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We all know how important it is to compost our food waste, but it’s not always an easy – or tidy – process. The good news is, Subpod has the perfect solution. As an in-ground compost system and worm farm, it works with nature to turn your food waste into rich compost, without creating any mess or unpleasant smells. Sound ideal? If you take advantage of this exclusive offer, you can get 10% off all Subpod products (discount automatically applied when you click on any offer link), including bestsellers such as the Subpod Grow Bundle, the Subpod Mini and the Subpod Classic! Delivery costs just £8 and you’ll receive your order within 10 days, unless stated otherwise.


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Ready to compost the cleaner way? With this exclusive deal, you’ll benefit from 10% off the entire Subpod range, including these bestsellers…

Subpod Classic:

  • 75 cm L x 45 cm W x 43 cm H
  • Smell-free and pest-proof
  • Composts up to 20kg
  • Dual compost chambers
  • Low maintenance
  • Includes two worm blankets
  • Two-year guarantee
  • Packaging is 100% home compostable

Subpod Growbed:

  • 120 cm L x 90 cm W x 45 cm H
  • Flat-packed and easy to assemble
  • Made from steel with a zinc and alloy coating
  • Robust and anti-corrosive

Subpod Mini:

  • 4 cm L x 45 cm W x 43 cm H
  • Smell-free and pest-proof
  • Composts up to 10kg
  • Stainless steel reinforced hinges and latch locking system
  • Grow bag compatible
  • Plant 30cm underground

Get 10% off

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