For any keen baker, a bread bin with its dry and dark interior is the ideal place to store your makes. Putting your bread in a bread bin will keep it fresh for longer and also allows you to keep your worktops clear from crumbs, loud packaging or brown bags filled with baked goods. Plus you can also use your bread container for storing potatoes, onions and even hard cheeses. We've curated a selection of the most stylish bread bins to keep on your counter which can be easily wiped clean, have a sealed lid and are roomy enough for multiple loaves or pastries.


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Best bread bins at a glance

  • Best colourful bread bin: Dunelm modern bread bin, £40
  • Best bread bin for big households: AINILE bread bin, £49.99
  • Best large bread bin: Tower infinity bread bin, £25.99
  • Best easy-to-clean bread bin: Bodum Bistro bread box, £25.49
  • Best bread bin duo: Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen rectangular tins, £20.99
  • Best minimalist bread bin: LARS NYSØM bread box, £34.99
  • Most stylish bread bin: Swan retro bread bin, £14.99
  • Best roll-top bread bin: Morphy Richards bread bin, £29.95

Best bread bins to buy in 2024

Dunelm modern bread bin

Dunelm modern bread bin

Best colourful bread bin

This bold yellow bread bin makes a statement in the kitchen. The fold down opening doubles up as a handy chopping board, for a toast-making station all in one place! It's also available in teal, white and black, if mustard isn't your style.

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Available from:
Dunelm (£35)

AINILE bread bin

bread bin with transparent door

Best bread bin for big households

Sporting a transparent window, this bread bin lets you see how many loaves you have in stock without even having to open the door. The whole bin is made from bamboo with the door having an easy magnetic closure. For large households or particularly keen bread eaters, this bread bin is stackable to fit another one on top.

Available from:
Amazon (£49.99)

Tower Infinity bread bin

tower bread bin in cream with round top

Best large bread bin

Big enough to fit a small baguette or hefty loaf of bread at a generous 44cm wide, this cream bread bin has a hinged lid for easy access. The dome shape adds height, making it easy to stack loaves to the brim of this model. This Tower bread bin also has built-in ventilation that traps moisture so the bread stays soft and fresh for longer.

Available at:
Amazon (£25.99)

Bodum Bistro bread box

black bread bin with light lid

Best easy-to-clean bread bin

Constructed from BPA-free plastic, this bread bin has a bamboo lid that can be used as a chopping board. The plastic box is dishwasher safe so you can easily clean any leftover pastry grease or jam. It also features an adjustable ventilation adjuster on the side to allow some air into the box.

Available from:
Amazon (£25.49)

Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen rectangular tins

Mason Cash innovative tins

Best bread bin duo

If you're getting through a lot of bread in your family, this stacking duo of tins may come in handy. Keep a loaf in the larger one and use the smaller tin for wraps, pittas and rolls. When not in use, the tins nest together. The top lifts off the lipped base, which acts works well for slicing or serving, too.

Available from:
Nisbets (£20.99)

LARS NYSØM bread box

round black bin with lid and canvas bag

Best minimalist bread bin

Perhaps the most discreet bread bin of our selection, this bread box is made from metal and comes with a linen bread bag to keep your loaves extra fresh and free from moisture and mould for longer. Lars Nysøm is also a carbon-neutral company with plastic-free packaging and supports climate protection projects.

Available from:
Amazon (£34.99)

Swan retro bread bin

rounded swan blue bread bin

Most stylish bread bin

In a retro design, this bread bin comes in an assortment of pastel and bright colours to make it a statement piece in any kitchen. The smooth enamelled finish allows for an easy clean.

Available from:
Amazon (£14.99)

Morphy Richards bread bin

silver bread bin

Best roll-top bread bin

This sleek modern bread bin is made of stainless steel and has a simple roll-top lid. It's practical to keep bread fresh for longer and has an easy-to-grab handle.

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