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Crispy pork noodles with chilli greens

18 pork mince recipes

Published: October 27, 2020 at 5:05 pm

Use this versatile ingredient in our easy recipes, from crispy pork noodles to spiced burgers and plenty of meatballs

Looking for pork mince recipes? Want the best pork meatballs? Try our ideas below, then check out our healthy mince recipes, beef mince recipes and turkey mince recipes.


Whether you're craving hearty meatballs or looking for a picnic pie to feed the family, you'll find loads of inspiration on how to use up that pork mince right here.

Easy pork mince recipes

Spicy miso ramen noodles

Check out this super simple ramen recipe from Tim Anderson. This minced pork Japanese ramen is easy to make and packed with punchy flavour, a perfect midweek warming meal to feed the family.

Japanese Ramen Noodle Recipe

Pork dumplings

These homemade dumplings featuring pork mince are best served with soy sauce, chiu chow chilli oil and chopped chives.

A plate of dumplings with chopsticks

Spicy pork meatballs with tzatziki

Cook these spicy pork meatballs and serve on orzo and baby leaf greens for a healthy, low-fat midweek meal. The meatball possibilities are endless - you'll find further inspiration right here...

Spicy Pork Meatball Recipe with Tzatziki Dip

Crispy pork noodles

Work wonders with a pack of pork mince. All you need is 20 minutes and a hot wok to create this speedy midweek dinner, made green with piles of pak choi.

Crispy pork noodles with chilli greens

Italian meatball melt

So good it made our cover in September 2020, this Italian classic pairs homemade meatballs (made with pork and beef mince, sausages and parmesan) with a chilli tomato sauce.

Italian meatball melt

Thai scotch eggs

Thai-style scotch eggs, or sai oua, are northern Thai sausages flavoured with curry paste. Packed with heat and aromatic flavours, it’s a welcome alterative to classic scotch eggs.

Homemade scotch eggs on a plate

Pork meatball bánh mì

We've packed these crunchy Vietnamese sandwiches with juicy pork meatballs, thinly sliced pickled veg and fresh herbs.

Bánh Mì Recipe with Pork Meatballs

Mini pork and chorizo picnic pies

These mini pork and chorizo picnic pies have got a hidden quail's egg in the middle and make a great snack for you or the kids. Struggling for more homemade picnic ideas? Check these ones out...

Mini Pork Pie Recipe For a Picnic

Minced pork tacos

Pork mince makes a really good-value filling for these soft tacos. If you like Mexican food you'll love this really easy dinner - spice up the meat with cumin and chilli then serve with tomatoes, red onion and creme fraiche.

Three separate bowls of pork mince, tomatoes and crème fraîche

Sweet chilli pork burgers

Asian-inspired pork burgers with sweet chilli sauce are super juicy and a great alternative to the classic beef. The coriander added into the patty gives a real freshness to the dish.

Sweet chilli pork burgers

Dan dan noodles

This recipe gives you takeaway-style noodles featuring pork mince at home in just 20 minutes. It's so easy to make that you'll never need to order takeaway again!

Dan Dan Noodles Recipe

Pan fried soup dumplings

A pork, and sometimes prawn, filling is encased in a thin, chewy dough, crisped on the bottom, beautifully pleated at the top, with the first bite unleashing a torrent of heady, fragrant stock. The dumplings are served with chilli oil and black vinegar, and make a perfect starter.

Chinese Soup Dumplings (Sheng Jian Bao)

Picnic pie

You'll need to put in some extra effort for this recipe, but the payoff will be great. This meaty picnic pie makes a mean, hearty meal - the perfect fuel on a family outing.

Picnic Pie Recipe

Meatball sub melts

Check out these indulgent meaty sandwich subs with gooey mozzarella and nutty parmesan. This easy recipe serves a family of four and is ready in less than an hour. Plus, it's low calorie, too.

Easy Meatball Sub Recipe

Szechuan aubergines with pork mince

This is a version of yu xiang qie zi - fish flavoured aubergine with pork mince, and is a great way to make sure you get those veggies into your evening meal without having to cook an extra dish. You can buy Chinese black vinegar from Waitrose, souschef.co.uk, or Asian supermarkets.

Szechuan Aubergine Recipe

Cabbage parcels baked in tomato sauce

Fill cabbage leaves with nutmeg-spiced pork mince then bake in tomato sauce for a healthy, high-protein midweek meal.

Pork Stuffed Cabbage Recipe

Pork and sage meatballs

These easy-to-make pork mince meatballs are flavoured with sage and served with the rice-shaped pasta, orzo. A pasta-risotto hybrid, this dish will have your guests coming back for more.

Pork Meatballs Recipe With Sage

Tandoori pork burgers with tomato and coriander raita

Spice up your burgers with Tandoori curry paste and serve with cooling yoghurt and warm naans for a quick and easy Indian-inspired dinner for four.

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