Pastry scrapers, bench scrapers and dough scrapers – whatever the name, this kitchen essential is a baker's right-hand man. In the kitchen, depending on the material of your scraper, you can use it to clean worksurfaces, transport chopped vegetables and even use it as a knife or spatula. For baking, this tool is indispensable – use it to make pastry, smooth out icing on a cake and transfer biscuits from tray to wire rack. Plus some models come with a ruler, great for measuring the thickness of pie crusts and more. Read on to find out what to look for in a pastry scraper.


In our guide we have picked a range of plastic and stainless steel pastry scrapers, focussing on the ergonomics of the design, a range of prices and aesthetic options. Big brands include KitchenAid, Delvita and Gozney.

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Best dough scrapers at a glance

Best dough scraper set: Kuchenprofi Dough Scraper Set, £20
Best bladed dough scraper: Lakeland Dough scraper, £5.99
Best dough scraper for pizza: Ooni dough scraper, £14.99
Best curved dough scraper: Muka dough scraper, £4.75
Best to use on hot surfaces: KitchenAid 2 Piece Pot Scraper and Silicone Bowl Scraper Set, £11.30
Best budget dough scraper: Curved dough scraper, £3.50
Best 2-in-1 dough scraper: Yellow Dough Scraper and Plastic Pastry Cutter, £8.99
Best luxury dough scraper: Delvita dough scraper, £29.50
Best small dough scraper: Gozney Dough Scraper, £15.00
Best dough scraper for precise bakers: MasterClass dough scraper, £8.50

What to look for in a dough scraper

  • Consider the material first and foremost when buying a pastry scraper. Softer materials such as plastic and silicone would be ideal if you often work with bread dough and want a tool to help you knead.
  • Size is another important consideration: smaller pastry scrapers are often easier to store and lighter, but bigger scrapers are better for chopping up pieces of dough or food more quickly, cleaning up a surface or transferring larger pastry slabs.
  • Consider the handle. Some bakers prefer a barely-there handle and all-in-one design to feel closer to the dough. Alternatively, a thicker handle is great for a good grip when scraping.
  • For specifically metal scrapers, look out for how sharp or thin the edge of the scraper is to tell if it will be good for chopping or precise slicing.

Best dough scrapers to buy

Kuchenprofi Dough Scraper Set

red and black pastry scraper

Best pastry scraper set

More like this

This unique 3-in-1 dough scraper consists of three types of scrapers: a scraper with a flexible edge, ideal for scraping dough and odd bits from a bowl; the second is a more firm dough scraper in plastic that won't damage a wooden or more delicate surface but has a classic square design useful for scraping buttercream around a cake; thirdly, there is the stainless steel scraper which has measurements and a semi-sharp edge, perfect for cutting dough. Plus all three fit together to save space in your kitchen. Helpfully for keen bakers, they are dishwasher-safe, too.

Available from:
Borough Kitchen (£20)

Lakeland Dough scraper

blue handle pastry scraper

Best bladed pastry scraper

With a cobalt blue handle that would make it easy to find even in the busiest of draws, this pastry scraper is excellent value for money. The handle is not only colourful but non-slip and is a soft plastic which is kind on hardworking hands. Usefully it has some simple measurements on the cutting blade, too.

Available from:
Lakeland (£5.99)

Ooni dough scraper

black handle pastry scraper

Best pastry scraper for pizza

In a sleek and simple design, this Ooni dough scraper is made for pizza. This blade is particularly sharp, which is good for speedy and precise dough slicing.

Muka dough scraper

round pastry scraper

Best curved pastry scraper

This dough scraper has a curved handle which is excellent for grip purposes, as it mirrors the curve of the hand for a more comfortable use. Going up to 5½cm, this is one of the bigger scrapers on our list. A unique feature is the measurements equivalents showing you a conversion for cup to fl oz to tbsp to ml – handy for when you need to add something to your dough but don't want to ruin your cookbook with any dough on your hands.

Available from:
Amazon (4.75)

KitchenAid 2 Piece Pot Scraper and Silicone Bowl Scraper Set

small black and longer red scraper

Best to use on hot surfaces

In a set of two, these silicone scrapers bend to the contours of the bowl to easily scrape batter, dough and flour with ease. Plus you can use the black scraper to cut dough with its straight edge. Another promising feature of this scraper is how heat resistant it is, letting you scrape hot pastry such as choux straight from the pan.

Curved dough scraper

cobalt blue scraper

Best budget pastry scraper

Bright blue in colour and curved in shape, this pastry scraper is perfect for kneading wet dough and scraping any scraps or cream out of bowls. This is our most affordable option and despite its plastic material still feels well made and is a lot more safe to use on worksurfaces.

Available from:
Sous Chef (£2.25)

Yellow Dough Scraper and Plastic Pastry Cutter

yellow scraper

Best 2-in-1 pastry scraper

Coming in a pair of bright yellow scrapers, one plastic and one stainless steel, this is a great simple set for your kitchen. The handles are food-grade plastics so they are more hygienic and more durable.

Available from:
Amazon (£8.99)

Delvita dough scraper

wooden scraper

Best luxury pastry scraper

Handmade in Yorkshire, this scraper has a beautiful non-slip olive wood handle and a sturdy stainless steel blade.

Available from:
Divertimenti (£29.50)

Gozney Dough Scraper

green pastry scraper

Best small pastry scraper

Combining some of the advantages of a stainless steel scraper and a plastic one, this Gozney tool has a silicon outer layer and a stainless steel inner part, letting you handle any heavy dough with a good amount of tension but without the harsh cuts of a stainless steel scraper. Plus it is on the smaller size, great for gripping.

Available from:
Gozney (£15)

MasterClass dough scraper

black dough scraper with stainless steel blade

Best dough scraper for precise bakers

Make uniform rolls, cookies and puff pastry with this dough scraper that has measurements width- and length-wise. The blade is 2.5mm thick, making it good for scraping off any pastry left over on kitchen counters and cutting thick bits of dough with ease.

Available from:
Amazon (£8.50)


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