clean out mixing bowls, but it is also suitable for use in hot pans, so can be used to keep a roux moving, stir sauces and flip frying bacon, too. Plus, it is dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

John Lewis silicone spatula

Best easy-to-clean spatula

John Lewis spatula

The all-in-one design of this simple spatula means no nooks or crannies for cake batter and cookie dough to get stuck. It comes in both grey and teal and is a great simple bargain.

John Lewis Spring Baking silicone and bamboo spatulas

Best spatula for a pretty design

John Lewis floral spatula duo

If you display your baking tools in a utensil pot rather than tucked away in a drawer, this John Lewis set is the perfect addition to your kitchen. The practical silicone spatulas are brightened up with a sweet floral design and come as a duo in two sizes. The bamboo handles mean these are hand-wash only.

Available from:
John Lewis (£12)

Vogue high heat spatula

Best professional style spatula

Nisbets spatula copy

This lightweight spatula and its red handle are a familiar sight in professional kitchens. It has one flat edge and one curved corner for reaching every last drop of mixture when baking, but it is also suitable for use on pots and pans (including non-stick coatings) so can be used when cooking hot food. It is made from stain-resistant plastic to be durable and look new for longer, even in frequent use.

Mason Cash Innovative kitchen spatula

Best multi-use spatula

Mason Cash innovative spatula

Short on drawer space? Get two spoons for the price and space of one with this clever and simple spatula from Mason Cash. The beechwood handle is double-ended with a large spoon at one end (for stirring and scraping mixing bowls), and small jar scraper at the other end (also useful for spreading icing on cupcakes). The spoon head can also be removed to be used as a bowl scraper without the handle – giving you lots of options.


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